Volume 12 | July 24, 2018
Matrimonial | Trust & Estate | Elder Law 
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Recently Divorced? Don’t Forget to Update These Documents

When spouses get a divorce, they need to update many legal documents or risk giving their ex-spouse legal rights or imposing legal obligations on him/her. Here’s a list of the most common documents that should be revised or reexecuted.

Create Your Own Playbook for Aging

No one wants to imagine themselves sick or incapacitated, but long before you have to deal with a major health crisis there are other types of issues that can affect your well-being. Learn what you should do.

Interesting Reads
From Sunday Brunch To Caregiver Crunch: Millennials Confront Caring For Aging Baby Boomers

While every generation experiences caregiver challenges, the Millennials are also dealing with issues of debt, distance, and divorce. How can we help them?

Resilience: Option A For When Life Inevitably Throws Option B at You.  
Great article on nurturing your resilience to get you through the tough times in life no matter what your age.

We Haven’t Prepared For The Aging Monster - The Washington Post

Governments around the world need to do more to address the aging population in terms of pension/social security reforms. Now's the time to act.

This is Why Baby Boomers are Divorcing at a Stunning Rate

Gray divorce is increasing but be prepared for these financial changes if you are divorcing in your 50s or older.

Guest Blog: How To Help Your Doctor Prescribe The Right Medicine With Your DNA

By: Sharon McDermott, MS, L.Ac.

Love and Marriage: Video of the Month

A sweet video from Facebook.

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Our goal is to empower clients. Rather than take charge and set the agenda, we equip you with the tools you need to be an active participant in your matter. Whether you need guidance with estate planning or you are dealing with a family dispute or divorce, our matrimonial and trusts and estates practices can help you find solutions that meet your needs and avoid litigation.