July 2017 Newsletter
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David C Cook

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God's Crime Scene
A former atheist and seasoned cold-case detective invites readers to sit on the jury as he makes a compelling case for God's existence with eight critical pieces of evidence found in the crime scene of our universe.
Pacific Justice Inst.
Justice Institute
"Defending Religious Freedom, Parental Rights, and Other Civil Liberties Without Charge"

Churches, Schools, and Ministries Urged to  Oppose  New Moral Conduct Mandates

Sacramento, CA-- Pacific Justice Institute is raising fresh concerns about a legislative measure that aims to limit the moral expectations of religious employers.
PJI is reaching out to churches, schools, and other ministries across California to warn them about Assembly Bill (AB) 569. The bill seeks to eliminate the discretion of employers - and particularly religious organizations - to let so-called reproductive health decisions affect employment. In practical terms, that means a pro-life church,  ( read more )
From the President
This past weekend I spent several days watching my 14-year-old niece participate in a volleyball tournament with her club team. It was a great time as over 300 teams from all across the U.S. met to complete against one another to test themselves on the court. Over the course of the tournament two things in particular stood out me as I watch the kids compete; the incredible teamwork needed and their coaching.
Each member of the team had a role to play and it was only when they worked together that they were able to prevail. But equally important throughout the tournament was their coaching. The kids had practiced for months and were ready, but as each game unfolded there were always slight adjustments that had to be made in strategies and positioning. And at times, the team could lose their focus or a player make a mistake and the team would struggle for a short while. But the coach was always there with a word of encouragement or bit of advice after a bad play to help the kids learn and stay focused on the task at hand.

Managing people is much the same. Good managers hire the best staff, train them, and then give them the resources they need to do their jobs. But it doesn't end there. Good managers know that things will always come up threatening their team's ability to accomplish their work. When they do, good managers are ready to help the team work through the issue, resolve the problem, or sometimes run the "interference" needed to remove the obstacle threatening the team efforts. Keep that in mind as you work with your staff and volunteers. You can train and prepare people for the job ahead, but often you are most valuable to them when you can help them work through the tough times and overcome the problem at hand.

Oh and my niece's team did well, finishing 17th overall and 1st in their division.

Yours in His Service,

Steve Boersma
 Five Things All Managers
Need to Know

Whether you've been managing your own staff for years or you've been promoted recently to a management position, there are a few things that you, and any other manager, need to know that can help you successfully lead your subordinates.

1. Set a tone of authority ...but don't come on too strong - Management is all about balance. You need people to listen to you, but there's also a natural tendency initially to be over-assertive with new-found power. This can be especially dicey when you're newly elevated to the role and managing former peers. Resentment grows easily in such a fertile climate. (read more)
Individual's Ministry and Writing Activities Not Deductible
Recently the tax courts disallowed the losses a minister claimed on his income tax return for ministry and book writing expenses. The Court ruled that because the minister did not engage in his ministry and book writing activities primarily for profit, the deductions attributable to the activities were limited to the gross income he derived from those activities. Further, because he admitted at trial that he "did not charge" for the services he performed as a minister and he did not provide any evidence of income from his writing activities, the Court ruled he was not entitled to deduct any of the expenses related to those activities. And finally, ( read more)
Barrowing and the Church
Borrowing money has become a way of life for many. And credit use raises more than a few questions: what does the Bible say about money? Does church financing have a place in building the kingdom?

What does Scripture Say?

The truth is that Scripture says a lot about money and decision-making. (read more)
Employment Law Corner
Focus: California Wage Ordinances
Changes Effective July 1st

Throughout California, local cities and counties continue to pass ordinances relating to minimum wage, paid sick leave, criminal background checks, employee scheduling and more.

Minimum Wage Laws

Although the state minimum wage doesn't increase until 2018, a number of local minimum wage hikes will take effect on July 1, 2017. The following cities and counties will increase their minimum wage on July 1st: ( read more)