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Aloha from Kauai and our Great Vacation Retreats Ohana.

Koloa Plantation Days has been in full swing here on the Garden Island. Koloa Plantation Days is held on Kauai’s south shore every year in July and this 11 day festival celebrates the many ethnic groups that came to Hawaii to work on the sugar plantations and the Hawaiians who welcomed them!
It All Started Here
The float from Sueokas Store in the Koloa Plantation Days Parade paid tribute to the Old Koloa Sugar Mill which bears a rainbow and the lettering 'It All Started Here" ...

Koloa Plantation Days celebrates Kauai's cultural heritage and the immigrants who came to Kauai from the Philippines, Europe, the Azores, Japan, Korea, China, and elsewhere. They contributed various traditions, music, dances, and foods to the rich melting pot that is Hawaii. These cultures are celebrated throughout the week from the first walk down Hapa Trail and a rodeo weekend featuring paniolo culture, through a variety of live music events and cultural performances, a historic exhibit and film night, craft fairs, culinary demonstrations and tasting events, Polynesian revue, and the historic parade and park celebration which brings all these elements together. 
The Old Sugar Mill
The Old Sugar Mill of Kōloa was part of the first commercially successful sugarcane plantation in Hawaiʻi, which was founded in Kōloa on the island of Kauai in 1835 by Ladd & Company. This was the beginning of what would become Hawaii's largest industry.
Plantation Days Parade
Passing by in the Parade in the video clip above are some of our local favorites...

We loved the floral cake float from the Sheraton Kauai Resort to celebrate their 50th anniversary! Spectators appreciated the Chrysanthemums they were generously handing out and who doesn't adore a golden labrador sporting a flower lei? Next came performers from the Aulii Luau. The Sheraton hosts the Aulii Luau on Monday and Thursday evenings at the far end of Kiahuna Beach fronting the Sheraton. Doug (Duggie!) provided shuttle service on his open air "ALOHA SPIRIT" Trolley to some of the elders participating in the parade.
Pa'u Riders
We also loved the pa'u riders! CJM Country Stables, which hosted the three-day Koloa Plantation Days Rodeo to kick off the 11-day celebration of more than 30 events in and around the Koloa and Poipu areas, took top honors in the mounted contingency for the parade. Led by Jimmy Miranda, the CJM unit involved Pa'u units representing each of the islands as well as a flag-bearing contingent. To see more of these amazing Pa'u riders with their horses decked out in flowers visit our instagram feed @kauaivacations
The Hawaiian Pa'u rider equestrian tradition dates back to the early 19th century when horses were introduced to Hawaii by ship captain Richard J. Cleveland in 1803. It started when King Kamehameha The Great received gifts from foreigners; in the form of horses.
The Hawaiian men and women quickly took to riding, establishing a long equestrian tradition that also includes the paniolo, the Hawaiian cowboy. Because the visiting sailors were men rather than women who might have introduced sidesaddle riding, Hawaiian women joined the men in learning to ride astride. It is said that the acquired traditions started on the ground of Parker Ranch on Big Island of Hawaii. Women wore pa'u to cover and protect their clothing while in route to formal parties and occasions. Royal Aliʻi women dressed and rode horses to formal occasions. Discover more about the history of the Pau Riders in our online Experience Kauai Guide.
Dreaming of a Kauai Wedding?
Dreaming of an oceanfront gazebo adorned in fragrant orchids, pikake and maile lei as you express your commitment to your partner in front of your family and friends with the sun setting in the background? The Beach House offers Ceremony and Reception Packages for the ultimate beachfront wedding where your guests can celebrate with you in style. Perhaps you are wanting a more intimate affair with you and your partner barefoot in the sand with a few witnesses and a minister at sunrise? Kauai offers so many exquisite backdrops for you to have spectacular memories of your special day! See more on Kauai Weddings and Vows in our Experience Kauai guide.
Island Happenings
This weekend Heiva I Kaua`i 2018 celebrates the 17th anniversary of a unique, exciting and colorful Tahitian dance and drumming competition. This annual event provides a venue for the next generation of performers to present their talent, skill and cultural knowledge to an audience of more than 1000 attendees daily! On Saturday and Sunday, August 4 and 5, from 9am to 5pm, come and enjoy balmy sea breezes and whispering palm trees at this community-sponsored, family-centered celebration of Tahitian culture at the Kapa`a Beach Park (4-1464 Kuhio Highway). Participants from Hawai`i, the Mainland and Japan, with a range in age from toddler to elder, perform solo and group competition and exhibition dances portraying legends and stories of Tahiti. Event admission is $7 at the door. Children age 12 and under are admitted free.
Event Calendar
Check out our event calendar to see local island festivals and events. There is a lot happening in August including The Battle of the Food Trucks on August 5th. Enjoy a variety of eats provided by the hard work of the food truck owners while donating to the community, as well as participate in voting on Kaua’i’s best food truck. Live music by Cruz Control. 5pm. Tickets $30 for two-tastings, $50 for five-tastings, $100 or 10-tastings and more. In the parking lot of the Kauai Veterans Center in Lihu‘e. 
Are your cheeks this kissable?
Now for the monthly Horton Update! Our Great Dane Puppy is 110 pounds this month!
You can barely see Presley tucked behind this big mug shot of Horton! She definitely thinks that he has the most smoochable jowls unless he has just had a nice long drink! Then everyone in potential kissing range BEWARE! You will be amazed at how much water these lips can store until a gallon of slobber has been unsuspectedly drooled over you!
Keep it Chill
It's a blazing hot summer and there is probably no where else more desirable that being on vacation in Kauai and staying in a vacation rental that is right on the water! Take a swim in the sea, snorkel with the turtles and watch local surfers riding waves at PKs surf break. Almost all of our Kuhio Shores vacation rentals have recently installed A/C and this means that when it is time to get off the beach and out of the sun and to cool down and relax there is no better place to be! Check out Kuhio Shores and see if a super chill oceanfront vacation condo on Kauai will be your next island accommodation!
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