GFWC Alabama Clubwoman
Summer Edition
July 2, 2018
Christine Steele
2018-2020 President GFWC Alabama
Save the Dates

7/14: Registration Deadline for Leadership Workshop

7/21: Summer Workshop, Montgomery, AL, 9 AM - 2 PM

7/22: Submittal deadline for AFWC's August News and Notes

8/3-4: AFWC Summer Board Meeting @ HQ

9/15: North District Fall Meeting

9/29: South District Fall Meeting

10/13: Central District Fall Meeting

12/1: AFWC Open House @ HQ
President's Message
Are You Ready?!?
Here we go into the 2018 -2020 administration!!!

Your AFWC Board of Directors convened at Headquarters in May for a pre-administration planning meeting. Members of the Board met again on June 2 for Orientation. It was a full house with most in attendance. Officers, chairmen and members of the Board learned more of their responsibilities. Project proposals were submitted and approved. Fun was also on the agenda as Legos were played with and purse-onalities were discovered. 

This administration’s theme is “Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships”.

The AFWC President’s Special Project is multi-faceted. As AFWC will be celebrating our 125th anniversary in April, 2020, we will be rediscovering the activities of our foremothers dating back to 1895. When contemplating this administration’s project, it was pondered on what has been a constant project since the beginning?   Scholarships -- with the Committee being formed in 1898! 

Jane Brooks and Sherry Stutts are co-chairmen of the President’s Special Project Committee and they will be providing much more information. Jane Wright serves as the Scholarship Committee Chairman and will also be a part of this project. See their articles as you just never know what was in the past or happening now. 

Where can you learn more information? 
At the AFWC Summer Workshop being hosted by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Lyn Stuart at the Judicial Building in Montgomery on July 21. Alicia Beam, Leadership Committee Chairman, has been hard at work making plans for a great day. Attendees will receive packets containing so much information on programs and projects for the 2018-2020 administration. Check out Alicia’s article for more details and a registration form. 

Hope to see each of you there! 

Christine Steele, President
GFWC Alabama Membership
by Becky Vansant, 2nd Vice President
GFWC Alabama
Membership Goals:

1. Challenge every current GFWC Alabama member to invite at least one new potential member in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 club years.

2. Establish a new General and a new Juniorette club in each of the three districts during this administration.
GFWC Alabama Membership Essay
Competition for 2018-2019:

1.What Federation Membership Means to Me

2.Sisterhood of Service - Funny Stories Along the Path of Living the Volunteer Spirit
Your GFWC Alabama membership committee is excited to announce that we are already making great progress in these areas. President Christine Steele and Chairman Becky Vansant traveled to Montgomery on June 8 for the organizational meeting of the GFWC Alabama River Region Women's Club. Seven new members were in attendance at this meeting. We are working diligently to fast track the new club formation process in order to charter them at the Summer Workshop.  

On an even more exciting note, one of the new members brought her daughter to the meeting, and the mother and the daughter are interested in forming a Juniorette club at the beginning of the school year! 

Thanks to Kirsten Means and Jennifer Mize who will be organizing a new club in the Pelham area this administration. We will be working towards getting this club chartered during this calendar year.
While there is a GFWC Alabama Membership Committee, membership remains the responsibility of the entire Federation. Think back to when you joined a Federated club. In most instances, it was because someone invited you. Shouldn’t you be passing on that invitation to share in the joys of membership? Your membership committee has lots of fun and exciting ways planned to recognize your contributions to the membership effort. More details will be provided at the GFWC Alabama Summer Workshop and through the Alabama Clubwoman throughout the year.

Your GFWC Alabama Membership Committee will be sponsoring two essay competitions this club year (see left column) Participation guidelines will be provided at the GFWC Alabama Summer Workshop, and these essays will be compiled into a booklet.

No booklet is complete without artwork, so the Membership Committee will also be sponsoring two art competitions this club year. The first will be a color piece to be used as a cover on the above proposed booklet, and the second will be pen and pencil drawings to be used as illustrations within the booklet. Participation guidelines will be provided at Summer Workshop. 

These are just a few of the exciting things your Membership Committee has planned, but we need your help. Look at areas within your districts that don't currently have a Federated club, and let's work together to charter a new club in that area this administration. Think about your friends and acquaintances. Is there someone that is just waiting for you to invite them to learn more about your club? 

As always, your membership committee is always here to support your membership efforts. Please reach out to us for assistance and to share your good news with us. You may contact us at
2018 GFWC Alabama Summer Workshop

July 21, 2018

Scholarship! Leadership! Membership!

