It's that time of year again! The sights, smells and sounds of the Indiana State Fair are not far away. Corn on the cob - elephant ears - rib eye steak or tenderloin sandwiches - funnel cakes - lemon shake ups - deep fried "everything"!

I can feel my tummy grumbling just thinking about all the (unhealthy) food!

Don't let limited mobility or endurance concerns keep you from enjoying the fair. Skip the cucumber sandwich and head to the fair! It only comes around once a year.

Check out our special rental rates on
portable scooters during the State Fair below.

- Team Access Mobility
20% OFF
Print and bring in this newsletter to save 20% off the regular price of any one item. Not applicable to sale items, no other discount apply. One coupon per customer. EXP: 9/1/2018 - Access Mobility


Considering a stairlift for yourself – or know someone that is?  If you have already started looking around, here are a few elevated facts about our stairlifts that may be helpful:

  • The batteries on our new stairlifts are under warranty for two years!  Some stairlift companies don’t warranty their batteries at all.  Plus, the myth of being less reliable than a wall-powered unit is completely false.  Battery powered units continue to work even in the event of a power outage.
  • Our stairlift seats will only swivel towards the top landing.  This allows for a safe foundation to stand up from, and sit down on when at the top of your stairs.  If a seat were allowed to swivel towards the bottom of the stairs, that could create a very dangerous situation.

  • Access Mobility only offers stairlifts with soft-start and soft-stop motors.  No hard or jerky stops to dread when you ride our stair chairs.

  • On display – In stock – FAST Installation.  Yep!  Come to our store and try one of our stairlifts before you commit to buying it.  Need it fast?  We keep several units in stock to allow for fast installation.  New – Used – and Rental Options available as well!

  • Save the sales tax with an RX.  If your doctor feels you would benefit from having a stairway lift, or would recommend it for safety; having a prescription before an installation is completed makes your purchase tax exempt!

  • We do not use subcontractors, unlike our competition.  The people that answer our phones work at Access Mobility.  The representative that comes to your home to look over your stairway works at Access Mobility.  The installer that visits your home to install your lift works at Access Mobility.  The service technician that may stop by for maintenance or repairs works at Access Mobility.

  • As always, home evaluations are FREE and come with no obligation.

Let us know if we can answer any specific questions you may have.  Because Access Mobility is focused on accessibility, stairway lifts are at the heart of what we do!
The Newest Golden Sleep Chair

~ The Twilight ~
Have you noticed how buzzwords are all the rage these days? Even in the lift chair industry, we use words like:

Sleep Chair.... Maternity Chair.... Therapy Chair... Zero Gravity Chair.... Infinity Chair....and let's not forget the Trendelenburg Chair.

All of these buzzwords have to do with positioning and comfort.

We would like to share with you that these buzzwords are real and not just for hype.

Just recently we had a husband and wife come in looking for a lift chair. She sat in one chair then another - and another, trying to find that special position. That comfort zone . While sitting and talking, the husband shared with us that she currently has three chairs in their living room and she would sit in each chair for 15 to 20 minutes then move on to the next chair because she would quickly get uncomfortable.

Upon hearing this, we immediately recommended Golden Technologies newest Sleep Chair: the Twilight - with a new cradling technology. She climbed into the Twilight - she reclined - she tilted - she cradled - then she exclaimed she had found a winner!

Shortly after, we were able to deliver their new Twilight Sleep Chair. On the day of delivery we called to see how she was getting along. Her husband shared with us that our delivery personnel had left three hours ago, and that his wife was still in her new Twilight chair, including a two hour nap!

So, the next time a salesman uses a buzzword it may not be hype at all; it may be the absolute truth, as was the case in this situation.

Rent a Portable Scooter and Enjoy the Indiana State Fair!

We have portable scooters available to rent! Get up and GO enjoy the State Fair! Special rates for anyone that brings in this newsletter!

Daily Rate: $50.00
Weekend Rate: $100.00
Rates valid from 8/1/2018 thru 8/20/2018
Limited availability - reserve yours today!
Scooter Disassembly Info

One of the questions we get asked on a daily basis here at Access Mobility, is, "How can I transport a scooter?" That's a great question and is actually a simple one to answer! Most all of our scooters disassemble without tools or clamps or connectors in just about 12 seconds. (I suppose I could take one apart in 10 seconds if I had to). 

Once a smaller scooter is apart, the heaviest piece is about 30 pounds.

A larger portable scooter's heaviest piece will be around 45 pounds.  
Frequently, the main parts of the scooter will fit beautifully in a car trunk. People wonder if this "take apart" feature is only for smaller scooters and the answer is - No. Some full size scooters also come with this capability. Stop by our showroom to take a look at the different models (we have about 12 in the showroom!), and we'll show you how to take a scooter apart and put it back together. Just for fun, we might even time you!
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