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July 2017
Sunday - Saturday 7/9-15 Porsche Parade
Saturday 7/22 Autocross #6

August 2017
Saturday 8/5 Pech Merle Winery Tour
Saturday 8/12 Autocross #7
Friday 8/18 Werks Reunion
Saturday 8/26 Maple Creek Winery Tour

From the Editor

by Jamie DeRuiter, der Riesenbaum Editor

  Sometimes life seems to come at you very fast.  This year is one of those times.  I thought I'd have time for more autocross and regional adventure but my move to the mountains is happening as I type.  Our goal is to be moved by September 1st so I have mere weeks to take care of so many details.  It looks like July is my last month with my Porsche in the region.  It's one of the first things that needs to move to have access to the garage for staging our boxes and totes.  But I want to autocross!  :(  I will need a car trailer for next season so I can come down and tear it up with my Redwood buddies.

I want to thank everyone who's been there for me both at autocross and as editor.  It's been a blast hanging out and getting to know all of you.  I'm still planning on being a Redwood member and coming to events.  I'll just have to drive a bit farther now to do so.  No way am I missing the Zone 7 two day autocross next year!  Who has a trailer they want to sell me?  :)

Some really cool events are upon us.  I'm jealous of those heading to the Porsche Parade in Spokane.  We have our AX#6 this month which I hope to attend for sure.  Beginning next month is the Pech Merle Winery Tour dubbed 'Va Va Vroom' which is a super fun event with great wine, food and company.  If you have not done this event yet you need to.  Mid August we have our AX#7 followed by the Werks Reunion.  We finish off the month with the Maple Creek Winery Tour.  There's no excuse to stay home watching Netflix when you could be out in your Porsche having a grand adventure.

Shift Toward Adventure,

Presidents Message
by Craig Steele, President

Hello Redwood Region, I can't believe it is July already. I have been your Region President for six months now. June went by so quickly starting with the first four days being all about the Zone 7 Tour. That was a remarkable event. There is already a group planning the 2018 Tour in the Southern areas of Zone 7. I am on the planning committee to pick a route and publicize a 2018 date. Also, I got a call from one of the SVR Crab 37 organizers. They are planning for that event to be headquartered at the Sacramento Auto Museum and are busy pinning down  a weekend date.
My favorite region activity is our monthly Autocross (AX) held at the Sonoma County Airport. This is where I experience Porsche People really having fun. I started doing AX back in 2010 in my first Porsche, a 1999 Guards Red 911 Carrera Cabriolet. It was intimidating at first going around a course of cones on a half-mile track. As I developed my skills, with our fine staff of instructors and fellow drivers, my driving started to improve and my times reflected that effort. In 2014, I traded-in my 911 for 2006 Cayman S, that is when I started to really enjoy auto crossing.  There is something unique about a mid-engine car that sits only four feet high off the ground. I had a few setbacks before getting my Cayman S (GATOR45) dialed in. After the oil-air separator blowing up, a leak in my gas line and hitting a deer on the freeway at 60mph, my Porsche is all better now and performing at top capacity.
Our last AX on June 17th resulted in one of my best runs ever. After every AX, I look at my time results posted on the web page. My name is consistently in the bottom third towards the top. However, something different happened that was a breakthrough, I posted a time in the middle of the time results. I'm sure it was just an anomaly, but I liked it just the same. One of the fun things to do at AX is compete with other drivers in your same time range. For me it was breaking the 52-second barrier, which I did on the last run of a very hot summer day with a 51.7. One thing I like to do is keep my Cayman S at street driving conditions, with the tire pressure at normal (29 lbs. front, 36 lbs. back, Michelins), and without any special AX performance equipment. I do turn off my PSM before each start of each run to feel what the car is actually doing without the computer making corrections.
I encourage you all to participate in our AX program:
  • We have the best AX course in Zone 7
  • It is centrally located at the Sonoma Airport
  • We have more runs; Usually 10-12 per event, other AX events have a lot less runs
  • We have the best facilities with our own trailer and electronic timing equipment
  • We have a dedicated crew of volunteers to instruct, set-up, course plan, hydrate and show off their driving skills and discuss driving techniques
  • An autocross is the best place to improve your driving skills and those can be used when you drive your Porsche in normal driving situations
  • The next closest Zone 7 AX courses are at Alameda, Stockton and Marina, all two to three plus hours away
I learned a lot about AX by reading, 'Secrets of Solo Racing by Henry A. Watts'. He and his daughter were actually at the June AX racing an older BMW sedan.
So come out and join us on July 22nd, you can register on our website,  using Hope to see you there.
As we look forward to July, my focus will be on preparing for the Porsche Parade in Spokane. This is will be my 4th Parade in a row. For the last two I have driven the Cayman to the events in Indiana and Vermont. This year is special because I will be representing Redwood Region as the president. My Parade starts Friday, July 6th, with an overnight at Vacaville. Our Porsches gather the next morning as we then trek to Bend, OR to have dinner with the High Desert Region.  On Saturday, we continue our caravan with them to Spokane. I will be doing a daily Facebook posting of my adventures. I have not yet decided on my trip route back to Santa Rosa on Sunday, July 16th. There are lots of options heading home. I will just see where my Cayman S wants to go.
At our last meeting, we had a small turnout, however, we had several notable occurrences including:
  • Appointing Stacy O'Connell to the Director of Communications
  • Had a guest attend who in not even a PCA member interested in our Region
  • Mike Hinton has stepped in as temporary Treasurer while Jerry Gladstone recovers from a medical procedure. He will not be our 2018 Treasurer when Jerry steps down from that responsibility.