Join us to learn about GFWC and AFWC programs and projects
at the Judicial Building in Montgomery, Alabama,
hosted by Alabama Chief Justice Lyn Stuart, our Federation sister.

Registration deadline is July 14.


Possible hotels:  The hotels listed below are within a 15-minute drive to the Judicial Building. Parking is plentiful in front and around the building, and free on Saturdays . Make your hotel reservations early, as there may be other functions going on in Montgomery, competing for accommodations.

Hampton Inn and Suites , Montgomery Downtown, 100 Commerce Street, 334-256-1010
Embassy Suites Downtown , 300 Tallapoosa Street, 334-269-5055
DoubleTree Montgomery Downtown , 120 Madison Avenue, 334-245-2320
Hilton Garden Inn Montgomery , Eastchase, 7665 Eastchase Parkway,
334-244-0101( this one is farther than 15 minutes but very nice, with many restaurants and shopping )
Hampton Inn Eastchase , 7651 Eastchase Parkway, 334-277-1818
Hampton Inn & Suites Prattville , 2590 Cobbs Ford Road, 334-285-6767
Montgomery Marriott Prattville , Hotel and Conference Center, 2500 Legends Circle, 334-290-1235
Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa @ Convention Center ,   201 Tallapoosa Street, 334-481-5000

Tie One On – A Friend
The GFWC Installation 2024 Committee Fundraiser of selling Aprons will be at the AFWC Leadership Workshop on July 21 st, in Montgomery. A select few Aprons will be on a Silent Auction table; Minimum bid is $24, but the first $224 offer wins! The remaining aprons will sell for $24 each. Get yours FIRST and “Tie One On A Friend”. What fun to Give & Receive! Take a photo and send to Facebook & the Website. Remember to bring your checkbook!
Sherry Stutts, Chairman
Choose your donation level!

Associate Degree $25
Bachelor Degree $125
Masters Degree $525
Doctoral Degree $1,250

Make Checks out to AFWC , designate President’s Project
Mail to: Karol Kapustka,
AFWC Treasurer
14007 Green Way Park Circle, Huntsville, AL 35803
2018-2020 President's Project: Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships
Raising funds for the existing AFWC Scholarships:
Past Presidents’
Kitty Stone Graduate
Sue Hester Special Education
Jacksonville State Univ. International House
Miss Alabama
Distinguished Young Woman
Adding New Scholarships

~You be the Change as we Purse-sue Donations~

The 2018-2020 President's Pin (pictured above left) will be available for $10, beginning at the Summer Leadership Workshop, with proceeds benefiting the scholarship fund.

News from your CSP Chairmen!

There are two (2) GFWC programs for the Arts: Community Service Projects and Contests. In addition to the GFWC programs, GFWC Alabama has contests for the arts.
The GFWC Arts Community Service Projects encourages members to promote and support arts activities in their clubs, schools, and communities. It is designed to inspire clubwomen. Reporting is due by 1 st February 2019 and 2020.
Includes nine (9) contests: five (5) Photography and four (4) Writing:
PHOTOGRAPHY:   Deadlines are GFWC Alabama Conventions 2019 and 2020.
The World in Pictures:
1.     Living Things
2.     Scenes
3.     Still Life
GFWC Volunteers in Action
A Year in Pictures ( GFWC Calendar Contest )
WRITING:   Deadlines for GFWC Alabama are 15 February 2019 and 2020.
1. GFWC Member Short Story
2. GFWC Member Poetry
3. Youth Short Story
4. Youth Poetry
Deadlines are GFWC-Alabama Conventions 2019 and 2020.
·        Painting & Drawing
·        Sewing & Embroidery
·        Mixed Media
·        Pottery & Ceramics
·        Heritage Skills
Rules are provided in the GFWC Alabama Yearbook

The 2018 Summer Workshop in Montgomery on July 21 will be filled with many opportunities to learn about fun, meaningful projects and programs for your club! Won’t you join me for the Education CSP workshop and learn about the many ways other clubs have made a difference in their community and state while promoting and supporting libraries, schools, literacy, and scholarships? As a retired classroom teacher and librarian, I enjoy sharing the many exciting ways we can promote literacy and a desire for life- long learning experiences for all ages! I plan to return from the 2018 GFWC Convention with many new ideas in the area of education to share with you. Many pamphlets and handouts with important information, websites, and contact information will be available in which you will learn about grants, scholarships, important dates to observe, GFWC partnerships, and unique reading programs to help expand your mind or just to relax and read for pleasure. Many of the top education projects conducted in the last two years from Alabama clubwomen will be highlighted. Maybe you will find something interesting that your club can do in the next two years as we
“Celebrate 125 Years of Changing Lives through Scholarships!”
“Purses & Hats”
President Christine Steele has selected for 2018-2020 the theme of Purses & Hats. Federation, Friendship & Fun as we focus on Purse-onalities in year one and Hat-titudes in year two. At the Board Orientation last month, Brigiete Carey won the Most Prepared Purse profile and was glad the tables were so full she didn’t have to empty her purse out. Lots of fun was had for June Birthday members as other members at their table gave them a Birthday Gift out of their purse; a great ice breaker. Please share with AFWC any fun ideas your club comes up with as we Purse-ue Living the Volunteer Spirit.

