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July 2018


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Here's the schooner rounding Head Harbour Light  on the way to Grand Manan in late afternoon. We had such a good time the Canada trip will be on the schedule again in 2019. Shary in the office gave me the go ahead!

 Crews News

Story time at St. Andrew's New Brunswick

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

The on board cellist in action

photo courtesy of  Linda Page

A  project for the Maine Maritime Museum: the tug T.B. McClintic. She was built by the Bath Iron Works in 1932 as a quarantine tug for Baltimore and was then used as a fireboat in Wilmington, S.C.  She is the third oldest surviving BIW vessel. Plated in half inch steel with three quarter inch plate at the bow this sixty some foot tug is now in private hands in New Brunswick and would benefit from a thorough restoration.


Cruise News... from our Canada trip

Heading east the first day

photo courtesy of Nancy Ivers Fleming

US Customs at Eastport had me climbing this ladder at the rebuilt 
breakwater pier. It just happened to be low tide.

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

Canada Customs at Welshpool, Campobello

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

and FDR's cottage is a bit of a walk from the dock

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

The beautiful cook stove in the Roosevelt Cottage

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

Head Harbour Light from our time ashore at Campobello

photo courtesy of  M B Rolfe

Landing at North Head, Grand Manan for a hike out to 
Swallowtail Light

courtesy of  Shari Leslie

Swallowtail Light

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

Here we are getting underway for another day of whale watching
 along the bold shore of Grand Manan.
 Minke, finbacks, and humpbacks with a number of gray seals as well.

photo courtesy of Shari Leslie

While the scenery and wildlife on the border remain as dramatic and striking as ever, the waterfront of Eastport has seen a lot of changes in the forty five years since we motored the  French away in fall, 1973. The boulders in the foreground were put in after the Groundhog Gale of 1978 wiped out much of the waterfront, including Wadsworth's Hardware store. The breakwater pier rebuild was completed last year. Wadsworth's again sold us enough hose to take on water while we were dockside. 2018 is their 200th anniversary. The store was established by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's uncle.

courtesy of M B Rolfe

Towards the end of our picnic ashore the lobster buffet
 has shrunk to a lonely few. They didn't last much longer.

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

Don't ask about the sombreros; it's a long story

photo courtesy of  Cody Smith

Postcards From Away

Ginny and Jim, while spending three weeks touring Scandinavia, sent this card. Seeing a schooner in Copenhagen similar to the American Eagle, they mentioned their many trips aboard to a crew member. He said "the Mary Day?" They will be back aboard in October in hopes of another island picnic.

photo courtesy of M B Rolfe

Why the serious face? We had just arrived at Cutler at the end of a hundred mile day from Rockland and I was fiddling with the radar, which was replaced after the cruise.
Next month we sail to the Swan's Island Music Festival and over Labor Day Weekend try again to win the Mayors Race for the Esperanto Cup in Gloucester.

  John and the crew

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