Compact 1U Chassis
July 2018 
19" rack mount chassis provides a versatile and convenient packaging solution for communications and processing equipment. Even just within this form factor, every installation is different, so VadaTech offers a wide range of chassis types to meet these diverse needs.  Here we look at a compact 1U chassis, available with various airflow and power options, and backplane interconnect speeds up to 40GbE. The highly integrated VT84x and VT85x product range has been expanded over recent years to provide additional functionality as described below.
Chassis Options
Rugged MicroTCA

MicroTCA, a modular open standard from PICMG, supports a range of ruggedization levels up to full conduction cooled for defense and aerospace deployment. Borrowing from the MTCA.1 standard, our VT95x range is suitable for land-mobile, airborne, and naval (surface- and sub-surface) applications. The chassis include card retention features to meet MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-901D for shock/vibration and also meet MIL-STD-461E for EMI.  All have integrated platform health management with fabric options for PCIe Gen3 and layer 2/3 managed 10/40GbE. The robust construction makes them suitable for deployment.
The VT877 makes use of MTCA.3 modules to support fanless operation for applications requiring very low acoustic and electrical noise.
MicroTCA.4 with Rear I/O

High end industrial control, data acquisition, and particle research are applications that benefit from the rear I/O capabilities of MTCA.4. The standard is supported by our VT81x range, with the 1U family members providing very compact solutions with a selection of performance points. All support two mid-size double module AMCs with RTMs.
  •  VT816 includes an integrated Xeon E3 processor, allowing both slots to be used for acquisition or FPGA-based processing. This is well suited to applications such as Low-Level RF Controllers or Beam Position Monitors.
  •  VT817 offers PCIe expansion, with front panel PCIe Gen3 through quad SFF-8644 connectors. This is ideal for applications where processing is carried out on a PC with PCIe over copper or fibre to the VT817 housing data acquisition or other I/O functionality.
  • VT819 provides point-to-point links between the two AMCs, allowing any fabric to be used (including Aurora or other lightweight protocols for low-latency applications).

OpenVPX, a modular open standard from VITA, provides similar functionality and has seen wide adoption in defense and aerospace applications. The VTX95x range support two 3U payload slots with RTM and integrated tier 2 shelf manager.  Push-pull cooling is provided over both modules and RTMs, and the chassis range includes two integrated Xeon host choices depending on the performance level r equired.
Platform-Level Solutions

VadaTech offers and extensive range of processing, acquisition, storage and network cards across these form factors, for applications ranging from medical robotics, data acquisition and low-latency control for high energy research, and radar and EW suites. These are available as module-level products or as complete platform-level solutions.  Please contact your local sales office for more details using the links below.
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