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Happy Fourth!

Rabbi's Message
Jerry Cutler

The Hebrew University is the 11th best place for math and the Weizmann Institute the 10th best for computer science, according to the new Shanghai Ranking that rates universities worldwide.

The Jerusalem university was named in the top 50 in four categories. As well as its achievement in math, the school also placed 40th in political sciences, 39th in communication, and 46th in economics.

The Weizmann Institute of Science, based in Rehovot, made the top 50 in three categories. As well as its 10th place in computer science and engineering, it was also 46th in materials science and engineering, and 50th in chemistry.

The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, also did well, being ranked eighth in aerospace engineering, 37th in electrical and electronic engineering, and 50th in automation and control. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva was ranked 42nd for hospitality and tourism management.

Of course, many of you, like me, were disappointed as we believe that Israel should have been ranked number one in every category. But, please consider the fact that there are over 40,000 Institutions of Higher Education in the world and less than 0.2% Jews in the world. That's right, less than 0.2. And, if you throw into the equation Israel's population is less than half that amount and is only 69 years old, you are tempted to raise your hand in the ugly faces of the world's anti-Semites in uncontested and glorious victory. Israel's accomplishments now become much more impressive and a reason to celebrate! 

Something else to cheer about...

American superstar Alicia Keys, one of the leading musical artists of the last 10 years, and the most beautiful, will be performing in Israel for the first time on the birthday of her country - July 4th.

The winner of 14 Grammys will perform at the Nokia Center as part of her "Set the World on Fire" tour.

"I'm excited to go to new places on this tour, especially Israel" stated the amazing singer, "and I plan on bringing with me a show full of emotion and inspiration." 
Happy 4th of July, everyone and do me a favor, call Amazon and buy her "Girl on Fire" album and a few more for your family and friends. If anyone deserves our support and praise it is Ms. Keyes. Bless her and all of us as we celebrate another Independence Day. And, God Bless America and each and every one of you. 
Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

Shabbat Services

This month we will be celebrating Father's Day and Flag Day.

7:30 pm on Friday, 
July 7, 2017
Why?  Tradition!

Going west on Wilshire as you approach Warner Blvd., one long block west of Beverly Glen, turn into the driveway that has the sign "Church Parking" and park on levels P2 or P3. Take the elevator up to P1 (which is also the lobby). Services are in the Town Hall room directly across from the elevator.

Yossie Carron
Rabbi/Cantor Yossi Carron

Rabbi/Cantor Yossi 
Guest Cantor for Friday, July 7

We will have a post celebration for Independence Day through music and song with our CAT performers - Nolan & Patrice Zappa Porter, and Chelsea Cutler.
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Arne's Corner

    I was just pondering...........

    IF the Palestinians wanted peace, there would be peace. If Israel wanted war, the Palestinians would no longer exist.

     IF the Russians are so evil - how come no investigation has ever been started on the Uranium sell-out? 20% of America's Uranium supply, to the Russians, courtesy of ex-Secretary of State - Hillary Rodham Clinton.

               Difficult to digest, but I recently read that there are 50 million Americans living in poverty and on food stamps. Adding insult-to-injury the article also stated that our vets are being treated far poorer than illegal immigrants.

               In summary, we have become an arrogant nation that signals that we can change the universe, when in reality we can't even run an awards ceremony, fix potholes, build a road, or stop our inner-city youth from murdering one another.

               Fixing our problems begin with you, me, us, and we. 

               Arnold Charitan
Vital Options International Honors the Legacy and Work of Its Founder Selma Schimmel with Free eBook, The Cancer Concierge®

Advocate for Cancer Patients Around the World Died Three Years Ago Last May

Debby Bitticks with her sister Selma Schimmel 
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The 40th Anniversary of Entebbe
This is the finest hour of Israel and is such an incredible story.  Did you realize this miracle happened on our Independence Day?  This is something for all of us to feel proud about and to revisit.

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I will be with you every step of the way. That is my promise, that is my commitment. 

Also, a FREE mezuzah hanging on your new home from our esteemed Rabbi. 

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Real Estate Tidbit from Lady Jeff Cutler
Los Angeles County Real Estate Market Sees Sales On the Rise

Over the last 30 days, the Los Angeles County market looked active with 6,502 homes sold. To put it in perspective, close-by  San Diego County  registered 3,417 home sales in the same period, the most of all surrounding counties. The median sales price rose to $596,500, up from last week's $592,000. With just three months of inventory available and sales going up, Los Angeles County is a seller's market.

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Bracha Detox Bars
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Review from the Pew
by Rabbi Jerry Cutler


"MEGAN LEAVEY" is based on the true-life story of a young marine corporal (Kate Mara) whose social activities are nil. A loner, she passes a marine enlistment station and decides to leave everything behind, including her nagging mother (Edie Falco). Megan, beautifully portrayed by Ms. Mara, is assigned to clean up the K9 cages as punishment for an ill-advised infraction. Rex, a beautiful German Shepherd, is a bit aggressive as she comes close to his cage as he lets her know that she's not welcomed.


Maudie, based on the true story of diminutive folk artist Maud Lewis and her romance with a reclusive curmudgeon, Everett Lewis.
Inflicted with childhood arthritis, Maudie is hunched and her hands are gnarled. Her determination, however, is iron clad as she aspires to be an artist. Overcoming her physical difficulties, she is limited in the use of a paint brush. 
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