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From the CEO 
Hope everyone had a great July 4th celebrating this amazing country of ours.  The dust has settled from the 2019 Legislative Session and, as we discussed previously, it was all about adjusting to the new political landscape.  Please see our updated Legislative Recap for the biggest bills impacting the industry.
June New Members
Welcome and Thank you!
 Carter Hill Homes (Minden), CB Mobile Home Specialists (Reno),  D&L Tile Inc. (Reno),  Hearts Desire Landscaping LLC (Minden), and Redline Construction Inc. (Minden).
Workforce Development Update:

Save the Date - Be Part of the FUN!
Friday, October 18, 2019, Reno-Sparks Convention Center
Construction Career Day is one big event that shows an alternative to the traditional "go directly to college" plan after high school. The event offers high school and middle school students hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays, including heavy equipment operation and a welding simulator.  We are currently accepting registration for our Exhibitors and Sponsors. We hope all our members will take this opportunity to share your skills with our youth. To participate contact Mara Langer

The Las Vegas Construction Career Day will be held on Friday, October 18, 2019, at CSN's North Las Vegas Campus.
Click here for more information.
Safety Corner           
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Tech in Construction

Tech in Construction
Imagine a workday without your smartphone, smart watch, laptop, or tablet. Mobile devices have tremendous necessity in our professional lives, and their widespread adoption presents hazards that require intentional management.
Constant news headlines about distracted driving injuries and fatalities remind us of hazards associated with mobile devices on the job site. At the core of the incident, the user did not detect the danger and respond appropriately or in time. Losing this situational awareness can spell disaster, considering the hazards related to our production tasks and job sites. Construction has high stakes, any way you slice it.
So, what measures should you consider to manage these mobile device hazards? Safety professionals employ a model called the Hierarchy of Controls, which has saved countless lives through its power to prevent injuries from even happening. The first Hierarchy step is elimination. By eliminating mobile device use on the jobsite, you can eliminate its associated risks, but also eliminate the benefits. Engineering controls come next in the Hierarchy, but those apply more to controlling various forces, not as much to electronics. Administrative controls offer the most help among Hierarchy options. Changing the way employees work with an effective mobile device program reaps the benefits the technology brings while controlling the distraction hazards that come along with it.
What's involved in an effective technology management program? Consider these key steps: 1) Define who the program applies to and in what environments it applies. Is it a prohibition for the job site only, or does it apply to company vehicles o
n the road as well? 2) Set the rules that apply to employees governed by the program. May employees use devices in production areas? May employees hold a device while engaged in another task? 3) Create procedures for tasks that incorporate mobile device use, and train employees to follow those steps. Finally, 4) Review your program annually for effectiveness and employee compliance to determine if changes are necessary.
Are you confident that your own use and your employees' use of mobile devices does not create greater hazards than the production it empowers? A second set of eyes from a trained risk management professional can spot hazards you may have missed. For assistance evaluating construction technology use, or for other industry safety questions and concerns, please contact PGM Safety Services, an affiliate company of Pro Group Management. We stand ready and eager to assist. Visit us at
Safety Services or call (800) 859-3177.
Association Health Plans           
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We all know  that running a business 
can be expensive. And the struggle to attract and retain workers adds increased pressure on employers to provide comprehensive benefits in order to stand out from the competition. That's why we have partnered with Nevada-based Prominence Health Plan to offer comprehensive coverage for our members and their families through an Association Health Plan (AHP), allowing easier access to affordable, quality health care.
Many of our members previously faced high insurance premiums due to the fact that many are small businesses. The health plans provided by NBA and Prominence will allow small business members to receive coverage as if they were a large employer, therefore reducing rates while still maintaining a high level of coverage and potential savings. This is truly a plan designed specifically to your needs as an employer.
Plans are open to NBA members with 2 (unrelated) to 50 full-time employees and you can choose from five comprehensive health plans including four HMO plans and one PPO plan for medical coverage. Options are available to NBA members in Washoe, Clark, Carson, Douglas, Lyon, Storey counties, as well as Gardnerville and Zephyr Cove. Plan effective dates through December 1, 2019, with all groups renewing January 1, 2020.
Value-added member benefits include access to a $0 cost share telemedicine benefit through Teladoc and patient advocacy services through Karis for out-of-network bill negotiation assistance.
Additionally, the Prominence statewide network grants access to more than 2,000 contracted PCPs and 3,300 specialists.
To learn more information about the plan options and review program details, visit the  Nevada Builders or contact your broker. 
Save the Date-  Nevada Builders Events:

Nevada Builders Annual BBQ & Bash 
September 19th
Celebrate 20 years with Pro Group Management

and these industry events:
NAIOP SNV: July 18th July Breakfast
AGC: July 17-21 Quail Lodge Golf Tournament
SNHBA: Aug 20th Legislative Recap
EDAWN: September 12th Art & Business Luncheon
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