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Facing Your Fears

Is there anyone out there with NO fears? 
Fear of not performing well at a task or event, public speaking, losing one's job, not having enough money for future needs and retirement, personal or family illness and even death, failed relationships. Fear of starting a new career path, a new relationship, a weight loss program, a fitness program.  Fear of Failure. The list is endless. What fears are keeping us from the best version of ourselves and  what can 
we do about it?  
I came across this concept that I found intriguing and useful.  
Instead of having a list of goals, make a List of Fears. What are you afraid of?  Be specific.  In detail, define your fears. Is it a realistic fear? 
If you faced that fear, what is the worst thing that could happen and are there things you can do to prevent that from happening?  List the benefits of tackling that fear and list the costs of not acting on it.
The bottom line, worded in many ways by people who faced their fears, can be summed up simply: Choosing the easy path now will ultimately lead to a long hard road ahead. Taking the hard path and facing the fears are key to a life of livelihood and longevity. To quote Robert Frost, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
What is one fear, one obstacle, that you are avoiding? 
Picture your life if you took that fear on with commitment and passion. Today, make a promise to yourself that you will take action on that one fear you have regularly put off addressing. Do it now. Get started on the wonderful road of a more rewarding journey.  Let's commit to 
facing our fears.  

That's what  Living WELL Aware is all about!

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