Over the past two years, a coalition of more than 30 Chicago funders and foundations have joined together to reduce gun violence.

The coalition – the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful communities (PSPC) – was created in response to a level of gun violence in Chicago unseen since the 1990s. In 2016, following a decade of progress in reducing gun violence, Chicago suffered more than 4,000 shootings and nearly 800 homicides.

Members of PSPC, which is supported by the Civic Consulting Alliance, are aligning their grantmaking to support four proven and promising approaches to reduce gun violence:
  • Intervening with likely victims and perpetrators through street outreach, supportive services, constructive policing interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and jobs
  • Increasing legitimacy for and effectiveness of the Chicago Police Department through enhanced training, improved police-community relations, greater community voice in the design and operations of police accountability structures, and other reforms
  • Strengthening gun laws to reduce the availability of illegal firearms
  • Community grants to support local groups working to create the conditions for violence prevention and reduction. In 2018, 132 neighborhood organizations have received up to $10,000 to help reclaim parks, streets and public areas, as well as build community cohesion.