Committed Practice Classes Began in January
New Members Welcome

The committed practice groups are an opportunity to bring the practice of insight meditation into all aspects of daily life. It is for those with several months' meditation experience. Participants register and commit to regular attendance of the meetings. 

Requirements:   The committed practice groups require one of the following: either a) completion of the Introduction to Meditation Class and the Intermediate Meditation class; or b) three months of regular, preferably daily meditation practice, and a working knowledge of Buddhist concepts. It also implies your intention to practice daily, do the homework, and share your practice in class to the extent that you feel comfortable.

Cost:   Committed Practice Groups are offered on a dana 
(voluntary donation) basis.

The Monday Morning Group   meets 8:00 am-9:30 am with Beth Shoyer and Joe McCormack. The class resumed on Monday June 3. 

We will be using the book  Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg.

For more information, please Contact Joe McCormack at  metta41856@gmail.com   or Beth Shoyer at  beth.shoyer@gmail.com


Monthly Sutta Study Course led by Phil Jones

New Sutta Study Course

The Sutta Study Course began a new session on Nov. 12 reading and discussing The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha . The next meeting is August 5.

During each meeting we will begin with a short period of silent meditation, read out loud portions of the month's sutta readings, and explore questions or comments you may have about the text. The focus is both on understanding the teachings and on how they are relevant to your own life and practice.

The course will meet about once a month, from 7-9 p.m. Offered on a dana basis. Registration is required.

For more information or to register, contact Phil Jones, phil@silentmindopenheart.org .

Regularly Scheduled Show Me Dharma Meditation Sessions

Show Me Dharma offers drop-in meditation sessions every Sunday morning 10:30 am and Tuesday evening 7:30 pm. All are welcome, even if you have never tried meditation before. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to meditate. No registration is required. We provide cushions and chairs. Each session offers meditation instruction, a 30-40 minute sit, dharma talk and discussion. These sessions are offered without charge. This service is supported by dana (donations) .

Sunday Morning at 10:30 am

July 7 Linda Plushke
July 14 Terry Furstenau
July 21 Beth Shoyer
July 28 Donna Strickland

Tuesday Evening at 7:30 pm

July 2 Terry Furstenau
July 9 Phil Jones
July 16 Joe McCormack
July 23 Phil Jones
July 30 Joe McCormack


Something new! After the 10:30 sitting on the first Sunday of the month, members of Show Me Dharma will be welcoming newer attendees with an informal and relaxed discussion of our Sangha. It will be a great way to meet people and learn more about our group. Please consider joining us!
SMD Library Catalogue Is Now  Online

Our entire Library catalog is now available online. To look at the list of all 902 books currently available  online .  From Theravada to Zen, Vajrayana to Yoga and healthy eating to everything in between to eclectic spiritual is here for you to browse.  There are over 900 titles to spark your interest.You can access the on-line library by going to the Show Me Dharma website at  www.showmedharma.org  Click on Library and find Online Library Catalogue for searches by title or author.

Please note the following recent developments concerning our library.

*New Developments*
We have identified a number of books that have not been checked out recently and are offering these books to sangha members on a dana basis. So, please do peruse these adoptable books. They are located on the table in the office/ cushion area of Show Me Dharma. Remaining books will be relocated at the end of May.
Even the act of selecting a book is a form of generosity, and any Dana given will help support Show Me Dharma financial obligations, which is greatly appreciated. 
New Book Acquisitions
With loving gratitude for the dharma, the library committee would like the sangha to know about several new book acquisitions that have been added to the shelves. Come and see.
Please Consider Volunterin g
The Library Committee is looking for those who would like to serve to help maintain our abundant offerings of written wisdom. If you are available for this, your help would be greatly appreciated.
3 new books on Diversity  
*The Way of Tenderness, Awakening Through Race, Sexuality, & Gender by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel *Radical Dharma, Talking Race, Love, and Liberation by Rev. angel Kyodo williams *Awakening Together, The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community by Larry Yang
2 new books in the Theravada tradition
*Compassion and Emptiness, In Early Buddhist Meditation by Analyo
*Mindfully Facing Disease and Death, Compassionate Advice from Early Buddhist Texts by Analyo

Library Policies 
  1. Not all books listed are immediately available for borrowing as some of them may already have been borrowed by other library patrons.
  2. SOME books are strictly in-house reference books and should only be used while at Show Me Dharma unless you obtain permission from a teacher to borrow them. These books are located on the shelves labeled "Primary Sources'. 
  3. If you see a book you would like to borrow but it is already checked out just leave your contact information on the form provided on the check-out shelf and when the book is returned you will be contacted by the Library Committee to let you know it is available.

Request for Library Donations
As always, we continue to welcome book donations. If there is a book you think would be a good addition to the library, please let someone on the Library committee know about it.You may contact Armine Alioto at  dc4q13aa@gmail.com  with any questions about the library.

Members of Show Me Dharma, 
if you are feeling called to serve the sangha, there are openings to be greeter at the Saturday Open Sit.Each Saturday we offer a safe haven to do seated practice from 3:30 - 5 p.m.

Show Me Dharma follows the teachings of the Buddha from the Theravada school. Meditation and concentration are vital elements in the way to enlightenment.Self-liberation is attained through one's own efforts. 
What a generous and joy filled offering for all who seek tranquility and insight.
A simple training session is provided.

