Summer 2018 E-Newsletter
Volume 13 Number 9
Are you interested in pursuing the
Add On Certification for Teachers of Children of Poverty (TCOP) ?

The first course in a series of four will be offered Fall 2018.
EDUC 555 - Introduction to Educational Programs for Children of Poverty
is a hybrid course - including three face-to-face sessions to be held in Florence.
Additional sessions may be held in Columbia if student registrations indicate need.

Course Description:
This course and its required clinical experiences are designed to provide graduate students with an initial study of issues related to life in poverty and the impact they have on teaching and learning. It includes an introductory study of six standards for teachers of children of poverty, including:  life in poverty; the classroom community; family and community partnerships; curriculum design, instructional strategies and assessment; relationship-driven classroom management; and teachers as learners, leaders and advocates to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment in schools serving large numbers of children of poverty.  

Face-to-Face Class Meeting Dates:
August 21, 2018 - September 10, 2018 - November 13, 2018
*Note: Face-to-face attendance may be waived for out-of-state graduate students who do not wish to add TCOP Certification to a SC Teaching Certificate.

Course Cost:
$800 - In SC $825 - Out of SC

Scholarship Opportunities:
Up to ten half scholarships in the amount of $400 will be awarded on a competitive basis to SC graduate students. Request scholarship information here .
Ready to REGISTER?
Complete the Francis Marion University School of Education Graduate Application form located here:

1.   Affiliation:   When prompted to identify an affiliation (Teach for America, Project Create, Other) mark “Other”, then enter “COE”. This will ensure that the application is forwarded to the Center of Excellence for processing.

2. Non-Degree Seeking Students:  Students enrolled in this course are typically non-degree seeking .

Non-degree seeking students must:
A. Submit a graduate application for admission and pay the non-refundable graduate application fee   (FEE Waived).

B.  Verify enrollment eligibility. Submit one of the following:
  • copy of a valid teaching certificate
  • copy of the college/university diploma
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
C . Submit all materials by fax, email, or postal mail:
Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty
Francis Marion University
520 Francis Marion Road
Florence, SC 29506
Fax: 843-669-3393
3.   Degree Seeking Students:  Students who wish to apply this course to a degree program at Francis Marion or another institution, are responsible for obtaining appropriate approvals required by the receiving institution. Unique instructions for enrolling for degree credit are outlined on the web application.

4.   Social Security Number:  Once the application is submitted, a message with instructions for submitting the Social Security Number will be generated.  Call Jenny Szalwinski at 843-661-1826 with that personal information to securely expedite the process.  

5 Questions? Contact the Center by phone (843-661-1826 or 843-661-1828) or by email ( or
Coming AUGUST 1, 2018

P-12 Professional Development Outreach Project Grants
up to
Center of Excellence Professional Development Outreach Projects grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to Public School Educators (P-12) in Center Partner Districts .
Do you have an idea for an innovative classroom or school activity that will enhance instruction and student success?
Application available soon!

Lexington County School District One
2018 Lorin W. Anderson
Award for Excellence
Designed to recognize educational stakeholders who successfully implement Center strategies with under-resourced learners, the award honors the vision and leadership of Dr. Lorin W. Anderson, an advocate for focused preparation and ongoing support for teachers in high poverty schools. Dr. Anderson was co-founder of the Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty at Francis Marion University in 2003.   
-- Lexington School District One --
Teaching Children of Poverty Cohort
Add On Certification
Mylisa Apperson
Casey Hart
Doris Hawkins
Shelly Martin
Beverly Potts
Stephanie Robinson
Ruth Ann Treaster
Jennifer Szalwinski
Sarah Childers
Deidre Foote
Tracey Jackson
Cheryl Neuberger
Ann Pilat
Katina Roeder
Stephanie Taylor
Mary E. Whisennant
Dr. Gloria Talley, Chief Academic Officer at Lexington County School District One, accepts the award from Dr. Anderson.
---Professional Study Opportunities---
Center Partners with TESOL & PDIRA for additional events.
August 1, 2018 - Francis Marion Campus
The Center of Excellence 
in partnership with  
Pee Dee International Reading Association (PDIRA)   
September 12, 2018 - Francis Marion Campus
 The Center of Excellence 
in partnership with  
Carolina Teachers of English
to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)    
The Center regularly partners with schools, districts, and organizations to facilitate professional study events focused on serving the needs of children of poverty, and ALL learners. 
This months featured project:
2018 Summer Institute
June 19 - 20, 2018
The Summer Institute is a two-day event designed to provide participants with practical, research-based information centered on revealing the potential of under-resourced (and ALL!) learners. Three keynote addresses and multiple specialized breakout sessions provided classroom strategies and best practices for under-resourced students.
Approximately 400 participants from across multiple states attended this year's event.
Summer Institute attendees chose from over 30 specialized break out sessions. Referring to the session titled Secondary Literary Sessions that WORK, one attendee said "This is the best and most applicable break-out session I attended. I used my lunch break to attend this session today. It was well worth my time and and effort."

"Finally a session on solutions! " exclaimed one participant about th e session Matters of the Heart , led by Tamara Diebold, Principal, and 2017 Lorin Anderson Award of Excellence Recipient. Ms. Diebold invited participants to join in the journey with Eagle Nest Elementary to alter the way we view and respond to children in crisis, as we strive to capture hearts and change lives.
Dave Burgess started off the institute with his mesmerizing and humorous presentation based on the best-selling book Teach Like a PIRATE . He showed strategies designed to dramatically increase student engagement. Burgess advocates for wildly creative lessons and entire courses that are life-changing experiences for students.
2018 Summer Institute
Post Conference Poverty Simulation
June 21, 2018
About 60 educators took advantage of a half day post conference Poverty Simulation that took place on June 21, 2018. The poverty simulation experience is designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family that is struggling to survive from month to month. Not a game, the simulation experience seeks to sensitize participants to the realities faced by low-income people.
Community Services, like the Bank and Social Services, are just some of the stops made by simulation families experiencing the stress of life in poverty in their busy fifteen minute 'week.'
Transportation is an obstacle that families in poverty face from day to day. This simulation family member visits the "Quik Cash" to purchase needed transportation passes.

One participant stated, "This simulation helped me realize the frustration of time limits, limited resources, and feeling "alone" even though I had a family to live with and help take care of."

How will you use what you learned today?
"I will try to bring hope to my students."
"I will stress the importance of education and
I will look for ways to meet the immediate needs of others."
A Peek at the Practice
Use (formative) feedback
and data to drive instruction.
  1. Marking for Improvement
  2. Mastery Marking
  3. +, -, = (Plus,minus, equals)
  4. Responding to Marking
  5. Focused on Marking
  6. Find and Fix Your Mistakes
  7. Margin Marking
  8. Traffic Lights
  9. Aim for the Next Level
  10. Match Comments to Work
Districts & Schools
NNPS Outreach Grants
Applications Released - August 1, 2018.
Completed Applications Due - September 21, 2018
Announce Recipients - October 21, 2018.
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