July 2017 Newsletter
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Colorado Workers' Compensation
Kazazian decision extended-final admission of liability based on assignment of MMI by a Division IME is insufficient to close claim where no disability indemnity is payable in the claim.  

ICAO upholds order obtained by Charlotte Veaux of Pollart Miller denying payment to claimant's family member for performing "household chores" which were not akin to nursing care or incidental to obtaining medical treatment

ALJ Edwin R. Felter denies compensability where claimant found incredible in claim defended by  Christin Bechmann of Pollart Miller

Disarming a person with a knife who is attempting suicide is not generally outside of police officer's usual work experience
Automobile Insurance Policy Provisions and the Workers' Compensation Act

The Act's exclusivity provisions do not bar a claimant who is injured by a co-employee from collecting underinsured or uninsured benefits (UM/UIM) under an auto insurance policy

Monthly Employment Law Tip

As directed by HB 16-1287, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) requested public comment on the "the establishment or integration of pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships into Colorado businesses..."  Public comment closed on July 18, 2017.

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