I am so delighted to be your Conservation Community Service Program (CSP) Chairman for the next two years. Conservation is near and dear to my heart, and I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can. The best thing about conservation is that it encompasses so many areas for participation. There is no limit to the number of ways AFWC club women can impact the health and vitality of our planet and all forms of life that live here.

The GFWC website ( contains information about areas for conservation projects . As you start to plan for the next year of club meetings, I invite you to look at the website for all the ways you can participate in the Conservation CSP. In addition to recycling and environmental education, conservation also includes outdoor exploration, tree planting, beautification, and proper care for domesticated animals. Peruse the GFWC website for all the exciting areas included in the Conservation CSP.

The GFWC website also lists some great program ideas. My favorites are: plant native species for beautification and restoration of land and waterways, visit a state or national park, tour a botanical garden, create community gardens to promote self-sufficiency, and pick up and encourage others to pick up litter.

Please let me know how I can assist you. I love to travel and would enjoy participating in your projects and presenting programs at your club meetings.

Contact Ellen @


Home Life. These are two very important words. I am reminded of my life growing up in a North Carolina cotton mill town with 2 sisters and a brother. My dad worked 8-5 and my mom third shift 11-7 so one parent was always available to us. We were an average family. We took an annual 4 th of July vacation to the beaches of South Carolina along with everyone else who worked in the mills. As children we didn’t know if we were doing without, but we always had what we needed. The one thing I always remember is how my parents helped others in need, from painting an elderly lady’s house to loaning another family my mom’s car. The giving was not often monetary, but rather a gift of time through volunteering.

Did you know June was Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month? Alzheimer’s is a progressive form of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60-80 percent of dementia cases. Most people are diagnosed after 65. If diagnosed before, it is referred to as early onset Alzheimer’s. To date there is no cure, but treatments can slow it. There is no single cause, but there are certain risk factors, including age, family history and genetics. Having one of these factors does not mean you will get Alzheimer’s. It simply raises your risk level.
North District: Mid-South Chapter NE Alabama Huntsville AL
    The 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – North Alabama is Sept. 28 at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens contact Courtney Jeffreys 256-880-1575  This is a 2 -mile walk.
Central District: Birmingham
    Glow For A Cure – 2018  Enjoy 9 holes of golf, dinner, followed by 9 more holes with lighted balls, tees, and greens. Contact Vance Holder 205-871-7970 - 866-806-7255
South District (Lower Alabama Chapter)
     The 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s Mobile is Sept. 23 at the USS Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile - Contact Bobbi Grady 205-379-8065 ext 8326

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness month. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) is the most common type of arthritis in children. An estimated 300,000 children in the US have a form of arthritis. The exact cause is unknown but it is believed to be an autoimmune disease.
Saturday, August 25 is the 2018 JA Day in Birmingham. The Arthritis Foundation: 205-381-4613

Remember to look outside your comfort zone for volunteer opportunities. They may just be around the corner. And if you are traveling and pass a car with Really Loud Beach Music – it is probably me!
Hueytown Study Club Presents Scholarship
Members of the Hueytown Study Club recently presented the AFWC Yearbook Scholarship to Sarah Michael Whisenhunt, daughter of Tab and Stephanie Whisenhunt and granddaughter of Carolyn and George Whisenhunt. Carolyn is a long time member is the Hueytown Study Club. Sarah Michael is a recent graduate of Vestavia Country Club with a 4.0 GPA and is modeling in Greece this summer. She will attend the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in the Fall. This Scholarship comes from the University of Alabama and was presented to the Hueytown Study Club for their outstanding Club Yearbook at the State convention in Mobile. Congratulations, Sarah Michael!!
The 2018-2020 GFWC Club Manual is here! Download your copy today from the GFWC website under
Do you have club news to share with your Federated sisters throughout Alabama? Email your "cut and paste" ready articles and/or pictures to your GFWC Alabama Communications Chair: Christi Robinson or to