Literacy DuPage - Lighting a SPARK beyond tutoring
JULY 2019
When a Literacy DuPage learner and tutor begin working together, there’s no telling where their relationship might take them. Will they break the language barrier and achieve the learner’s specific goals? Of course. They may also find their way to unexpected experiences and achievements.

Beyond the library table

Take Gosia and Gloria, a learner-tutor pair who began working together just this year. Gloria has been tutoring for more than 10 years, and Gosia is her sixth learner. Gloria knows how to build a comfortable, trusting relationship — not just across a library table, but beyond.

So, in addition to their weekly tutoring sessions, Gloria invited Gosia to join her for a gardening event at their local library. Gosia was thrilled to experience something new:

“I was excited to attend the Spring Planting Event at Indian Prairie Library in Darien, IL. I was invited by my Literacy DuPage Tutor for this event held by the Gardening Group at the Library. I came as a watcher – this time, but as a worker – next time (I hope).”

Telling her story in English

The experience moved Gosia so much that she wanted to write about it. She captured the spirit of the event in a series of photos, then added commentary, using her growing skills in English. See how vividly she describes the scene:

“We had even encouragement from the small children. One of them was sitting in a stroller, wearing with glasses, and reading a book! Because of the strong wind, her blond hair was standing up! For me, she looked like a tiny professor!”

These are just small excerpts. We invite you to read Gosia’s full, beautiful essay, which is published on the Polish News website. Please read her work and join us in congratulating this learner-tutor pair for extending their relationship in such a productive, creative way!

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Literacy DuPage - Lighting a SPARK beyond tutoring
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