July 2017


Assemblies of God Family Services Agency, dba COMPACT Family Services and its board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Brian Page (MSW, LCSW) as the agency's new Arkansas Administrator based at its Hillcrest Campus in Hot Springs, AR. As such, Brian will oversee operations of COMPACT's Hillcrest Children's Home and Highlands Maternity Home and their programs that include:

* Residential care
* Residential treatment care
* Respite care
* Maternity care
* Transitional Living care
* Foster care
* Adoption services

Brian has a rich child welfare and leadership background that will serve this growing agency. The role of Administrator serves directly under the leadership of the agency's Executive Director, Jay Mooney.

For the past five years, Jay Mooney, has served as both the agency's Administrator and Executive Director. Since the agency has more than doubled its services and population on mission with a national service trajectory, Brian Page's appointment is a strategically needed leadership addition. He is professionally qualified to fulfill the Administrator role so that Rev. Mooney can focus more on the executive duties of this growing agency.

Originally from Bentonville, AR, Brian earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Evangel University in Springfield, MO. He earned a Master of Social Work (MSW) with specialization in Family Health from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Most recently, Brian served as the Psychological Health Coordinator for the Missouri Army National Guard. 
Cpt. Brian Page is also the commanding officer of the 206th Area Support Medical Company of the Missouri Army National Guard. Brian served a one-year deployment for the United States Army in Kuwait as Behavioral Sciences Officer. He holds several specializations in mental health, counseling, trauma-informed treatment, and suicide intervention. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He is married to the Rev. Sharon Page (ordained minister with the Assemblies of God), and they have a daughter and a son.


Several of our donors gave scholarships to help students attend camp. Here is one testimony.
An 18 year old boy did not want to be at camp as he was a hardcore agnostic. He believed God did not care about people at all. The first three days he sat and did not pay attention to the services thinking, "I'll deal with this and get out of here as soon as possible."
On the last night, the camp speaker spoke on Jesus being our healer. Several campers responded to the invitation to be healed.
A girl sitting beside the boy had her eyes healed and he was in awe of the miracle. Later he approached the speaker and said, "she had vision problems and now she doesn't. I cant explain that. I want to know Jesus!"

And another...
One boy dealt with anger throughout the day while playing games and would get upset and storm out of service during the worship part of service. A staff member followed him out on Tuesday night and talked about how he has never felt anything from God. After some encouragement he went back to the service and made his way to the altar. At the end of the service he ran up to the staff member and said "I felt something! Like something real!" He gave his heart to God!


1. Show affection to your spouse. (Make sure kids are watching!)
2. Play with your children.
3. Encourage your kids to attempt new things.
4. Eat meals together.
5. Plan one-on-one time with each child.
6. Read and/or tell stories to your children.
7. Honor/speak well of other family members.
8. Attend your child's activities.
9. Text them a Bible verse, encouraging note, or "I love you."
10. Listen to them tell you about their day.


It may seem a bit early to think about school but it's not too early to consider helping with shoes, clothes and supplies for our students.

Gift cards to Walmart, JCPenney, Dillard's, TJ Maxx, Ross, American Eagle, Sears, Shoe Carnival, Old Navy or VISA gift cards, are a tremendous blessing.

Mail gift cards to: 
COMPACT Family Services
Back To School Sponsorship
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Questions? Contact us (501) 262-1660

Birthday cards are always a treat for our kids on campus. Please consider taking a few moments and sending a birthday blessing and word of encouragement to the following ones celebrating next month. 

If you would like a full birthday list as opposed to waiting on this report each month, contact our office and we will get one for you.  Thank you for your continued support in making each of these kids feel special on their birthday.
3rd, Delyse* - Female, 14 yrs.
9th, Bonnie* - Female, 8 yrs.
9th, Beverley* - Female, 8 yrs.
14th, Tricia* - Female, 19 yrs.
14th, Helen* - Female, 9 yrs.
3rd, John* - Male, 7 yrs.
3rd, Shana* - Female, 18 yrs.
3rd, John* - Male, 7 yrs.
6th, Cayla* - Female, 13 yrs.
25th, Conley* - Male, 10 yrs.
26th, Bridgette* - Female, 14 yrs.
28th, Addie* - Female, 16 yrs.
29th, Destiny* - Female, 18 yrs.

Send cards, letters or gifts to:
COMPACT Family Services
Attn:  (insert name)
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

*In order to protect the identity of our students, the names listed above are the pen names that each of them selected as well as the age they will turn.  Each one listed is an actual student on our campus. 

Mark your calendar now for this years Harvest Festival and Run for the Family 5K. We invite you to join us and bring your family, friends and church groups. 

Saturday, October 7th, 2017
Additional information coming soon.  
      COMPACT Family Services
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COMPACT is a DBA of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency
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