July 2018 Sustainability News
Inside this issue: Keeping Recycling Clean and Unbagged, Navigating the Sea of Plastic, Got Water?
Keeping Recycling Clean and Unbagged
Historically, when we throw recyclables away, that “away” has been China for the most part - 66%, to be exact. That is the percentage of recyclables shipped to China from California prior to last summer when China issued an import ban on...

Got Water?
With all the dry and dead vegetation around, are you wondering if we’re in another drought? Are you in shock over your latest water bill? Either way, water is likely on your mind as we wilt under the second major...

Navigating the Sea of Plastic: Straws, Bags and Beyond
It is nearly impossible for most people to avoid using plastic at some point in their day. It is an amazing substance that has seemingly infinite applications, from...

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