Giving is Redeeming
COMPACT Family Services is growing! Its ministries are now redeeming hundreds of children annually. Ministry and professional services span from prevention, advocacy, intervention, residential and foster care placement, case management, trauma-informed treatments, church and community empowerment, and more.  Donor giving is the primary fuel for these ministries. I respectfully encourage and request that you read the entirety of this article and learn about the redeeming expansion of this wonderful ministry!

We do an excellent redeeming ministry work with children and families!!! However, one of our admitted weaknesses at COMP ACT is in the area of donor advancement. We are so consumed with our compassion ministry that we do not do as good of a job telling our growing ministry story. We need our ministry support to catch up with our growing impact. We aim to better our donor advancement! 

Most of our donors are familiar givers to our legacy works of Hillcrest Children’s Home and Highlands Maternity Home residential care services. Allow me to tell you about three fast growing ministries of COMP ACT Family Services:
1.      Foster Care PLPA (Private Licensed Placement Agency) services in Arkansas.
2.      CompaCare® church empowerment in multiple states.
3.      FIND Kinship Navigator service in Missouri (and beyond in the future).

COMPACT is redeeming more compassionate care. Since August 2017 COMP ACT has already trained and empowered churches and districts from thirteen states with its evidence-based CompaCare® compassion care system. CompaCare mobilizes churches to more effectively minister to vulnerable children and families like foster families. This ministry is redeeming lives and making foster families and outcomes much more effective! We envision CompaCare ministering daily to thousands of children through partnering churches in the coming years. We are praying for donor partners to invest in this strategic and empowering ministry!
Upcoming Events
Harvest Festival is a historical time for Hillcrest Children's Home. It was once thought of the time people came from all over the country to help us "bring in the harvest" for the following year.

This year, our goal is to raise $25,000 and throw a huge celebration for all the residents on our campus. Some of these kids have probably never been celebrated and we want to change that. Will you help us reach our goal?
Annual Travelers Game
Huge thanks to Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado for providing dinner and tickets to see the Travelers game in Little Rock every Fourth of July!

The residents love getting out and especially seeing the fireworks afterwards!
Upcoming Birthdays
Birthdays are a big deal to our residents here at COMPACT. Sometimes we get to throw a child their first birthday party ever. Sometimes it is hard to spend a birthday apart from their biological family. Below is a list of upcoming birthdays on our campus. Please consider sending a card of encouragement to uplift and brighten a child's birthday.

Delyse* 18 yrs. - Female
Anna* 10 yrs. - Female

Alexa* 19 yrs. - Female
Sheba * 17 yrs. - Female
Crissy * 3 yrs. - Female
Kandi* 3 yrs. - Female
Ruthie* 3 yrs. - Female
*In order to protect the identity of our residents, the names listed above are pen names. Pen names reflect actual children on our campus and have been chosen by each resident when they come to COMPACT.
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