The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 095 - July 2018
Dear Colleague,

This month I am happy to talk about us as a fter 8+ years the  EPN Consulting Website was revamped and released at the end of June 2018.

After discussing with our members, clients and readers, we assessed their valuable comments and decided to completely redesign the EPN Consulting website and simplify messages conveyed in each section.

The  Membership  structure has been updated: while keeping differentiated fees for micro-enterprises, SMEs and larger organisation, new membership categories have been introduced:  Bronze Bronze for Students Bronze for 1 month Silver  and  Gold  with new services included. 

We realised the most innovative points of view come from the young (students or fresh graduates) segment of the population and we wanted to encourage their access to the professional world. They can now join the EPN Consulting Network, enjoy Bronze services and propose their ideas for a special minimum fee of £99 p.a.!

We also appreciated that some professionals don't feel comfortable with being tied for an entire year in our network without trying the benefits, that's why they can now join the EPN Consulting Network and the  Bronze services for 1 month only. If they are happy and decide to stay longer a special discount for the next year will wait for them, otherwise no worries: they can leave and maybe joining again in the future.

For Gold Members, a brand-new Mentorship service has been added to their package and they will have the chance to contact me directly, discuss their problems and assess ways to improve their business. All for Free.

All new categories and services can be found here.

The Members section includes now the  e-commerce  facility so new and existing members can pay for their membership fees online. Besides, they can choose to pay monthly, although a full yearly payment will offer 2 FREE months of membership.

We have introduced a new Resources section that in the next weeks will be populated with contents such as documents, conferences presentations and videos. Some of them will be restricted to EPN Consulting Members only.

The  Events  section has been completely redesigned and now allows to filter events by date, location and categories. Its access will be soon restricted to EPN Consulting Members only.

The  News section will be populated with regular items of info and will include the Editorial of each newsletter with the possibility for readers to comment and contribute. The  Newsletters repository has been refreshed and made easier to use it. 

You can explore the new website and  contact us  for any comments. If you would like to join the EPN Consulting Network, until 31 August 2018 we offer 20% off  on the Annual Membership of any package.

Feel free to send your comments to: Editorial(at)

EPN Consulting Ltd.
Founder, CEO
Twitter: @stefmai

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Horizon 2020 & other calls close to deadline

23 Aug 2018 - Deadline to submit proposals to the [LC-SC3-RES-11-2018] call (RIA - Developing Solutions to Reduce Costs and Increase Performance of Renewable Technologies - Stage 2)

23 Aug 2018 - Deadline to submit proposals to the [LC-SC3-RES-4-2018] call (RIA - Renewable Energy System integrated at the Building Scale - Stage 2)

30 Aug 2018 - Deadline to submit proposals to the [ERC-2018-ADG] call (ERC Advanced Grant)

04 Sept 2018 - Deadline to submit proposals concerning  No.28 topics to several calls

EPN Consulting is happy to help SMEs and any kind of organisations assess their project ideas, convert their ideas in robust and valuable proposals and manage the entire project cycle once the proposals are eligible for funding.

Get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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European Innovation Scoreboard 2018: Europe must deepen its innovation edge

22 June 2018 -  Every year, the Commission publishes a comparative assessment of the innovation performance of Member States and benchmarks it with international competitors. The data helps Member States, and the EU as a whole, assess in which areas efforts need to be focused.

This year's edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard reveals a positive trend in the majority of EU countries - most notably in Malta, the Netherlands, and Spain, with Sweden remaining the EU innovation leader.

The EU is catching up with key competitors such as Canada, Japan and the United States. But closing this innovation gap and maintaining the lead over China will require a concerted effort to deepen Europe's innovation potential.

Four ways LED lighting make Cities smarter 

02 July 2018 - Smart Cities demand smarter systems integration. If we are to build a variety of community and citizen services upon an Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure deployed initially for outdoor lighting control, the network will require a level of reliability beyond historical control system functionality that cause lights to go on, off and dim.

