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July 2019
We hope you enjoy this parent communication tool, designed to give you quick, easy to read updates about school wide activities and events. This newsletter will be released monthly highlighting important happenings in our community.

  1. Make a photo journal of your vacation or family yearbook.
  2. Set up a lemonade stand and raise some money for a good cause.
  3. Go biking on a trail.
  4. Visit the local library and enjoy as many books as you can.
  5. Plant a garden of herbs and vegetables.
  6. Visit a museum you've never been to.
  7. Get a map of the world and mark off all the places you would like to visit.
  8. Assemble a family cook book with all your favorite recipes.
  9. Take a sewing or knitting class
  10. Go camping in your backyard or a campsite

  • July 3rd - July 4th Parade
  • July 4 - School Closed
  • July 9 and 10 - Renu's Fun Faces
  • July 11 - Music
  • July 16 - Jump Bunch
  • July 18 - Music
  • July 23 -Adam Ace Entertainment
  • July 24 - Mathnasium
  • July 25 - Music
  • July 30 - Anne Marie Gardens Field Trip (School age)
This section will feature local or regional resources for families:
What is Cerebral Palsy?
Cerebral palsy is a developmental disorder and leading cause of disability in young children. It affects approximately 500,000 children and adults, with around 8,000 babies and between 1,200 and 1,500 preschool-age children diagnosed each year.
Cerebral palsy occurs as a result of a brain injury sustained during fetal development or birth. However, because the symptoms of CP affect a child’s coordination and independent movement, the injury is not always diagnosed right away, especially when the symptoms are mild. For additional information, visit: https://cerebralpalsygroup.com/cerebral-palsy/
Please do not hesitate to share useful resources you may be aware of. Send an email to administrator@starmakerschool.org with subject line : Local resources
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