That's all for now...



Mobile Works West


pech4th Annual Va Va Vroom - Pech Merle Winery - August 5th, 2017
Fourth Annual Pech Merle Winery "Va Va VROOM"
Pech Merle (pesh-mael) n.,  1.  translates to 'cave under the hill' in the ancient Occitan language  2. a boutique, family-run winery dedicated to cultivating the very best of Sonoma County.
Come celebrate those seductive headlights and rear-ends as we "Va Va VROOM" our way through beautiful Sonoma County to Alexander Valley.  After we vroom through the valley we will enjoy lunch at the Pech Merle Tasting Room in charming downtown Geyserville.
Chicken will be on the grill to accompany our award-winning lineup of Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.
We have had such amazing foods at the Porsche Pot-Lucks, the salads, side dishes and desserts will be in that same fashion, so please bring your favorite dish to share!
If your last name begins with ___ , please bring ___ :
  • *       A-G         Salad
  • *       H-N         Side Dish
  • *       O-Z         Dessert
We are thrilled to be hosting our third Porsche event and look forward to seeing all of you!
Bruce & Cheryl Lawton
  • *       Event date:  Saturday, August 5, 2017
  • *       $20.00 per person.
  • *       RSVP and pay by Thursday, August 3 using
  • *       NOTE:  Please bring your own sustainable eating service. We will provide wine glasses for wine tasting and water.
  • *       When tasting has concluded, wine will be available for purchase to enjoy with your dinner, by the glass or bottle.
  • *       Pech Merle wines will be available for purchase at a special Porsche Club discount.
  • *       Max number of people limited to 50
We will meet at Kaffe Mocha at 10:00am for a 10:30pm sharp departure for our back roads tour to the Pech Merle Tasting Room.
Pech Merle Winery address:
21001 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville, CA 95441
Questions?  Contact Kurt Fischer at

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axVern Goes Fast!
by LaVergne Thomas

I started autocrossing because my husband, Howard, told me to.  Ok, so that's not exactly true, but pretty close.  We bought our Boxster in 2002 fantasizing about leisurely rides through vineyards with the top down, romantic picnics on grassy knolls and meeting new friends.  We joined the Porsche club that same year and shortly afterward, attended our first Diablo Region Saturday morning breakfast.  No sooner had we introduced ourselves than Eugenie Thomas asked if we were going to autocross.  We explained it was a cheese and wine car, but she wouldn't buy it.  Howard had a busy schedule that year and suggested I take up Eugenie's offer to autocross with the Redwood region.
A week or so later I was caravanning behind Eugenie to my first event at Sonoma Airport.  The only instruction I remember hearing from her was "gas, gas, gas".  Since then I've developed a heavier foot and have placed 1st in ladies PAX in multiple years.
Howard joined me a few years later and is my greatest competitor.  We have raced in every region that holds AX events and have gotten to know a lot of wonderful folks across Zone 7.  Anyone who wants to learn about their car, gain confidence in their driving and meet new and interesting people should attend an event.  You won't regret it.


2017 Porsche 968 West Coast Gathering

A small group of dedicated Porsche 968 enthusiasts just finished the once a year West Coast Gathering. Cars from Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and California fought their way through extreme heat waves to pick up the fog of the small town of Mendocino, California.

This non PCA sponsored event takes place once a year somewhere in Northern California.

We had both Saturday and Sunday scheduled for scenic Redwood drives on winding drives with Winery visits on Sunday. The cars handled fantastic. No issues considering the heat and the roads, but after all they are PORSCHES. With so few 968's around we where proud to have 11 cars in pristine condition with us, even the wacky Art968 (Panorama featured) was here to make a statement.
Getting ready Saturday morning for the drive
A short break on the coast.......Where is the Pacific?

The Art968 got a lot of attention. Amazing story behind it.
A selection of beautiful 968's resting for more fun drives.

Another fun weekend completed....already planning next year.
Bob Frith & Kaj Hallstrom


by Greg Matsumoto, Autocross Director

Time sure flies when you're having fun! It's hard to believe that our next autocross on July 22 nd will be our 6 th (of 9). We are already past our halfway point.  It's past time to examine how to improve our times. For me, it's about entering and exiting the apex's correctly.   And, if you've been on the fence of learning how to autocross, your time is also running out.   I encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming four autocrosses to learn how to handle your Porsche the way it's designed to be driven.  You'll never regret it.   We have some of the best driver's and instructors in the region to be your personal coach.  And, the collegiality from the other drivers is awesome.  If you're new to the Redwood Region, your first autocross is free!  Compliments of the Redwood Region. "Try it, you'll like it."

