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Summer has officially arrived 
and here are some of our "hottest" classes:
CONTRACTORS  (including, but not limited to):
-General Contractors
-Metal Erectors
-HVAC Contractors
-Custom Home Builders
-Cell Tower (erection, service and repair)
-Swimming Pool Contractors
-Beauty Products
-Electrical Parts
-Machinery or Machinery Parts
-Die Casting
-Metal Goods
-Auto, Bus or Truck Parts
-Cable or Wires
-Conveyor Belts
-Plastic or Rubber Goods
Cannabis "Related" Businesses *

These types of operations are accelerating in growth around the country.

Minimum premiums can be as low as $725 (+ taxes/fees) where qualified.

Please note this is premises-only coverage and products/completed operations will be excluded.

* Shops must comply with applicable local and state laws for licensing/operation.

We can also consider tobacco products stores, smoke shops and vape shops.

Call or send your submissions to for review today!
"Unique" Dwelling Types

Your customers may not have a house built from sticks or straw, but a lot of unique construction types and materials have surfaced in the past few years.     
Here are some situations we have been able to help with recently: 
  • Earth Berm Homes
  • Morton Buildings (Metal) with finished living quarters
  • Log Construction including true log homes (advise if hand-hewn, milled or a kit)
  • Floating homes
  • Dome homes
  • Frame with straw bales in the walls for insulation
  • Metal shipping containers converted to a residence
  • Commercial buildings converted to a private home

Send your submissions ( it helps if you can include photos ) to for a quote today.
Are you attending the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents "Connection Summit" at Tan-Tar-A Resort next week?

If so, be sure to stop by and see Ruth Elledge at booth #4 on Thursday, July 19th!

Commercial Lines:
Vacant Building- $500k/$1mil GL; $700k Prop TIV. 5,500 sq. ft. PC 5. Vacant 3 years.
Sheep/Alpaca Farm (w/ dog kennel on site)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $655k Prop TIV. 40 acres; 132 livestock hear; $47k annual gross receipts.
High-Rise Window Washer- $1mil/$2mil GL (incl blanker AI and WOS); $2mil Excess. $108k annual payroll.
Trucker (hauling building material and general freight)- $1mil CSL Auto Liab; 4 power units. Unlimited radius.
Dredge Operator- $1mil Ocean Marine Protection & Indemnity; $167k Hull/Vessel TIV.
Software Development/Engineering Firm- $2mil/$2mil Prof; $2mil/$2mil Data Breach; $2mil/$2mil Electronic Media Coverage. $25k dedt. $18mil annual receipts. 2011 Retro Date.
Roofing Contractor- $5mil Excess over GL, AL and EL. $1mil annual receipts.
Commercial Building Owner (Lessors Risk Only- tenant is a bar & grill)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $350k Prop TIV. 18,000 sq. ft.

Personal Lines:
DP1- Owner Occupied. $94k TIV. PC 10.
HO3- Owner Occupied. $398k TIV. Prior fire loss. 
HO3- Owner Occupied. $291k TIV. 2 prior water losses.
HO3- Owner Occupied. $1.5mil TIV, 2 prior water losses.
DP3- Tenant Occupied. $330k TIV. Located on 25 acres.
Monoline Flood- Owner Occupied. $125k TIV. Zone 2.