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July's Newsletter 
Hello everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful July. We've stayed quite busy as usual. This month we did a couple back splashes washed and stained an Ipe wood deck (more on that below) fixed a couple of back gates, and a few window screens as well as a whole multitude of other odd jobs, Ross also got to take a vacation as my Mom and him ran camp Grandma-Grandpa up at our cottage for the 3rd  year in a row... although with 3 kids under the age of 7 calling it a vacation might be a little generous. 
Tip of the Month: Decluttering and Organizing.
THE FINAL CHAPTER! From foyer to furnace room, fighting clutter and staying organized is one of the biggest struggles in almost every home around this great country. Whether it be because of sentimentality, kids returning from university, or just because we like stuff. Whatever the reasons, over the next few months, we are going to talk about clutter and how to make it disappear. 
Almost Before & Almost After
As you likely remember from some of our previous newsletters, we are not the best at before and after pictures. Our main priority has always been about getting the job done well in a reasonable time frame. Taking a break from the scorching heat after we completed the railings  we realized we hadn't taken a before shot and so we wouldn't forget to take an after my dad snapped this picture just before we were done. We call these pictures our almost before and almost after pictures. 
Now you may have noticed from the pictures, that this wood looks a little different from your typical deck of Cedar or pressure treated lumber and you'd be right. This is an Ipe wood deck. What is Ipe you ask? Well it is the strongest most resilient wood decking around.  Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, it is 8 times harder than cedar, and some suppliers guarantee it for 20 years without preservatives. However the up front cost of Ipe, or Brazilian Walnut as it's also known, is much higher than typical decking materials.
Pictures by: Nat Lapointe
17,000 sq.ft. built for no.66

Ever wonder how some of the NHL greats retire? Well here a hint they do it in style. Mario Lemieux has recently put his Chateau in the Mont- Tremblant area is up for sale, this 50 room mansion is just 4 sq.ft. shy of 17,000 and has 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a whopping 17 fireplaces. Now this listing may be slightly over your budget at $21,999,066 but it never hurts to look... Right ?

Lemieux's Summer Home