A new way of thinking about controls is needed, where lighting control is one of multiple functions enabled by communication between luminaires. This requires greater integration of power and communications, driver and wireless radio technologies.On one level, integrating an LED driver and wireless radio seems to be a simple step forward.

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Five takeaways from the 11th edition of the "2020 Cities" meeting

05 July 2018 -  In June 2018, Cities Today brought together municipal governments and mobility service providers to discuss the challenges of introducing 'Mobility-as-a-Service' (MaaS) to cities across Europe during the 11th 2020 Cities meeting.

Pascal Smet, Brussels' Mobility Chief and Chair of the 2020 Cities meetings, spoke about the goal of transforming the Belgian capital's streets and buildings to create a zero-emissions city. Other key speakers included Miguel Gaspar, Deputy Mayor of Lisbon, Lilli Matson, Director of Strategy for Transport for London (TfL), Thomas Beermann, CEO of car2go, Alain Groff, Head of Mobility for Basel, and Eckart Diepenhorst, CEO of mytaxi.

The five takeaways are:
1. Automation takes precedence in conversation, but not in practice
2. A rising regulatory tide lifts all cars
3. Ride sharing is revolutionising mobility
4. Private cars are becoming less popular, but don't expect them to disappear any time soon
5. Cities must know what data they want and how to ask for it

UK Government launches "Road to Zero" Strategy to lead the world in zero-emission Vehicle Technology

09 July 2018 - The UK  Government confirms ambition to see at least half of new cars to be ultra low emission by 2030 as Road to Zero Strategy released:

- strategy sets out ambition for at least 50% - and as many as 70% - of new car sales to be ultra low emission by 2030, alongside up to 40% of new vans

- government will take steps to enable massive roll-out of infrastructure to support electric vehicle revolution

- strategy sets the stage for the biggest technology advancement to hit UK roads since the invention of the combustion engine

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The future will be dockless: could a city really run on "floating transport"?

11 July 2018 - Recently  London-based transportation app Citymapper coined a new phrase: floating transport.

"It has no set stops or infrastructure," the company explained, "and it's filling a mobility gap in our cities." It's a useful shorthand to lump together everything from dockless cycle hire, like Ofo and Mobike's London offerings, Bird and Lime's San Franciscan electric scooters, to Daimler's short-term car hire service Car2Go - all of which are now supported by Citymapper's app, alongside fixed urban transport options like buses and trains.

These services rely on a combination of GPS and cellular connectivity to track whichever vehicle is being rented, charging users by the minute and immobilising the device wherever it is left at the end of its trip. They've exploded in popularity this year, riding the wave of trends like declining car ownership and increasing preference for renting rather than owning outright. These transport systems are quickly becoming ubiquitous...

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Upcoming Professional Events in Europe

05-06 Sept 2018 - Zuerich (CH) - HYDROPOWER DEVELOPMENT 2018

12-13 Sept 2018 - Birmingham (UK) - RWM 2018 - Recycling and Waste Management

13-14 Sept 2018 - Lisbon (PT) - URBACT CITY FESTIVAL

17-21 Sept 2018 - Copenhagen (DK) - 25th ITS WORLD CONGRESS

The Website of the Month:  AEBR - Association of European Border Regions
Since its foundation, AEBR has been establishing and refining a general network of border and cross-border regions, which is not limited to the members of AEBR or the European Union.

In the aftermath of the EU enlargement in the 1990s and due to new contacts with the candidate countries in the 1990s the AEBR network had to provide enormous assistance, advice and support.

Thanks to this process, however, a number of new border regions in Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe became part of the network. Today, the European network of AEBR includes more than 200 border structures, whether or not members of AEBR - a development that has not yet come to an end. Within this network, AEBR has initiated partnerships in order to bring together border regions with similar interests and to have further developed regions provide assistance to others. AEBR is currently establishing networks that deal with specific cross-border issues, amongst others: i) external borders, ii) health, iii) cross-border cooperation of Universities & innovation and iv) spatial planning (ESPON)

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