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Come to the  Hawaiian Shirt Schooling Show at Clarcona Horsemans' Park on September 23rd. Get ready for the fun. Get your friends together for  Musical Pas de Deux or Quadrille or present a Musical Freestyle on your own. You can practice for the November Fabulous Freestyle Fundraiser! We will offer a Rent-a-Ring and conduct a Stall Decorating Contest. You can also Sponsor a Class at the show! $25 will get your name in the program, a hot link in the pre show advertising and the post show advertising plus your name and link will be added in the Sponsors list on the CFD website. What a deal! Contact Casey Benkendorfer to secure your sponsorship now! Email Caseybenken@yahoo.com

Your Quadrille or Musical Freestyle would be a GREAT addition to the Fabulous Freestyle Fundraiser November 5th! Start your practice now and then debut it at the Hawaiian Shirt Fun Show. You will be a pro by November!

Save the Date for the Tina Drake Ride-A-Test October 7th at Willingham Dressage and watch for news of a How to Scribe clinic to be held in conjunction with the Tina Drake Ride-A-Test!

We would love hearing about your adventures going to shows. Drop us a note or a picture! Do you need to sell a horse? Find a horse? Are you having an event the rest of us should know about? Email to cbulmer1@aol.com and I will put them in the newsletter. We all love to share those special moments with friends who understand us.

Good Riding!
Carol Bulmer, Editor

Save the Date!
Hawaiian Shirt Schooling Show
September 23
Clarcona Horsemans' Park

7 Fun Things to do at the Hawaiian Fun Show

1. Ride your pony in a dressage test for Judge Judy (Downer)
2. Practice your Fabulous Freestyle that you will present at Fab Freestyle           Fundraiser  November 5th
3. Gather your crazy horse friends to practice your Quadrille for the FFF!
4. Decorate your stalls for the Hawaiian Shirt Fun Show Stall Decorating             Contest
5. New This Year! "Ride" in a Stick Horse Class! More info coming soon.
5. Sponsor a Class for $25 and get your name in the Program and a great     big THANK YOU in the E News
6. Volunteer a couple of hours in the office, as runner, or scribe,or even          scorer, in return for our eternal thanks (and to support this event). 

Contact  "The Big Kahuna" Casey Benkendorfer to secure your sponsorship now or to offer to volunteer  Email Casey at  Caseybenken@yahoo.com

Show Entries Open in August!  Watch your in box for news!
Pony Lame? Can't sit Widowmaker's trot yet?

Come and Compete in 

to be held during lunch at the
Hawaiian Shirt Dressage Schooling Show & Fun Day

Calling all Stick Horse Riders! 
All ages
, all sizes, non-riders or pros, all are invited to compete this year 
in the hottest new sport in town. Interested?

We will be sending out a special enews with class specifications and instructions on how to make your own stick horse. Watch your inbox for more information.

Laura Graves (L.) with Terri Barcus riding 
her own
Excellence N Gold aka "Rango"

Terri Barcus reports on 
The Laura Graves Clinic!

Who                Terry Barcus
What               Clinic at the Beach with US Olympic Bronze Medalist Laura Graves
When              May 7, 2017
Where             Silver Sands Bridle Club
The theme seemed to be for most, if not all riders consistent contact. Laura has an awesome eye. The horse has to be ridden from the back to the front. (I know, not original, but for the majority of riders, they needed to be reminded.)  She emphasized that riders shouldn't move their hands up and down on the reins. Oh, a REALLY big one that I hadn't heard....you should consider your elbows as part of your seat.This provides the consistent contact that the horse should be looking for. She helped each horse and rider pair improve their rides in their 45 minute lesson.  She never raised her voice, and sometimes repeated her instructions several times until the rider "heard" what she was saying.  She constantly asked both the riders and audience if they had any questions. She did her best to answer them. My personal favorite?  She rides and trains a QUARTER HORSE at home.  Laura believes every horse can be ridden in a correct frame. Many of you know that I own and show my own Quarter Horse, Excellence N Gold (aka Rango) in dressage!

