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The latest news and developments from Ohio  Deferred Compensation for July 2018.
Q2 FOCUS Newsletter is Now Available

It's time to look at the latest news and trends in the retirement savings industry in our FOCUS Newsletter. Published quarterly, this newsletter is put together specifically with our participants in mind. We want to make sure they know what's going on and why:  2nd Quarter 2018 Focus Newsletter
Updating Your Organization Contact Info
Have you made any changes to your contact information recently? If you moved to new offices, changed an email address or added a new staff member that might have assumed the responsibilities of someone who left, we might not have your most up-to-date address or contact information. This can slow down your receiving of important information.  Email us any updated information at finance@ohiodc.org.
Deferred Compensation Terms

Payout  Payment from a 457(b), 403(b), 401(k), or a defined benefit pension plan - also called a distribution. Examples include disbursements, rollovers to another plan and separation from service payments.
Visit our participant website to learn other definitions.

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Ohio DC can provide monthly information on retirement issues for your newsletter or Intranet. This month, instead of a single article we have the  Start Saving for Retirement Today .

Download articles on healthcare in retirement, what is deferred compensation, fees, and more.  Learn more.

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Keith Overly, Executive Director
Message from the Executive Director: Keith Overly

Retirement Planning Specialist Help Guide Your Employees to a Secure Retirement

Our Retirement Planning Specialists (RPS) are Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC) help participants plan for retirement at no cost. Aside from their extensive background in the financial sector, they are on salary, so your employees never have to worry about them being influenced by commissions or sales quotas. Our RPSs aren't here to sell them something. They're here to work with your employees to help educate them about saving for retirement and planning for the challenges they may face when they get there. At Ohio DC, our mission is to guide our participants along the path to retirement income security and our Retirement Planning Specialists are one of the best resources available to do just that.

To learn more about how our Retirement Planning Specialists can help your staff save for retirement, visit our website at 
Ohio457.org  or feel free to contact our staff at  Ohio457@nationwide.com  with any specific questions.

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