Our last autocross was under super sunny skies baking the asphalt.  But that didn't deter us from some great runs and a great time.  In fact, the record heat helped to heat up our tires for great traction.  In fact, before my first run I had to deflate my tires about 8-9 lbs. And with Bob Schoenherr's "Wavy Gravy" course, it was more about smooth driving vs. being overly aggressive.  It was also nice watching Hank Watts, author of Secrets of Solo Racing: Expert Techniques for Autocross & Time Trials, and his daughter swinging the rear of his car around the turns.

Acknowledging the hotter than usual weather predictions, our great minds adapted accordingly.  To maximize our runs, to take care of our tires, and to enjoy the day, we ran 6 runs in the morning with a brief 15-minute water/lunch break.  We must have fudged with the lunch break time since lunch was pretty relaxed.  Lunch was followed by 3 afternoon runs.  The heat didn't affect us or our tires, since several best runs were in the afternoon.  For me, it was finally figuring out the right steering input, rhythm and optimal speed.

After the last run group, everyone pitched in so we could break down and pack up quickly.  It was a great and efficient community effort to wrap things up. We were rewarded with Happy Hour "refreshments" in the air-conditioned comfort of Applebee's.
A special thanks to Fraser Marshall who donated a prize for the top Porsche time of the day.  He had received it from a recent Porsche event.  Doug Brekke and his Spyder enjoyed the gift.  One remarkable fact about Fraser is that immediately after each autocross he registers for the next one!  His car is still warm as he's registering.  He does this for both the Redwood Region and the Sacramento Valley Region events.  Like many of us, he's got the bug.

Our next autocross is Saturday, July 22nd.  Please register as soon as possible on the MSR site. 
See you then.

ax5Autocross #6ax6

Register HERE

Werks Reunionwerks

Sierra Nevada Region Concours D' Elegance


Gold Country Road Rally

Concours in Paradise - July 23rd, 2017

Club Racing West Coast Series 2017

Membership Report
by Tom Short, Membership Director

In June 2017, 30 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including one member with 45 years, and three others who have been members for over 30 years! Congratulations and thank you to all of you who are marking anniversaries - I hope you are enjoying your membership and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer!
In June we welcomed eight new members - I hope you take advantage of the excellent activities our club offers throughout the year. You will be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly, along with a coupon good for a free autocross. Check out our website for upcoming autocross events. Also, you can order a name badge for your associate member there as well.
Be sure to check out the calendar on our website, and keep an eye on it as new events are added as we finalize them. I encourage everyone to participate in your club's events - it's a great way to meet other PCA members and have some fun with great people and our amazing cars. 

If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership please feel free to email me at .
Tom Short

Board Meeting Minutes

by Alan Geddes, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes - The minutes from the June 27th, 2017 Board meeting will be available after approval at the July 25th, 2017 meeting.  Read previous board meeting minutes here.  
Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on July 25th, 2017 at Novato Mary's Pizza Shack, 121 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945. All members are welcome to attend.  

Membership Information

Please contact Tom Short, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Redwood Region Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. Month Day Year meeting will be at Novato Mary's Pizza Shack, 121 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945.
CASA Flyer


Redwood Region Contacts
2016 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council                                                                        Appointed Directors


Jamie De Ruiter

Chip Witt, Vice President



bob schoenherr headshot 2011


Alan Geddes, Secretary

Mac Cranford




   Ad-Hoc Committee

kurt fischer headshot


Tom Short

Tom Short, Membership Director
david bunch headshot 2011


Zone 7 Representative

david bunch headshot 2011



der Marktplatz

FORSALE  Set of Fuchs rims 16x6 and 16x7 in excellent shape Rims dated 4/87 and 11/87 not curb rash, two rims have a very small defect. will send more photos if interested.  $1300.
George Nostrant

PORSCHE 911 993 Left and Right Headlight Lenses 1995-1998
From 1998 993 with 140,000 miles.  Mild pitting.  Driver's side has small hole patched with clear tape (see photo). $175

Contact:  Alan Geddes
Phone: 415-377-7120

Porsche 911 993 Front OEM Windshield Glass W/ Antenna 1995-1998
Good condition,- mildly pitted, no cracks. Came from car with 140,000 miles that was converted to show car. Green tint at top, antenna at center. 

Contact:  Alan Geddes
Phone: 415-377-7120

Rims and Tires for sale $800 
Two 7.5x18 ET 50 mounted with Toyo R888's 225/40Z R18.
Two 9X18 ET 52 With Toyo R888's 285/30 R18.
The rims are powder coated black and are in excellent condition.
Tires are in good condition with 5-8 heat cycles. Lots of life left.
Contact Mac Cranford




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Jamie DeRuiter, der Riesenbaum Editor

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