  UPDATE since the clinic.......
  I improved Intro B test score by 3 points and Intro C test score by 6 points!. Rango and I had two firsts and Grand Champion in Adult Amateur.      
By Terry Barcus

Stay Safe This Summer
Keep Cool with the Right Fan
Safe Electrical Outlets

****Upgrade to an Agricultural Rated Fan
Ditch the cheepo fire hazard Box Fan!
There are a few crucial differences between fans made for residential use versus agricultural use:
1) Full enclosed motors featuring sealed ball bearings. Residential fans are vented. The motor parts are exposed to dust and dirt. This can build up in the electrical housing causing a fire.
2) Thermostatic overload shutoff switch. If the fan overheats it will automatically shut off, preventing enough heat buildup which may cause a fire.
3) UL507 certified motor. This means that the electrical device is rated for outdoor use - it can get wet. In wash bays these fans can safely be used and even sprayed down to clean them off. Walk down any aisle in your local chain farm store and you will see basket fans. Certainly these MUST be rated for agricultural use...right? WRONG!! Many of the fans that are rated "industrial" have specific exclusions on their instructions stating NOT for agricultural use!

***All your electrical outlets should be GFCI circuits (Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors)
GFCIs are designed to protect against severe electrical shock or electrocution from ground faults. Ground faults occur when the electrical current in an appliance strays outside its normal path, and the human body becomes part of the path through which the electrical current may flow.
To protect equipment from damaging ground faults, Siemens GFCIs continuously monitor the difference in current between the hot and neutral conductors. If the electricity going to an outlet equals the current coming back from the outlet, the GFCI is dormant. If the electricity going to an outlet is greater than 5mA than the current coming back from the outlet, the GFCI will open the circuit to stop of flow of electricity.
Hire a licensed electrical contractor for proper installation!


Where can you get these fans? Here are a few links to start off your shopping. 

These are just a few of the sources. Shop wisely. Its your own and your horse's welfare potentially at stake
Scribe Clinic Coming Soon!

CFD's Fearless Leader, Susan Croft is putting together a How to Scribe Clinic for later this year. You always wanted to be in the judges box and learn what those rascals are thinking, well, here is your chance! Not only can you learn important tips on showing and riding you can also earn a little dough when you are experienced enough to be hired at the recognized shows! 

We will show you how. It's simple. You will love it once you tried it!

Watch your inbox for an announcement on clinic dates and particulars!

Contact Susan if you are interested in signing up  

Central Florida Dressage
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Click Here to view the June edition of GMO Spotlight featuring your own club! While you are there you might be interested in reading about the high adventure of Volunteering at the Dressage National Championships by Robin Armer or maybe check out the article on iconic American dressage icon Col. Bengt Ljunguist and read how to perfect your leg yield.

YourDressage The digital-only publication, YourDressage, is compiled by USDF and written by participants from throughout the dressage community. The articles in this publication allow the reader to experience these individuals' stories as they navigate through the dressage world, as well as highlighting common themes relatable to all equestrians.
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Important Update to Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championship rule E10
Under penalty of disqualification from all championship classes for the horse/rider combination, at no time during,  or 24 hours prior,  to a USEF/USDF Regional Championship competition may any horse entered in that Championship competition be ridden by anyone other than the rider entered in the Championship competition on that horse (exception: grooms riding on loose rein). Further, any horse entered in a championship competition, even entered at two levels, must be ridden by the same rider throughout competition. (USEF DR127.6) (NOTE: This applies throughout the entire competition, even after a horse has completed its championship classes)

2017 Great American/USDF Regional Championships Prize Lists Available Now!
The prize lists for the 2017 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships are now available on the Regional Championship  Competitors Page. As you start planning to attend your Great American/USDF Regional Championship, please refer to this page for helpful resources and up-to-date information.

$50,000 in US Dressage Finals Travel Grant Funds Available
To help alleviate some of the financial burden for those traveling the greatest distances to the US Dressage Finals, USDF is making up to $50,000 in travel grant funds available to eligible competitors. For more information, visit  usdressagefinals.com

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USEF Rule Changes Regarding Nose Nets and Crescent Nosebands 
Please be sure to review the USEF Rulebook and  supplement for current rule changes including but not limited to the use of nose nets and crescent nosebands (USEF Memorandum ). Please make sure you are familiar with these rule changes as they relate to your role at a USEF/USDF-recognized competition.
USEF Membership Categories and Requirements
The Board has approved GR201, which will further streamline the Federation's membership options by removing the different categories of membership and creating a single active membership classification, which is necessary as Federation memberships will be run on an anniversary renewal date. Federation Active members may elect either Active or Life membership. This rule will go into effect 12/01/2017.

