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New Group Fitness Releases Launching in July 

Our lively and action-packed group fitness classes are getting their quarterly update in July. Don't miss the launch of the brand-new moves and music--a nd don't forget to bring a guest for FREE!

Even if you're a pro, you'll enjoy a fresh challenge--and if you're new to group fitness or want to try a new class, this is your opportunity to experience the excitement while you learn the routines with the other members!

Stop by the Center for our launch schedule.
The Latest on TraxTalk

This month on our TraxTalk blog, you'll find great tips on starting and sticking with a fitness routine
Sports Conditioning Training Programs Available

Healthtrax offers a range of sport-specific small group training programs that can help you improve your conditioning and form. Maybe you and a group of friends want to work on your game together. If we don't already offer what you're looking for, we can design it!

If you're interested in improving your game in the summer off-season, fill out this form and one of our trainers will contact you.
Be a Smart Health Information Consumer

Do the latest health headlines have you puzzled? Do they sound too good--or frightening--to be true? 

When you hear or read some health news, pause before you accept it. The headline may be only part of the story. Science is always evolving and changing, and some studies may be small and examine only very specific populations. 

Major guidelines are generally based on many studies over time, not just one. If you have questions about health information and how it might affect you, talk with your doctor.

Source: Cleveland Clinic
Train Smarter, Not Harder 

If you want to look like an athlete, you have to train like one. A proper sports conditioning workout should incorporate exercises that challenge the body in all three planes of motion and force your body to perform how it is anatomically designed to do.

Below, Matt is completing a front plank on a BOSU ball, which adds the element of unstable surface training, forcing him to recruit and actively contract different muscle groups not normally challenged by standard core exercises. This plank variation does a great job of effectively targeting the harder-to-reach muscles of the core, such as the internal and external obliques, transverse abdomen and the erector spinae. If this wasn't challenging enough, I also put a small ball on top of the BOSU, forcing Matt to react to the movement of the added ball. Absolutely brutal!

Since we started training I have challenged Matt with many sports-specific workouts, such as sprints, plyometrics, strength training, high intensity interval training, reaction and agility drills, cardiovascular endurance, functional training and a plethora of core-based exercises and compound movements. Matt has lost 50 pounds, increased his aerobic capacity, increased his strength and lean body mass, increased his BMR, decreased his overall body fat percentage, improved flexibility, improved conditioning and greatly improved his muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

I believe the best way to achieve results is to train like an athlete because athletes focus on human movements that target the body as a whole and mimic real-life scenarios. Train smarter, not harder! -- Josh Gomes

Contact Josh with questions or to make an appointment.
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