July 2019
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Holmes named new Cobb district attorney
MDJ News
Gov. Brian Kemp on Wednesday named Cobb Chief Magistrate Judge Joyette Holmes as the county's next district attorney. Holmes had been the first woman and the first African-American to serve as Cobb's chief magistrate judge upon being appointed to fill the vacant role by the Cobb Superior Court in 2015.
She will mark those same firsts with her appointment to head the DA's office

Left to Right
Air Force Veteran Senator  Michael "Doc" Rhett, retired Maj. Gen. James Bankers, and 99 year old  World War II Marine Veteran Harry Kone successfully encouraged the Cobb County Board of Commissioners to support our veteran memorial.

Lessons from father!
Marietta Daily Journal
Former Gov. Roy Barnes said his father, Bill, died in 2005, at almost 90 years of age.
Before Barnes got into law or ran for office, he was pitching in at the family store in Mableton alongside his dad. He said Bill Barnes only had a seventh-grade education, but taught him a lot about business and life.

"He had all of these sayings. It's hard just to pick one of them out. ... One of them was, 'The most important thing about making money is getting up out of bed every morning and going to the store and putting the key in the door and opening the door.' And it's a great rule for life. Another one that I always thought was great was, 'We trade with folks for a lifetime, just not today.' Which means treat everybody nice. And another one I loved was 'Always look after those boys that wore muddy boots. They fed us for many years.' The farmhands and the workers."

According to Barnes, one of the funniest things he recalled his father having said occurred when he was sore with someone at the store.
"We had all these cousins and family working at the store. I was loading the drink box, Coca-Cola box, and he walked up there, he said 'Give me a Coca-Cola,' and I gave him a Coca-Cola. He was mad at somebody. He said 'You know, everybody that works for you is going to steal a little bit.' Says 'They'll take a candy bar or a pack of cigarettes or maybe $10 out of the register.' He said 'That's the reason I like to hire family. At least when they steal from you it goes to one of your own,'" Barnes said with a laugh.

State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick, R-east Cobb, came to politics from the world of medicine. Prior to running for office, she was an orthopedic surgeon and co-president of Resurgens Orthopaedics. There, she oversaw over 100 mostly male orthopedic surgeons.
Kirkpatrick said she may not have had the guts to stand up as a leader or to run for office if not for the encouragement she got from her father, David Kirkpatrick, a railroad worker who served in World War II and celebrated his 100th birthday this year.
"He always told me since I was a little girl that in America, hard work and determination will get you wherever you want to go. ... He said that from the time I was little, and in fact he specifically said, 'Just because you're a girl doesn't matter. If you work hard enough and don't give up, you can do whatever you want, even if you're a girl.' Back in the day, being a girl was not what it is now."
"He is someone who never gave up," she added. "He always has an optimistic attitude even though he's 100 and in a nursing home. He's really been a symbol for the whole family, not just for me."   

Lisa Cupid 2
Another woman of science turned politician, Cobb County Commissioner Lisa Cupid was an engineer before she ran for office, but said she would not have achieved either of those goals without encouragement from her dad, Mark Smith.
"He always tried to teach us that we could do anything we put our minds to, to see no limit. ... I would never have been an engineer without my father," she said. "He really opened a lot of doors. He was an engineer, he'd take us to work at the manufacturing plant, and as you know, I followed in his footsteps and became a manufacturing engineer. My dad has had a profound impact on me."
She added that she initially made the decision to run after getting advice and encouragement from her dad and her husband Craig Cupid.

Another veteran who won elected office, State Sen. Michael "Doc" Rhett, said his dad, Purple Heart Recipient and Korean War Army Veteran, Harold Rhett, taught him to take responsibility for what he does.

"He always emphasized to me to make sure that I'm always accountable for my actions, and that's very important," Rhett said. "It enabled me to always put thought into my actions and the consequences that came from my actions. 

A few times, dad showed me where a lack of planning would lead, when he'd walked me to the woodshed. 

It helped me to become a leader because I not only had to think about myself in terms of the repercussions of my actions, but how it affected other people. I represent about 200,000 people, so every day I have to think about my actions and how they will affect others."
Marietta Councilwoman Cheryl Richardson said her dad, David Richardson taught her the value of hard work.
"Work hard for the things you want," she said. "No one will give anything to you for free."
Richardson said her dad enlisted into the military after high school in the 1950s and went to Officer Candidate School at a time when black men were not often accepted there, she said. He served until 1970, when he retired as a major.
Richardson followed in her dad's footsteps, serving in the Army herself for over 20 years.
"My father always just told us to work hard," Richardson said. "My brother's in town visiting, and I said to him, 'What was the most important lesson daddy gave us?' and he said the exact same thing."
Senator Doc Rhett & Mayor Joe Jerkins & Acting Mayor Ollie Clemons

Happy Retirement Austell 
Mayor Joe Jerkins!
Marietta Daily Journal
For 30 years, Joe Jerkins has been the mayor of Austell. On Tuesday night, he celebrated his retirement in the historic Threadmill Complex he helped restore with a line of well-wishers so long that the ceremony started 10 minutes late.
Jerkins was first elected in 1989 and earned a reputation for being a hands-on mayor by riding on the backs of garbage trucks, directing traffic and aiding in the flood cleanup of 2009.
His worsening Parkinson's disease has prevented him from attending recent City Council meetings and led to his decision not to seek reelection.

