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Friday July 20, 12 PM

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JULY 2018

Hope you are keeping cool in this heat and planning your festivities for the 4th of July. 

We have a lot of gatherings to keep us busy and connected this month and are continuing our planning for activities and events for the rest of the year.

Our Giving Circle will be presenting the check to our 2018 Grantee, Turning Points for Children, and is sharing some other impressive organizations.

New Special Interest Groups continue to form, while existing groups welcome new members.

Our Volunteer Opportunities Committee is focusing on child literacy, coordinating efforts helping children learn to read and planning a book drive.

And our Peer Groups are celebrating summer. Not in a Peer Group yet? Consider attending the Peer Group Orientation this summer.

Have a wonderful month and do your best to stay cool!

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Giving Circle News
Each year the members of the Giving Circle review scores of grant applications. Often we come across organizations that, although not chosen as our grantee, have programs that offer excellent volunteer opportunities. This month we share two of our favorites.
Achieve Now's mission is to bring all children to grade-level reading. The organization trains volunteers to work with young learners as reading coaches. This proven, literacy program gives coaches the tools they need to deliver, powerful, highly effective reading instruction.
For more information contact Achieve Now at
The mission of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Philadelphia is to deliver personalized, child-centered advocacy for abused and neglected children. CASA trains volunteers to become Educational Decision Makers (EDM). EDM's are appointed by judges to advocate on behalf of a child's educational needs by fulfilling the legal parental role.
For more information contact CASA at
Upcoming Events
July 6, 2018 - Check Presentation Ceremony to our 2018 grantee,  Turning Points for Children.
October 11, 2018 - Giving Circle Kick-off Event.  Register here for this event to l earn more about our 2018 grantee, Turning Points for Children and how you can become a Giving Circle member.
Who says the days of summer are lazy? New Special Interest Groups are popping up all over and looking for you.   From reading to writing to social activities, there's a lot going on. 

If any of the SIGs mentioned below interest you, please contact SIG Chairperson, Joanne Bowes, at and let her know which SIG you'd like to know more about.
On June 12th the ladies of Monday Afternoon at the Movies met to see RBG, the new documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Afterwards, the group gathered at the home of SIG Lead, Anita Lichtenberg, to discuss the film and celebrate their one-year anniversary as a SIG. 

The group enjoys getting together and swapping ideas and seeing the rich variety of films that come to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. 

While this group is At Capacity, the group talked about 2 new SIG ideas.   One idea is for a suburban luncheon group that would explore the many exciting restaurants of the Main Line.   Details are to be worked out over the summer and the SIG will be posted on the Special Interest Group webpage soon.

The women are also looking forward to a suburban book group, Suburban Readers . This group is in the Newly Forming section of the SIG webpage. Please check it out for more information.

If you're a TTN member who is still working and hates to miss out on the daytime TTN activities, you may be interested in the newly forming SIG, Still Working. The idea for this SIG came from a group of TTN members celebrating our chapter's 10th anniversary on the Moshulu.   A few women comparing notes realized that they are all working, hoping to transition to retirement but in the meantime would like evening and weekend activities that they could attend. This group is in the formation phase and is looking to find other working members who can help get this SIG off the ground.
Lastly, if the summer has you feeling more contemplative, you may like a newly forming SIG called Creating Your Life Portfolio. This SIG will focus on memoir as a way to share our life stories. These stories can be funny, tender, juicy, you name it. The important point is to get them down on paper. No writing experience is necessary, just the desire to tell the stories.  

Contact Joanne Bowes if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!

SIGs are a benefit of TTN membership.
Do you enjoy working with children? Are you eager to help children in Philadelphia learn to read? (Currently fewer than 42% of Philadelphia 3rd graders read on grade level!)
Many TTN members would like to volunteer to help children learn to read, but their busy schedules make it impossible to make a weekly commitment. By organizing a group of TTN members who cover for each other when one is not able to be at the site, we will be able to make a real difference.
By September, we will identify a school or other nonprofit organization that is eager to welcome our group each week. Please contact Mary Klein ( if you would like to attend a planning meeting in August and/or be kept informed of our progress in identifying a school or other tutoring site.
TTN Book Drive for Philadelphia's Children
In tandem with TTN Philadelphia's volunteer tutoring opportunity planned to kick off this fall, we also intends to mount a book drive to place as many books as possible into the hands of our community's children who currently have little or no access to reading materials outside of their classrooms.
The need for books likely is greater than you think. There are countless children in Philadelphia who - because of poverty, parents/caretakers' illiteracy or a myriad other reasons - do not have books in their homes. The children are stymied all the more because of the many school library closings that have taken place in the past decade.
If you would like to help organize the TTN book drive to combat this, please contact Pat Nelson at A planning meeting will be held in late July/early August to determine the project's scope, timetable and action steps.
PCTransition Peer Groups:  Looking Ahead to the Fall
It finally feels like summer in Philadelphia. To help get through those dog days of summer it is sometimes helpful to think about what experiences we want to add to our busy lives as we kick into gear in the Fall.
There have been many inquiries about Transition Peer Groups this Spring. That means that the women who join the Transition Network continue to be drawn to the stimulating conversations and sense of community that come with peer group involvement. With 17 groups currently meeting throughout our region we are excited to add an 18th group or to bring new members into existing groups.
The Peer Group Advisory Committee holds orientations at least twice a year. We have found that a face-to-face meeting with a member thinking about joining a group helps in several ways. They can learn about what makes a peer group unique and what it takes to make it a meaningful experience. They meet other women interested in this type of group. They can also have their questions answered about what is involved in joining a peer group. And they can share the timing and location that work the best for them and think about how that fits with where spaces in groups exist.

We invite you to attend a Peer Group Orientation at 4:00 on Tuesday August 7th in the Washington Square area of center city. If demand is sufficient, an additional meeting will be held on the Mainline.  If you are interested in learning more about Peer groups, please register here.  It may seem far away but even in summer our calendars fill quickly!
Enjoy the summer doldrums but use the time to think ahead. Learn now what a peer group can add to your life. Let us hear from you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Peer Group experience contact Marcia Goldstein .

More information about Peer Groups.

Peer Groups are a benefit of TTN membership.