New! USEF Learning Center!

New Release: Visualizing Your Dressage Test with Allison BrockWatch our brand new Learning Center video featuring Olympian Allison Brock as she discusses the importance of "seeing" and "feeling" your dressage test even before you enter the ring. She teaches specific visualization techniques that can help you focus and ride your test more effectively. These visualization tips can be applied for success in any discipline at any level! 

Watch this video and over  thirty more
 with top experts and athletes across various breeds, disciplines, and topics in the new 
US Equestrian Learning Center
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CFD Calendar of Events 2017
January 14 Year End Awards
Submissions Close

March 5 Year End Awards Banquet The Westin Lake Mary
April 15 CFD Super Clinic The Grand Oaks
September  23 Hawaiian Shirt Show Clarcona
October 14 Tina Drake Ride a Test Willingham Dressage
November 5 Fab Freestyle Silver Sands Arena

More to come
Do you have a suggestion for an event? email cbulmer1@aol.com
Gerd Heuschmann returns to Florida for a 2 day clinic

Celebrated veterinarian, clinician and author of 3 books returns to conduct a clinic October 21-23    The first 2 days (sat + sun) are the lecture and demo rides.  The last day (mon oct 23) is just for lessons.  Almost all of the rides are taken, I may be able to squeeze in 1 or 2 more people on Monday.

The cost for Saturday and Sunday is $160 including lunch. If anyone wishes to stay for monday the audit fee is $50.

We also plan to have a saturday evening dinner--more on that as we get closer to the event.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to send you a registration form (either for rides or spectating).
email: andreainwellborn@yahoo.com

Thank you!! 

2017 Recognized Shows

January 7,8
Southeast Horse Shows

January 14, 15
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

January 21, 22
Southeast Horse Shows

January 28, 29
Orlando Dressage (2 show weekend)

February 4,5
Southeast Horse Shows
Florida Horse Park

February 11, 12
Orlando Dressage

February 19 Longwood Farms Longwood website

February 25, 26
Southeast Horse Shows

March 25, 26
Orlando Dressage (2 show weekend)

April 1,2

April 11 Monteverde Academy
Fix a Test

April 29,30
Southeast Horse Shows

May 13, 14
Southeast Horse Shows (2 show weekend)

May 27, 28
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

June 10,11
Southeast Horse Shows (2 show weekend)

June 10, 11 Suncoast Tampa website

June 17, 18
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

July 8, 9
Southeast Horse Shows

August 5, 6 Southeast Horse Shows Canterbury

August 19,20 SDCTA (2 shows) Tampa

September 2, 3
Ride Lite Dressage

September 2 Suncoast Tampa website

September 3 Suncoast Tampa website

September 9,
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

October 5, 6
Region 3 Championships

October 21, 22
Southeast Horse Shows
(Arabian) Clarcona?

November 4,5
Southeast Horse Shows

These listings of shows are partial and may not be up to date. Please check with the websites as well as the usdf.org in the competition listing for accurate and up to date information.

Anyone who wishes to be listed in this calendar email  cbulmer1@aol.com

2017 Schooling Shows
Dec 3, 2016 Rocking Horse Altoona website
Jan 14, 15 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
Feb 11, 12 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
Feb 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
Feb 25-26 Brevard Eq Cntr Grant website
Feb 26 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
March 11, 12 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
March 12
Partners of the Park
FL Horse Park website
March 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website

April 9
FL Horse Park
April 22, 23 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksvilee website
April 23 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
May 7 STRIDE FL Horse Park website
May 20 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
May 28 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
June 3, 4 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
June 18 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website

July 16 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
August 13 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
September 16, 17 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
September 17 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
September 23 CFD Hawaiian 
Shirt Show
Clarcona website
September 24 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
October 21, 22 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
October 22 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
October 29 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
November 12 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
November 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
December 4 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website

This is a partial listing gathered for the convenience of our members. Please contact Carol at cbulmer1@aol.com if you want your schooling show listed.

                 Central Florida Dressage  |  PO Box 1204  |  Geneva  |  FL  |  32732-1204