July 2018 - Number 2018-4474-7
2018 Trends in Valuation of Agents and Brokers
Jeff Balcombe discusses the impact of economic and industry conditions and demographic trends. This article is an update of his June 2016 article, " Recent Trends in the Valuation of Agents and Brokers," and considers how recent economic and industry conditions and demographic trends are impacting the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) environment and market valuations of agencies and brokers . Read more
Checkout the CIB's Member Information Center (MIC)
As a member of the CIB you can advertise and profile you agency to the public on the CIB's Website. Let the public and your clients know you are a member of a local professsional organization. You list information about your agency, advertise the line of businesses you write, post job postings and news releases and other resources. See the events you are registered for. Call us if you need a login for the MIC. Read more
Ohio Department of Insurance Consumer Alert

Be Skeptical of "Free Meal" Insurance and Financial Services Seminars

Ohio Department of Insurance Director Jillian Froment is cautioning Ohioans – especially middle-aged and older adults – to be skeptical of insurance and financial products and services seminars that entice people to attend by offering a free meal. Even though pitched as only being informational, attendees can find themselves being encouraged – and even pressured – to make a purchase during or after the event. Read more
Tree Responsibility Facts
The person whose property (house, garage, or fence) is damaged would file a claim with his insurance company, no matter who owns the tree that caused the damage. The insurer will pay for removal of the tree (usually up to $500 per tree or $1,000 per event). Read more
Risk Tips
Small business tips to prevent loss of data

After a disaster such as flood or fire, damage to computer systems or electronic data may result in a loss of valuable records. The insured will incur the cost of replacing those items of data and the associated interruption to the business. Check out the following tips to prevent losing important data for your business... Read more
Case of the Month
Vicarious liability: Must insurer pay?

Johnson-Downs Construction, Inc., entered into a contract with Art’s Landscaping, Inc., in which Art’s would perform work on the construction of an addition to the Riverside Hospital in Kankakee. The contract stated that Art’s was required to name Johnson-Downs as an additional insured on its commercial general liability policy with Pekin Insurance Company. Read more
Throughout the year, we will present Insurance Innovators to you. Insurance Innovators are insurance professionals who are using cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), telematics, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and smart models to shape our world, advance the industry and protect you against risks. Read more
Ohio Legislative Activity
Save Your Clients Money - OIA's Group WC Program
If you represent commercial clients or are interested in expanding into that market but don't know how to get your foot in the door, then OIA's Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program can provide you with one of the insurance industry's most powerful sales tools . Read More
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