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Superbad bug.
Be on the alert for this deceptively colorful insect. Spotted Lantern Fly isn't poisonous but it is certainly dangerous to agriculture. If you see these in your yard this Summer or Fall, please contact Penn State Department of Agriculture or your local agricultural college.  And of course, do squash them (not easy, they are big and are fast jumpers) or use other means to dispose of them.   

This new species eats the tender parts of trees and select fruit-bearing vegetation, killing the actual plant or tree (vs eating the fruit produced like other pests). We do not have this new pest in our orchard but are on alert.

Green technology.
thirsty trees

Over the last few years we've been planting sections of our pear trees in closer proximity with one another. This new agri-science technique is called 'high-density' planting. Together, the trees help each other grow; require less pruning; offer ideal access to sunshine for the fruit they produce; enable more efficient use of manpower; and more wonderful fruit can be harvested per footstep by our crew. Instead of nearly a dozen feet apart, trees in these orchard sections are now just mere feet apart. 

This Fall, some of the first fruit will be harvested from these special trees. We can't wait to enjoy a bite of these very special 'green technology' pears!

Email us to be notified when our 2018 harvest of fresh Asian Pears begins.

Subarashii S'mores

What is more fun than sitting around a fire pit or campfire on a cool summer night? Making s'mores! How about making them Subarashii style?!

Instead of chocolate, use Asian Pear Spread (yes, our spread does look like chocolate sauce!) with marshmallows and graham crackers. A savory and sweet twist on this classic Summertime fare. Click here for our s'mores recipe.