President's Message

Dear friends of the BACC,

You and I have participated in too many conversations across the political spectrum that share the same theme over and over: “Our national government is broken. All we hear from representatives of the Executive and Legislative branches are arguments, disparaging remarks and delayed legislation and implementation. Our broken immigration system is the most glaring example. Solutions are not even addressed. We’re stuck.”

Not only are words like these hard to hear, the underlying discouragement of people is even more difficult to see. Many of us have our own analysis of what’s wrong and even perhaps what is needed to get
things going again. But in the meantime, I believe that where we do continue to have
significant positive influence is right here, at the local level. Whether we are part of education,
business, local government or nonprofit entities, we know that we can help foster positive change
working closely with our co-workers, friends and neighbors. It is so encouraging to hear and
see such positive vibes from folks when we discuss, plan and work together in the greater
Green Bay. There is a lot of positive energy on all levels. We are able to create a positive future!
Thank you to all those who give of themselves in the office, the factory, our health care industry,
our schools, our various governmental entities and our human services. And a double thanks to
all the volunteers who quietly give of themselves day after day.

The members of Bay Area Community Council are committed to continue to support these
positive efforts. As a “deep think tank” we will bring forth insight and positive proposals to grow
as a community.

Paul Demuth