July 2018

Wishing Pat & Neil the Best
On June 29th a luncheon was held at Turks Head Inne in honor of Pat Saxton's retirement as the Director of the Museum. The staff, several of the board members and friends attended the luncheon.

Pat and her husband Neil were awarded a lifetime membership to the museum. Other gifts were given in appreciation of all her hard work and dedication to the museum.

We wish Pat & Neil all the happiness and relaxation in their retirement!!
School Visits to our Provo Campus
We are always happy to have our young budding historians visit the museum. This month we welcomed students from three schools.
  • Forty –five students visited us from Osetta Jolly primary school accompanied by their teacher Ms. Williams and Ms. Brown.
  • Grade 4 Class teacher from Precious Treasures International School brought seventeen students.
  • We also had the eighteen students from grade two Provo Christian Primary School visit with their teacher Ms. Jones. 
Basket Weaving Class
We had our first traditional basket weaving class this month. Our group of enthusiastic students were a quick study of instructor Ms. Daphne Forbes. They enjoyed it so much that they will continue to learn work that is more intricate. The next basket weaving class will be held on Friday 7th of July from 11 am to 12 noon. 
School Visits to Grand Turk
The Grand Turk location was pleased to welcome two school groups who traveled from Providenciales to visit us.
  • The Richmond Hill Preparatory School - 21 students and 6 Adults including teacher Ms. Georgia Brown.
  • The Enid Capron Primary School - 52 students and 3 teachers attended in two groups including teacher Ms. Thompson and Ms. Lashaunda Dickenson
Thank you Mary
One of our longest standing members Ms. Mary Win O'Brien volunteered her time to assist us with reorganizing the library. The library was previously located in the office of the science building which sustained major damage during the hurricane. The books were moved to prevent any damage. We are now moving the library to the mid-section of the building and have to place all the books back in order. Mary has assisted at various times over the years when she visits Grand Turk. Thank you Mary, your time and efforts are very much appreciated!!
New Museum Wear - Show your support for The Museum
We now offer T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, mugs and koozies! Let everyone know you support the Turks & Caicos National Museum! Available in the gift shop at both locations.
Memberships and Donors
Become a member or donate to the museum. Member and donor benefits include free entry to the both museums, subscription to Times of the Islands and more. US residents may be able to deduct fees and donations from their taxes.
Thanks to this months New*, Renewal Memberships
and Donors
*Denise Elmerich
Floyd & Candianne Williams
Brad Manco
Martin Grey
Jack Seery
Joe & Rhonda Smith
Rebecca Cain

Pat & Neil Saxton - Awarded a Lifetime Membership

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From our Archives
Photograph of one of the jockeys taking part in a Donkey Race
during South Caicos Regatta, South Caicos, 1978
Photo by Barbara Currie-Dailey
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