A Letter from the Pastor
From the Desk of Rev. Dale Golden

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1
The gospel of John begins something new not unlike the beginning of Genesis. Prophets of the Old Testament continuously brought something new to the people of God; one building on the ministry of another. Moving into a new thing with the gospels, Jesus brought something new once again to God's people. John Wesley also brought something new and today the tradition of the church continues never to replace, but rather to bring newness for people of faith to sing a new song along with well-loved favorites.
So what is our new vision and how will we navigate change? Change? Oh, that is a most difficult word, but change is exactly what God calls us into every day we wake from a good sleep. 'Navigate' though, is a very good word. We navigate a changing world together, supporting one another and learning to grow into a vision of making disciples for Jesus Christ. Navigating change together brings hope.
I'm looking forward to conversations with leaders and ministry groups of Trinity UMC so that we can navigate our mission of transformation. Together we will learn and grow. Together we will see new possibilities emerge that creates spaces for old and new-side by side. Still, I'm only a part of the change that you already set in motion.
For several years you have been navigating change with a new church building. Even as you anticipate the change, you made room for old spaces that bring comfort. I love your concept of bringing in the old pews into the new chapel. Those pews brought the comfort of 'familiarity' to generational people. Even as you contemplated change, you recognized the need of your stable past. As we navigate a new transformation, let us not forget the lessons of our past and the rich history that built this church for people of today and tomorrow.
Yes, I am looking forward to learning all about the people of Trinity UMC-your rich past as well as your hopes and dreams of a future without limits! Years ago I was asked during my first week of ministry at a new church, "Pastor what is your vision for our church?" My answer is still the same, "How would I know without knowing more about who you are?" I will provide spiritual leadership and together we will cast a vision by following John Wesley's example: "Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God."
Your humble servant in Christ Jesus,

The "Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace." (Numbers 6:22-26)

Sermons for July
Insights of the Teacher in Ecclesiastes!

July 9 Ecclesiastes 1:1-12 Today's Vanity: What does living in vanity look like?

In this first chapter of Ecclesiastes, I want to share with you three main ideas: 1) If King Solomon was so wise, how could he be so foolish? 2) How can we avoid the sin that so many other wise people have fallen into? 3) How are we to understand poetic writings (such as Job, Psalms and Ecclesiastes contain) so they may guide us through life?

July 16 Ecclesiastes 3 "Turn, turn, turn"

"To everything (turn, turn, turn...) There is a season (turn, turn, turn...) And a time for every purpose, under heaven... A time to be born and a time to die..."  ~ Singer-songwriter, Pete Seeger

July 23 Ecclesiastes 4 "Vanity under the sun" 

All the stuff "under the sun," wealth, work, relationships and power will fade and let us down-they just can't satisfy the soul-a soul yearning for a connection with the Creator. Our heavenly relationship and love with God can always be counted on though. God is always faithful and God will always be there for us! "Under the sun" just cannot compare with "under heaven."

July 30 Ecclesiastes 5 "What Would Jesus Do?"

Have the American people in the 21st century lost the connection and understanding of how awesome God really is? Are we content with what God has blessed us?  In recent polls, Americans have said we are a religious people and believe there is a God who created the heavens and the earth, society just doesn't seem to carry that same belief into our daily thinking, decision-making and judgments of what is right and wrong. Forget about the rest of the world. What about us - you and me? Do we make daily decisions with God in mind?

July Birthdays and Anniversaries
Celebrate these special days with your church family and friends!

1 Troy Baumgartner   15 Lauren Robbins
3 Mike Nicholson   16 Lori Hansard
3 Jennie Patrick   17 Kayla Palmer
5 Grace Bishop   18 Sandra King
5 Marshall Dubberly   19 Linda O'Quinn
5 Susan Moor   19 David Solar
5 Maurica Sisk   21 Carole Solar
5 Debbie Williams   23 Judy Moss
7 Katherine Frierson   23 Chelsey Solar
7 Troy Panda   24 Hannah Churms
7 Patty Comly   24 Jan Shipman
8 Bill LeVeille   26 Lex Ford
11 Jan Mogk   29 Barbara Bradley
12 Shirley Hall   29 Trish Frierson
13 Debbie Bennett   29 Sion King
13 Ashley Dunne   29 David Shipman
14 Scott Mohr   30 Zack Frierson
14 Bob Thew   31 Carol Wert


1 David & Carole Solar - 30 yrs
3 Dale & Maurica Sisk - 59 yrs
21 John & Carol Dill - 27 yrs
27 Keith & Charlie Yocum - 7 yrs
30 Robert & Kendra Cox - 32 yrs

Thank You!

Thank you from the profundity of our hearts for all the many ways you have demonstrated your love and appreciation for us over the years. Thank you!

