Volume 25 Issue 07
July 2019 News & Updates
Next Dinner Meeting:
Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Earned Value Management for Agile 
 Software development projects present a unique and complex project management challenge. In order to remain relevant throughout the development, the project must be able to adjust and adapt to emerging technology and requirements. In addition, projects must have finite start and end points, with cost, schedule, and performance metrics. To this end, Earned Value Management (EVM) has been used successfully to measure how a project is meeting the cost and schedule plan.  

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The 29th Annual INCOSE International Symposium
July 20-25 2019:   INCOSE IS 2019 - Orlando, FL
Join us for a Group Photo
Our Chapter will be doing a group photo on Wednesday July 24th at 0930am (right after Capt. Winston Scott’s Keynote and the Morning Plenary Meeting). We’ll be meeting near the main stage.
If you are Chesapeake Chapter member and are planning on going, please fill out the form at our website.
Join us for the 10th Annual SEP Gala
Special Event:
Friday, 09 Aug 2019
Every year the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter puts on a dinner and reception to honor those who recently received a Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) certification from INCOSE (ASEP, CSEP & ESEP).
Join us at the :
The Engineers Club at the Garrett/Jacobs Mansion
11 West Mount Vernon Place; Baltimore, MD 21201

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Run for Office
The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter (CC) Board of Directors (BOD) needs your assistance and is seeking candidates to fill the following positions in 2020:
  • President-Elect: Term is 3 years (President-Elect, President and then Past President);
  • Secretary: Term is 2 years;
  • Programs Director: Term is 2 years; and Membership Director: Term is 2 years
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Did you miss last month?
On June 16, 2019, Mr. Dana Goward gave us an excellent history lesson on the development of GPS and GNSS spoofing from a fiction account in film to being an everyday problem.

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Who said “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”?
The phrase is well known and important to Systems Scientists and Systems Engineers alike. It’s like a short pithy definition of Emergence. And it is almost always automatically attributed to Aristotle. But what I want to know is this - Did he say it? Why did he say it? And in what context?
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Upcoming Events: Mark your Calendars
9/18/2019 - Monthly Dinner Meeting
  • Speaker: Dr. Herbert Frey
  • Topic: Living on Mars: Can We Do It? Should We Do It?

10/25-26/2019 - Oktober-Tool-fest
  • MathWorks; WW Technology; SPEC Innovations; Vitech; No Magic
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2019 Board of Director Officers ( read more at website )
  • President: Taras Mykytyn
  • Past President: Dr. Grace Crowder, ASEP
  • President-Elect: Mark Evans
  • Treasurer: Tony Gigioli, CSEP 
  • Secretary: Jim DeCamp, ASEP
  • Communications: Paul Martin, ESEP
  • Programs: Dr. Chandru Mirchandani, ESEP
  • Membership: Mark Kaczmarek, ASEP