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July 2019
Join Us on Friday, July 26 for our ADA Anniversary Celebration
ADA29 - Access for All
Join us on Friday, July 26 at our Kalamazoo office for our annual celebration of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This year marks the 29th anniversary! The event will include a free lunch catered by EMA Catering, ice cream from Treat Street and a presentation & awards ceremony.Follow this link for all the details.

NEW this year : RSVP in advance to be entered in a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. Follow this link to RSVP online or contact Kristen Potts at 269-345-1516 x119. (Must be present to win.) 
House Votes to End Subminimum Wage 
For the first time, federal lawmakers have approved legislation that would end subminimum wage for people with disabilities.The subminimum wage provision is part of a bill largely focused on increasing the overall federal minimum wage, and the bill is a long way from becoming law, as it will now go to the Senate where it is not anticipated to move forward. However, it is worth noting that this House action marks the first time that either the House or Senate has voted to end subminimum wage.
Follow this link for more details on this subminimum wage legislation.  
Raising Anti-Ableist Kids
childrens illustration from _Rosie the Raven_
Racism and sexism in children's literature is falling out of style, but for some reason ableism and body-shaming is still prevalent. This article outlines ways to demand inclusion in children's stories, how to recognize an empowering (vs. a condescending) story and a list of recommended children's books that do a good job of representing disability to kids.
Restraint & Seclusion in Schools Often Targets
Students with Disabilities   
drawing of a person struggling alonge in a dart room
Restraint and seclusion in public schools are most often used on students with disabilities. They are controversial practices which are only supposed to be used as a last resort, when students become a danger to themselves or others. While tens of thousands of cases are reported, many suspect those numbers are low compared to reality. The Government Accountability Office is conducting an investigation into the quality of the data that school districts are reporting. Follow this link to read or listen to an NPR report on restraint and seclusion in schools.

Accommodations for All
Join us in either our Kalamazoo or St. Joseph office for an interactive live webcast training from the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). The presentation will provide information for employees and employers on job
accommodations for hidden disabilities. Question and answer sessions will be available during the webcast. Follow this link for details.

Providing Accessibility in Outdoor Recreation Facilities
This free workshop, being held in Lansing, will instruct on providing accessibility in outdoor developed areas and recreation facilities. This workshop is designed for staff from Centers for Independent Living, parks & recreation planners, public planning & building authorities, landscape architects, ADA Coordinators and anyone interested in accessibility. Follow this link for details
Do's & Don'ts: Assistance Animals
There is a lot of confusion about what qualifies as a service animal and
how they differ from emotional support animals. There are specific laws
regarding what type of assistance animals are allowed in different places
and whether an establishment can deny access to an assistance animal.
Join us  in either our Kalamazoo or St. Joseph office to learn more! Follow this link for details.
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