We will never forget you and will carry you with us in our hearts wherever we go. Whenever we think of you, we will thank and praise God for you. And may our God richly bless you, as you richly bless all around you by living, loving and leading like Jesus.

Hasta pronto...

From Brian, Lorena, Lidia, Maia and Sterling Carr

Welcome Goldens!
Join us as we meet our new pastor and his family

Here are some important dates to remember:
  • July 1st is the "official" first day for Pastor Dale to begin his duties
  • July 2nd will be Pastor Dale's first Sunday to preach
  • July 2nd we are hosting a welcome luncheon after the 11 am service. Bring a side dish or dessert to go with our "Fourth of July Picnic" style lunch, and make plans to join us for this very special occasion!
Also, a special thank you to Pastor John Campbell who served during the interim between Pastor Carr's last day of service and Pastor Dale's first day.

Karen Averill,  SPRC chair

Church-School Partnership
It takes a village to raise a child

For several years, we have felt it was important to solidify our relationship with Citrus Grove Elementary because all of the children attending the school live in close proximity to our new property site. Activities like the Sneakers For Kids campaign and funding special projects have been great but schools have additional needs that have been unmet.

After discussions with the principals at both Citrus Grove and Starke elementaries, we have now learned that both schools have the same essential needs: To identify, recruit, train and engage volunteers to work  in the schools. Volunteers are needed to perform a variety of tasks, but the most critical one is  mentoring/tutoring . Studies have shown that highly effective "successful" schools ensure that four  specific interventions (targeted at at-risk children and teens) are in place, monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. They are as follows:
  • Mentoring/Tutoring
  • Service-Learning Opportunities
  • Alternative Schooling
  • After-School Enrichment Programs
Trinity may not be able to address the concept of Alternative Schooling, but in addition to mentoring/tutoring, the other two interventions (Service-Learning and After-School Opportunities) are highly possible. All it takes is leadership, plus a commitment of time and effort on our part.

The first step was to seek a leader willing to serve as the liaison between the schools and Trinity.  Leslie LaRue has agreed to serve as Trinity's  School-Church Partnership Coordinator!  (If you have not met Leslie, she is a mother of three and has a most beautiful soprano voice worshippers are hearing during the 11 o'clock service!)

Leslie intends to first meet with Pastor Dale, then hold an organizational meeting sometime soon to work in tandem with Trinity members and friends to organize the program.  If you are interested in learning more about serving all of God's children on this new ministry team, contact Leslie at (386) 748-8501 or email her using this link .

Children & Youth Ministry
To God Be the Glory!

Trinity Youth

The youth have been very busy helping with VBS this year. Some of the youth also went to "church camp" at Warren Willis UM Camp during the week of June 19th-24th. You can get a glimpse into what camp was like for the seven campers from Trinity by watching a video located at My Camp Video using the password unreal. Thanks, again, to everyone who contributed to the camp and mission scholarship fund. We covered 100% of the expenses for all campers, praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Thursday nights with Mrs. Lori will start back up for the summer. We will be going bowling, mini golfing and to the movies. Check the website calendar or with Mrs. Lori for schedule. It all starts June 29th. The mid-high and high schoolers will be going to Daytona on a mission trip with Youthworks from July 16th-21st and a high school retreat to St. Augustine is also in the works.

Vacation Bible School

VBS was a great success! We had an average of 40 per day all week. Pictures are in the Fellowship Hall, if you want to see our fun "Super Heroes". You also can find them on the church website by clicking here. We had 35 different volunteers all week. To give our regular teachers some time to relax and recuperate during vacations, our summer schedule "one-room Sunday school" has started. Plans are to go to a local nursing home and take cards and treats to the residents in July. We also are working on a back to school bash to be held in August and intend to invite children and families from the apartment complex across from the new property.

Lori Hansard, Children & Youth Ministry Coordinator

Pastoral Care
Serving and caring for our congregation

Did you know that Trinity has a team of retired clergy and members with the spiritual gifts of faith, healing and serving make calls and visits to members and friends who are shut-in due to infirmity or age? Do you know of someone who has not been contacted by our team or is in need of pastoral care? If so, please let us know by calling the church office or letting Pastor Golden or me know. Thank you!

Rev. John Campbell, team leader

Anti-Trafficking Fundraiser for Charity
The Lion's Roar Boutique, on the north side of Orange City across from Ace Hardware (582 N. Volusia Ave), will be holding a unique fundraising event on Saturday, July 29 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Lion's Roar is a high-end consignment boutique that helps a variety of charities. Donated clothing, shoes, purses, and affordable new jewelry are all sold there. Normally, when you make a purchase, you can designate which charity on their list will receive 10% of the sale.  However, on July 29, 20% of all sales will go to the following charities: Bikers Against Trafficking, The Ruth House, Trades of Hope, Project 8, and H.O.P.E. (the Orange City UMC anti-trafficking group.) Representatives from these charities will be on hand to discuss what they are doing and how you can help. In addition, you will be able to shop for barely-worn items and nice jewelry.

