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JULY 2019
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Thank you for your on-going dedication and support of Kitchen Angels and the community of Santa Fe.

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Celebrating the lives of our volunteers and clients

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One tree can start a forest
One smile can begin a friendship
One hand can lift a soul
One word can frame the goal
Once candle can wipe out darkness
One laugh can conquer gloom
One hope can raise your spirits
One touch can show you care
One life can make the difference
Be that one today! 


We jumped the gun last month, announcing that Sweetwater was donating 2% of cash sales to Kitchen Angels during the month of June. Well, if you weren't able to make it to the restaurant in June - you're in luck! July is our lucky month. When you dine at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen during July, pay cash, and they will donate two percent to Kitchen Angels. Sweetwater offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon bites, as well as full service supper and a Sunday brunch. They're well known for their gluten-free daily baked goods and also serve local craft brews, sake and organic and biodynamic wines .  By supporting Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen's mission to provide local, healthy food, you're also supporting Kitchen Angels.

Hey Thursday Volunteers...

We hope to see you all on Thursday, July 4th for frozen treats! We will have one cooking shift that day from 9am - 12pm. Delivery drivers can pick up meals between 12:30 and 1:30pm. While you're here, pick up a delicious ice cream sandwich or other frozen treat. Happy Independence day!

Angels Dine Out update...

Amy & Tina at Paper Dosa
This was our best year ever! The percentage checks and individual gifts have all arrived, and Angels Dine Out brought in $95,000. That's a pretty big deal. Since we have more clients than ever, we really count on our fundraisers to keep us moving into the future. Kitchen Angels thanks each of you who participated as diners, restaurant owners, and volunteers. We couldn't do this important work without all of you! Thank you.

We need items for our small food pantry! We have seen an uptick of individuals coming to us for emergency food bags - especially people who are experiencing homelessness. That means we need cans of food with pop tops, peanut butter, crackers, instant food packets, tuna fish (packets or pop tops), and anything that doesn't need an oven or stove to prepare. We don't like sending people away hungry - please help.
Tasty TidbitsTastyTidbits

July 3rd is Eat Beans Day! Although we normally don't like to be ordered to eat anything, we'll happily comply with this command. 

Various species of beans were some of the very first plants cultivated in both the Old and the New Worlds. Beans and legumes such as peas, chickpeas, broad beans and lentils were first cultivated in the Middle East, perhaps around 10,000 years ago. They have played a crucial role in the nutritional health of ancient and present-day cultures. Lentils have been found in the royal tombs of ancient Egypt and were written about in Homer's Illiad as an ingredient in vegetable soup in the 7th century B.C. In some Eastern cultures, legumes as a dietary staple have been traced back more than 20,000 years, and the common bean, the lima bean and the pinta, or cranberry, bean were cultivated more than 5,000 years ago in Aztec and Inca cultures.
Beans continue to be an important part of the human food supply, providing protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. In recent years, bean consumption has increased due mainly to economic progress in India, home to many vegetarians, and to their increased use in developed countries as people move to healthier diets.

Are beans good for you?  Yes, they are!  Beans are considered both a plant and vegetable-based protein, making them a key ingredient to include on your daily plate. Rich in fiber, these babies are complex carbohydrates, which contribute to a healthy gut. They contain essential vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, thiamin and riboflavin. has a lot of great information and articles on the positive health benefits of beans. You'll be shocked by what some of the research has proven. 

It's really nice that food that is terrific for your body can also be delicious. Here's an incredible collection of 55 Bean Recipes You'll Be Making All Year Long from Bon Appetit.

Here's a nice recipe from the Kitchen Angels library. It incorporates black or cannellini beans and is really quite tasty: Portobello Mushroom Stuffed with Bean Paste & Harissa.

