Vol. 3, Issue 7
July 2017

Welcome to Nam Lee
Split faculty hire to CBC and Pharmacology
Please join us in welcoming our newest faculty member, Associate Professor Nam Lee, who will start in Sept. 2017.

Thomas Gianetti at Lindau Meeting
28 Nobel Laureates in Attendance
Dr. Gianetti presented his research at the Lindau Meeting and served as a panelist in a discussion about science careers.

Introducing Wolfgang Peti

Learn more about new CBC Professor Wolfgang Peti, who was recently interviewed by ASBMB's Today's science writer John Arnst.

Jeff Pyun invents novel plastic
Plastic used for infrared imaging
These plastics will be used in high-value technologies like those used in defense, specialty plastics, and commodities like smartphones.

Alumni News

Elizabeth Brooks (BS in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2017) My experience at the University of Arizona and in CBC has been nothing short of amazing and meaningful. The support I received from the faculty and staff helped me immensely and pushed me to be a better student. My next step is to apply to medical school to pursue a career as a physician. 
Rishab Srivasta (BS in Biochemistry & Molecular/Cellular Biology, 2017)  It was a very enriching experience for me as an Honor's CBC student to study the biochemistry, biology, and the physiology of the human body to my heart's desire in classes and research labs. It helped me become more certain of the career path I wish to pursue: Medicine. The next step on this path that I will be tackling for the next two years is the M.S. Physiological Sciences Program, in which I will continue pursuing my growing passion for human physiology and medicine in classes, research seminars, and labs.