July 2018
2018-19 Staff Survey Now Available
The WSA invites all staff to participate in the 2018-19 Staff Survey. The input from the survey will assist the WSA board identify better ways to represent you. The survey will take approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. All survey responses are anonymous.
The WSA and Webster’s Accessibility Committee invite you to bring your lunch and join us as we learn together about how to create an inclusive and supportive environment for differently-abled students.

Students and other customers with disabilities face unique challenges in navigating our campuses and processes. 
Front-line staff who provide direct services to these students also have unique challenges when it comes to delivering excellent customer service while affirming and supporting independence and inclusion.

There are actions we can take to prepare for various scenarios, and there are methods we can employ based on a more in-depth knowledge of the type of challenges a person may live with and ways that we can modify or enhance our methods and materials to allow for easier access.
This webinar will explore some of the basics of working with students with a disability or differently-abled students such as the use of “people first” language and the etiquette of discussing a student’s accommodation needs. It will also identify some specific strategies to support people with physical, neurological, cognitive, and psychological disabilities. Finally, we will look at ways to prepare for predictable needs and ways to respond in the moment, especially when dealing with a student who is upset or angry. 
We will be streaming this live webinar from Innovative Educators in the Library Conference Room on July 30, from noon to 1pm, with an opportunity for a short post-webinar discussion for those who are able to stay.
While we’d love to see you in the library, if you can’t get away from your desk you are welcome to log in wherever you are. Login details will be emailed out the week before when they become available.
U.S. Extended Campuses, Host a Watch Event at your Campus
Staff at the St. Louis Home Campus will be gathering with brown bag lunches to watch the webinar together. We invite you to do the same at your own campuses if that’s possible, or simply to log in from your desk. Login details will be emailed out the week before when they become available.
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