Please make sure you're reporting your 2018 Great American Cleanup events within your  dashboard ! Keeping track of your events and the progress you and your volunteers make is crucial in helping to capture all the hard work and dedication at each GAC event. 

Communities across the nation have come together in an effort to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods where we live, work and play. Show off all that you've accomplished by reporting the results. The data collected can also benefit the organization as a whole by highlighting how impactful the GAC program is -- this can lead to more fundraising, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. It also solidifies the KAB mission. 
Thank you to the affiliates who have done a great job in reporting their GAC events as well as sharing photos and information on your incredible GAC initiatives. We are so proud and inspired by you all! 

Don't delay getting your Annual Affiliation Fee paid and Annual Reporting submitted by August 1 to receive the 2018 Keep America Beautiful President Circle Award to be eligible for grants and 2018 Keep MS Beautiful's Circle of Excellence Award!