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Volume 25 - July 2018
Greetings and Happy 4th of July!
The 4 R Kids ECI Area Board is charged with administering grants to meet the needs in Adair, Dallas, and Warren County. This spring the 4 R Kids ECI area board has awarded just shy of $1 million in grants for FY2019 Programming to serve families with young children in Adair, Dallas, Madison, and Warren County. These programs have proven to make difference in the lives of children. Research proves that when you invest $1 in early childhood services you will receive a$7 return. Another way to think about this is, put $1 million into a slot machine and it spits out $7 million in return. Who wouldn't
want that?

You have the chance to invest in our youngest citizens...and all you have to do is volunteer your time! The Iowa 4 R Kids Early Childhood Area Board is seeking applicants who want to help children age 0-5 grow, learn and prepare for Kindergarten. With the state financial resources, our twelve member board awards Early Childhood grants to ensure young children will be healthy and successful. 

Board membership is available  to residents who reside or work in Adair, Dallas, Madison, or Warren County, and do not directly or indirectly receive funds from the Board. For more information download the 4 R Kids Board membership application or contact the ECI Director, Debra Schrader.
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Debra Schrader
4 R Kids Executive Director
Physical Developmental Delays
The AAP has updated its Physical Development Delay online interactive tool to assist caregivers and parents of children ages 5 and under address concerns about their child's physical development. The tool provides information about milestones in physical development, such as rolling over, sitting up, or walking, and is now available in Spanish .
 Child Abuse Data
The Iowa Department of Human Services has released the FY17 child abuse data for Iowa.  Click here for access to the data.
Below is data by county.
County            Confirmed or Founded Abuse        % 5 year or younger
Adair                41                                                       46.3%
Dallas               130                                                     37.7%
Madison           61                                                       41.0%
Warren             145                                                     42.8%
America's Opiod Crisis: The Unforseen Impact on Children 
The American Academy of Pediatrics, in partnership with Casey Family programs, have assembled a collection of resources highlight the impact of the opioid crisis on children and families across the country. Click   here to access state-by-state and national fact sheets that examine the intersection of the opioid epidemic, child welfare systems, and child health. These fact sheets also offer policy solutions that can support vulnerable children and families at both the state and federal level.
Changes to Child Care Resource & Referral
To serve Iowa families better, CCR&R has a new statewide parent referral line. They will continue to offer the same friendly service with Parent Educators now available evening and weekend hours to help parents make informed choices about the care of their children.  
M/W - 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
T/Th/Fr - 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sat - 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Early Childhood Iowa
Stay up to date with Early Childhood Iowa.  The  Early Childhood Iowa website has a plethora of information. 

 Did You Know?
When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Adults have 206. Bones fuse together during growth to come up with the new number.
Farmers Markets
There is a list of farmers markets in the metro area that can be accessed here.
Mothers & Babies Study
Partners in Family Development is participating in a study which offers participants $60 in gift cards for completing a couple of surveys over the course of their pregnancy. For more information go here.
Did You Know?
On any given day  29% of babies under age 1 are watching TV and videos for an average of about 90 minutes a day. 23% have a TV in their bedroom.
Blank Children's Hospital 
Safety Store
In need of access to low cost safety products such as car seats, go here.
Save The Dates
4 R Kids 
Board Meetings

September 13, 2018
November 15, 2018
December 20, 2018
Mark Your Calendars!
The  Iowa Early Childhood Systems Summit and Early Childhood Iowa 20th Anniversary Celebration  is
October 3rd at the Sheraton Hotel in West Des Moines. A business and economic development leaders track is being offered as part of the programming.
To register for the Summit go here.

Debra Schrader, 4 R Kids Executive Director

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