H.O.P.E. is collecting almost-new women's clothing, shoes and purses for the boutique to sell that day. July 14 is the cut-off day for receiving donated items. If you have any of these items to contribute, please call Lana Saxon at (386) 736-1008, or you can place items in a specially-marked bin in the Fellowship Hall.

Please come shopping that day. The Lion's Roar has lots of nice things and the prices are all very reasonable. Plus, you will be helping to  educate the public and help young women who are caught up in this horrific situation.  Thank you!

Lana Saxon, H.O.P.E. member

Sneakers For Kids
Did you know that with each of the 127 pairs of sneakers Trinity has given to needy kids at Citrus Grove Elementary over the past two years, two pairs of new socks were also given?

Could you help provide some socks for these children?   We are in need of ankle socks for boys and girls, to fit shoe sizes 13 (small foot) and all sizes up to 8.5 (women's/men's) sizes. Kids like colored and designed socks. Older boys like solid colors. Many kids are sporting a new trend--different socks on each foot!!

There will be a bin in the Fellowship Hall marked "Socks for Citrus Grove." We will be collecting July through August, and new sneakers will be given away in September.

Thanks so much!

Lana Saxon, Sneakers Project Coordinator

 Update from the Trustees

Pastor Golden and his wife, Joleen, moved into the parsonage on Tuesday, June 27th. All during the month of June, we prepared for their arrival. We removed the old carpet and wood flooring was installed to replace it. The interior was freshly painted and a new faucet was installed in the kitchen.

Bill Hartman has been busy working at the parsonage doing repairs to a variety of other maintenance issues. The next time you see him, please thank him for all that he does to serve our church and our Lord!

Trustees have also been working at our day care/learning center preparing to meet the requirements needed for the transition to Easter Seals. Electrical and plumbing have been completed but we still need to remove a copier and a piano. We will have an arborist working on some of the big trees around the outside play area. The center has just received two deep cleanings and the exterior windows were cleaned by Miro and his wife.

The Kitchen Team has plans to do some renovations to the kitchen, which will free-up the rooms formerly occupied by Faith Partners' Ministry. One of the rooms will be used to relocate our nursery.  Some appliances will need to find a new home. The church bus just underwent some maintenance and repairs and is operating as it should - just in time to take our children and youth over to the Warren Willis summer church camp in Leesburg.
There's a lot going on at Trinity right now. The trustees would like to thank all of the volunteers that help keep things working at Trinity. We hope that everyone has a safe and blessed summer.

Charlie Daniels, chair

Breakfast at Trinity
On the fourth Friday of each month, Trinity invites our community in need to come eat a deliciously prepared breakfast from 9:30 - 11:15 a.m. The next breakfast is coming up on July 28.

There are a variety of volunteer jobs to do that day and the day before with set-up. We are always in need of new volunteers, especially in the summer with our regulars enjoying vacation time. Please call Lana Saxon (386) 736-1008 or the church office to volunteer. We accept all volunteers, middle school-age teens to adults. Someone will be there to help you with your job. Come join us!

Lana Saxon, Breakfast Coordinator

Communion Update
For our members and guests with special diet needs

Roughly six percent of the U.S. population is believed to have gluten sensitivity. For that reason, we will begin offering gluten-free wafers on Communion Sundays starting July 2nd. There will be a designated server and station for this new service. Pastor Dale will ensure that everyone in attendance is informed of this option when he invites participants to God's table.

Antiques & Collectibles
Tell your friends and neighbors to save the date!

The  Antiques & Collectibles Committee  wants (and needs) your "old stuff!"  Preparations are underway for another one of our very popular, one-day Indoor Yard Sale to be held on Friday, August 18 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Check your closets and cupboards today for items you no longer love (but know somebody else will!) Committee members are standing-by, just  waiting to accept your treasures. We meet every week on Tuesdays from 1:30-4:00 p.m. on the second floor. If your item(s) to be donated is too big or if you are "shut-in" and cannot bring to us, give us a call to arrange pick-up.

All monies earned from this sale will go to Trinity's outreach programs. Call Harriet Bolin at (386) 736-0884, or Gale Gately (386) 738-2452, or Lana Saxon at (386) 736-1008. Thank you.

Music & Drama Camp
July 10-14



Every summer, Trinity sponsors a week-long  Music and Drama Camp for rising 2nd through 6th graders. The 2017 camp is scheduled for July 10-14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily, and the featured musical production for 2017 will be  "The Colors of His Love,"  music composed and written by David and Celeste Clydesdale.