Please contact Susan Schabilion at sschabilion@yahoo.com
with Saturday Open Sit in the subject line, if interested,
or call (573) 815-0352

Other SMD Opportunities

There are a number of ways to get involved in the workings of Show Me Dharma. Show Me Dharma has a number of committees, covering aspects of the organization including managing the SMD library, organizing our retreats, handling membership, treasurer tasks and fundraising, providing support for sangha members when needs arise, and outreach to the community. 

If anyone is interested in helping with social media promotion (includes Facebook &Twitter), please send an email to  showmedharma@gmail.com


The Show Me Dharma Caring Committee was organized to provide wise and kind support for and service to members of Show Me Dharma community, the Columbia community at large, and in response to suffering in the world. We are in the process of planning several exciting projects, and as we proceed, we are seeking your participation. Here are some of the projects we are developing, both currently and in the future. Please see our activities below: 

Puerto Rico Relief and Rebuilding Support

The Caring Committee continues to support our sangha’s work in Puerto Rico through raising funds for grassroots reconstruction and development. We raised approximately $500 during our Holiday fundraiser. The funds we provide support community kitchens, community gardens, education about renewable and sustainable energy and agriculture, community health clinics and the development of a national network of “Mutual Support Centers.” The Mutual Support Centers help people coordinate work projects that build independence and self-reliance. 
Psychology study

The Caring Coming is looking for someone who is knowledgeable in the field of psychology who could help a former psychologist who has had a traumatic brain injury study for a certification exam.  The woman worked for a long time with our former sangha teacher, Ginny Morgan, and she cannot see very well, but needs this help so she can earn a living. The help she is looking for is basically someone to read to her to help her study. If you would be interested in helping, please contact Kate Walker, of the Caring Committee at WalkerJa@missouri.edu.
Friend in need?

The Caring Committee also encourages you to let us know if you hear of a sangha member or friend that is in need. We can help organize meals, visits, send cards, offer metta, etc. Please contact Caya Tanski (cayasadhana@yahoo.com).  (azizatwaddle@gmail.com), Kate Walker (WalkerJa@missouri.edu) or Caya Tanski (cayasadhana@yahoo.com).

Thank you for your support of our Caring Committee's fundraisers.

Lastly, we want to express much gratitude on behalf of people in Puerto Rico who have received and will receive your financial or in-kind support for grassroots recovery and sustainable local agricultural projects, soup kitchens, and solar projects!

You can make a  one time payment  using  Paypal

~Caya Tanski-French, Chair of Caring Committee. Board , Show Me Dharma

WEEKLY FROM 3:30-5:00 PM

From Dakini Day, 2019


We Appreciate Your Generosity
The work of Show Me Dharma is made possible by the generosity of our supporters. The teachings have been kept alive for over 2,500 years thanks to those who have voluntarily given so that others might benefit.

While there is never a charge for participating in SMD, for those able to give monetarily, donations are gratefully accepted. Donations are used to pay our rent and utilities, offer our guests tea, support our teachers, offer retreats by guest teachers, and reach out to the community.

Please Note the Following Change to Online Giving

The board of trustees is sincerely grateful for the financial contributions made by our members and friends to support our mission: make insight meditation available to mid-Missouri. At this time, Show Me Dharma enjoys financial stability. To make contributions, please place your check or cash in the basket at the sangha, mail a check to:
Treasurer @ Show Me Dharma

or make a donation  online through PayPal .
--Valerie Bader, Treasurer, SMD






Chanting into meditation  is based on the yogic practice of raising energy and quickly stopping. The mantras chanted carry a vibration that shifts the consciousness into a broader perspective, as well as releasing the places of holding around the heart. We chant for an extended period, then stop to experience the energy in stillness. Everyone is welcome to enjoy this experience and this community of committed practitioners.

led by by Carla Campbell

Date and Time: Sundays 4:00 pm-5:30 pm
Location: Show Me Dharma

The Tibetan Chanting Group discusses the use of mindful sound (i.e., mantras), in Tibetan Buddhist mind training. The group learns various modes of chanting common mantras such as those of Green Tara (OM TARA TAM SOHA) and Avalokite (OM MANI PEMAY HUM), the female and male symbols of compassion and loving kindness.

Additionally the Tibetan practice group is offering a beginning class in classical Tibetan on Wednesday at 11 am. All are welcome. Currently the group is working on pronouncing the alphabet correctly (as Tibetan is a tonal language), recognizing, naming and writing the various letters, and formulating simple syllables.

Bishop William Green, who began the group and led it at its inception, has relocated. With Bishop Green's relocating, Carla Campbell will coordinate with group in the future. Bishop Green will continue to be a teaching resource for the group on an intermittent basis. Bishop Green is a bishop in the African Orthodox Church. He also is an inter-denominational chaplain, has studied Buddhism with the Dalai Lama, and is a published scholar on religion in the southern black community. For more information, call 601-316-7614

The Heartwood Retreat Center, located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, offers retreats in a variety of Buddhist and other spiritual traditions. There are self-retreats as noted below, as well as retreats led by Venerable Pannavati and others. For a listing of retreat opportunities, please visit 

HW provides a charming and comfortable space for study, contemplation and intensive practice  without imposing a rigid format.  You have the support and guidance of our teachers, and access to the weekly offerings  (there's something for you to participate in every day...from yoga to meditation to Qigong!). 
Close to Ashville, NC, Pisgah and Dupont Forests, you are invited to visit Heartwood and  explore what makes the Smoky Mountains the ideal location for your next retreat.