Clemons said the mayor's retirement is effective June 30. Under regular circumstances, Jerkins would be up for reelection this November. But given the date he's retiring on; Clemons said the city's charter calls for Clemons to serve out the remainder of the year as acting mayor. First elected in 2013, Clemons has also announced he will be running this November to serve as mayor for the next four years.

Clemons read Jerkins' farewell speech to the audience.
"It has been a privilege to work alongside all the employees here at the city," Jerkins said in his statement. "We have been through some good and bad times together. That's why we're family. ... It has been an honor to serve you."

Happy Trails Don Johnson
MDJ Source
THE COMMUNITY swamped the State Farm office of Don Johnson on Thursday, toasting him on the occasion of his retirement.
Johnson, a community leader who's been with State Farm for 33 years, most of those at his east Cobb office off Roswell and Old Canton roads, said he was retiring at age 69 because it was time for a change.
"It was time to do something else. I plan on writing a book and traveling and spending more time with my wife and my grandkids," he said, weaving through the crowd to thank folks for dropping by. Among them was County Chairman Mike Boyce.
The thing he admires about Johnson, Boyce said, is "his calm, quiet demeanor, which means that you have to listen very carefully, because he has words of wisdom coming out of his mouth. He's a listener too. And when he speaks - you know the old E.F. Hutton line? - people listen."

Atlanta mayor unveils ambitious affordable housing plan for the city

J. Scott Trubey, Stephen Deere - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Monday unveiled a citywide affordable housing plan, putting into action one of her central campaign pledges - to invest $1 billion in public and private funds to combat rising housing costs and the displacement of longtime residents.

The 43-page document - called the One Atlanta Housing Affordability Action Plan - offers a menu of policy proposals. They range from finding ways to use existing public dollars and land as an incentive to attract private sector investment to changes in zoning, expediting redevelopment of vacant and blighted properties, developer incentives, and the creation of a housing innovation lab.

Supporters called it the most comprehensive housing plan of its type in the city's history.

Lt. Governor Duncan Announces Members of Study Committee

The Senate Study Committee on Revising Voting Rights for Nonviolent Felons will be chaired by Sen. Randy Robertson (R - Columbus). The Senate members appointed to serve on this committee are:
Sen. Mike Dugan (R - Carrollton)
Sen. Burt Jones (R - Jackson)
Sen. Harold Jones II (D - Augusta)
Sen. Michael "Doc"Rhett (D - Marietta)
The study committee was established pursuant to SR 442, SR 479, and SR 153 which the Senate adopted during the 2019 legislative session.
Joseph Hendricks 
Communications Director
Office of the Lt. Governor

What's Happening 
Georgia State Senate District 3 3

Tour of Homes - Concord Covered Bridge Historic District
Visit these historic homes and learn more about the founders of this mill community on the Historic District Tour of Homes. Tickets go on sale on July 1st.

Word of Faith AME Church, Mableton Picnic
Barbecue, Praise, & Worship!

Sardis Baptist Church, Kennesaw Singles Ministry Dating Discussion Panel Q & A.

Cobb County Schools Adult Literacy & GED Graduation!

food fruit vegetables
Mableton Farmers Market News
MIC's Mableton Farmers Market is open at the Mable House Complex every Thursday, 8:30am - 12:30pm, through August 22. As the season continues, the Market will have a wide variety of fresh, locally grown produce, honey, bakery items and organically prepared nuts, mixes and other snack items.
Wholesome Wave Georgia will have a representative at the Market July 25 to answer questions and/or assist visitors concerning Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-formerly Food Stamps). If you our anyone you know needs assistance or more information about the program, be sure to come to the Market on July 25.

August 3 @ 10 am to 4pm
Food and Fun from Around the World

One of the strengths of our community is cultural diversity. Cobb has grown by almost 10 percent in the past decade and is increasingly more diverse. In honor of all the unique influences that make our community thrive, Cobb County will host its inaugural International Festival on Saturday, August 3 from 10am to 4pm at the Jim R. Miller Park Event Center.

Cafe' Social House - Green Ribbon Cutting
Gloria and Marvin Smith are the proud owners of Cafe' Social House, a warm and inviting restaurant located in the Walk at the Legacy Plaza at 1400 Veterans Memorial Highway. MIC's Economic Development Committee held a "Green" Ribbon cutting ceremony in support of their opening.
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Catering by Julie A Joseh

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