Fun, safe and educational, the annual camp is designed to teach children how to be more like Jesus, about the God of our Creation, and opening their eyes to the many colors of God's love for everyone and everything. C hildren will learn about music and drama concepts through movement, music games, working with props, singing and acting. Activities will include learning the music, lines of dialogue, blocking and choreography (taught by our own Susan Largen!) Snacks and scheduled free play time are included.

On Sunday, July 16th, the children will put on a short musical performance at both worship services (8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.) in the church sanctuary where they will demonstrate their newly-acquired performance skills for family members, friends and parishioners.  The camp fee is $40 per child with a $5 discount for each additional child in the same family. The fee includes music, a rehearsal CD, tee shirt, crafts and snacks. Sign-up early for a discount Scholarships are available too!

Click on this link to download the Camp Registration Form and instructions for sending in with payment to the church.  For more information, call Conya Hartman, Trinity's Director of Music & Worship at (386) 734-4425, extension 205 or email her at trimusic22@gmail.com .

Five Ways to Get New Church Members Involved

When new people visit your church, they spend the first couple of weeks or even months evaluating what you do, what programs you offer, and if the church culture is a good match. They want to know that there are programs available to meet their spiritual and social needs. Many visitors hesitate to make a commitment to membership because they may not understand the process or what they are committing to. Helping new church members answer this question may be the key to getting them involved and participating in the mission of the church.

Click on this link to read the whole article, reprinted from
Smart Church Management, titled:  Five Ways to Get New Church Members Involved.

New Ministry for Seniors
For those who are truly young at heart!

An idea that has bounced around for a few years is beginning to finally take shape at Trinity! The concept is called  Young at Heart Ministry and it will consist of a monthly luncheon and program designed just for men and women age 55 and older. This ministry to seniors will serve as both a part of church life and community outreach, so it will be promoted and open to the public.

Plans are to meet once a month between October and May at 12:00 noon in the Fellowship Hall. A hot lunch will be provided and the cost is projected to be $8.  Ann Oliver has graciously agreed to serve as the emcee. In addition to lunch, there will be a short devotion, sharing/caring/prayer concerns, light-hearted jokes, guest speakers who will speak on a wide range of topics or performances by local musicians.

Future plans could include  "day trips" to popular, fun spots and/or an annual picnic.  An organizational meeting will be held sometime in August. If you are interested in helping to get this new ministry up and running, see Ann Oliver or call Anita Campbell at (386) 734-9224 or email her by clicking here.

Are We Ready?
Is it important that we help others prepare for the hurricane season?

By Ed Scott | FLUMC

A fully equipped motorhome with about a dozen members of New Covenant United Methodist Church of The Villages approached a roadblock four years ago on its way to Lake City, where they hoped to help with disaster recovery after a tornado.  The team showed authorities their United Methodist badges and were allowed to drive on through to the scene.

For most people, Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew are distant memories. But the two devastating hurricanes of 2016, Hermine on the west coast of Florida in September 2016 and Matthew on the east coast in October, are still very much on the minds of disaster recovery experts and volunteers in the Florida Conference.

Finance Team Update
Ensuring we are being good stewards

May budget needs: $37,063
May offerings: $26,168.
May contributions to the capital campaign: $69,599
Total campaign contributions to date: $576,171 (or 47% of the three-year pledge commitment)

Building Committee
Our work continues...
Volusia County staff has responded to our engineer's preliminary site plan submittal. The comments seem pretty much in line with what I would expect, based on other projects in which I have been involved. We will want to discuss some of these items with county staff prior to submitting our proposed site plan for actual approval.

Members of the building committee met last month with Rev. Bob Bushong, district superintendent, to go over the procedures for approval of the plans. Once Rev. Golden is on board, we will need to schedule a church conference for the building committee to submit the plans to the congregation, along with the cost estimate and financial plan.

Alex Ford, chair

Did you know?
Communication is key to attracting new members

Our church website has a new look to it and we thought you might want to check it out to see what the public sees when they are looking for a new church. Here's a link . Make a habit of checking the church's website often for updates to ministry programs and services. Let us know what you think! Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors (that you know may be seeking a church home) to visit the site for information.

Our  Calendar of Events is the best place to check for activity dates and times. Here's a link  to that page, which is located on our website as well.

Our Facebook page is getting a lot of "likes" but what we would really like to see are comments. Consequently, we are going to begin posting questions that should elicit responses (comments). After all, the whole idea behind FB was to engage others in e-conversations so they would get to know each other better.

We'd like to set a goal of 100 new "likes" between now and the end of the year. How can you help? First you must "like" us. That's the easy part. Next, you should give us a "review." Let us know how much you like our church and why. Then, "share" your review with your friends and ask them to visit the site, "like" us, then write a review and share with their friends, and so-on and so-on. Easy-peasy, right? Questions? Contact me and I'll do my best to help!

Anita Campbell, Communications