Want to learn more about beans and legumes? Here's a cool little website called The Bean Institute. They offer everything from farming tips to nutritional benefits to recipes and cooking times. You can also  take a quiz to find out which kind of bean personality you have. (Lauren is a Great Northern Bean. But don't tell anyone.)
Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteerOpportunities 

We always welcome new volunteers! Here are our current opportunities:

Delivery Drivers (4:30 - 6:30pm)
  • Wednesday Driver, Route 10 (Zia Rd.) 
  • Thursday Driver, Route 11 (S. on Cerrillos Rd.)
  • Every other Friday Driver, Route 1 (S. Rufina)
  • Friday Driver, Route 6 (Miguel Chavez)
  • Friday Driver, Route 16 (Jaguar Drive)

Kitchen Volunteers  

  • Monday PM shift (10am - 12pm)

Substitute Volunteers

  • Delivery Subs M-F (4:30 - 6:30pm)
  • Delivery Prep M-F (2pm - 3:30pm)
  • Delivery Coordinators (3:30 - 5:30pm)
  • Office Volunteers (times vary)


Upcoming Volunteer Orientations


Monday, July 8 from 11:30 - 1:00

Monday, July 22 from 11:30 - 1:00


Please tell people who may be interested to call Lauren at 471-7780  


Continuing EducationContinuingEducation  

As most of you know, Kitchen Angels serves meals to qualifying individuals, their dependents, and caregivers. We have recently raised the dependent age up through 18, so children still living at home with a qualifying parent can be ensured a healthy, hot meal from Kitchen Angels. We've served over 70 dependent children in our history.

Children are often doubly impacted by caregivers being ill. The caregiver has to focus on their own health and still provide for their child, which can be a genuine challenge. In New Mexico, we also see grandparents acting as primary caregivers for their grandchildren.

Hunger is a consistent issue in our state, as is child welfare. In a recent study conducted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, New Mexico is scoring poorly in child economic well-being, child education, child health, and family and community context. In our state, 25.6% of children are food insecure. That's 125,210 young people not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

In June, a journalist from the Associated Press stopped by our office to learn more about our organization, our mission, and how our services are affecting local children. Click here for the report on how Childhood Poverty Persists in Fast-Growing Southwest, with pictures of our Friday delivery operation.

Here's a comprehensive infographic from New Mexico Voices for Children regarding children's well-being in our state in 2019. 

Angel's Creed

Have you reviewed our  Angel's Creed lately? There's a new poster in our main lobby. Please check it out when next you're in for a shift. They are the beliefs our organization has been founded upon.
Community Connections...   Connections
Lauren recruiting volunteers at  
Christ Church Santa Fe

Kitchen Angels is trying to make connections with various organizations in Santa Fe and what  better way to bridge these connections than through you, our volunteers. We would like to build relationships with churches and organizations around town. So, in an effort to establish these connections within our community, please let us know if you or anyone you know belongs to Unitarian Universalist Church in Santa Fe.
Please contact Dwayne Trujillo by July 15 with any connections at
Thanks volunteers!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thanks 

Thank you to those of you who attended the Table 2-3-1 ™ event on June15th.  
It was a delightful and inspiring evening with exquisite food and wine. Many thanks go to Hue-Chan Karels of Open Kitchen along with David Sellers and his culinary team from Street Food Institute for donating their time and expertise in the kitchen.
The chefs cooked up two amazing amuse bouches, six dishes using three common ingredients from Italian and Vietnamese food cultures, and concluded with a dessert that united both cultures! All dishes were paired with fantastic wines thanks to our sponsor Floating World (Linda Tetrault) and curated by Mark C. Johnson.

Kitchen Angels TABLE 2 3 1
Kitchen Angels TABLE 2 3 1™ 

Here's a short film of the festivities created by our resident videographers Christy Vasquez and Thom Eberhardt. Thank you for a perfect memento of a very special evening.

Kitchen Angels is honored by the generosity of dinner guests who also made significant donations to our organization. Our community of food-lovers truly give from the heart. Many thanks!
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