Synod Reflections and an Invitation to Visit Our Southern Border
As our delegates have returned from General Synod, we discern what's next for the IKC
By Rev. Chad R. Abbott,
Conference Minister

The 20 delegates that made up the Indiana–Kentucky Conference delegation for the 32nd General Synod of the United Church of Christ have returned home from a week of reflection, community building, celebrating, voting, debating, protesting, marching, and attempting to get to the heart of our identity as a denomination. What an experience it was, friends. As always, it is exhilarating to connect with colleagues and friends, exhausting morning till night, tense through times of disagreement, yet hopeful as God works in our midst as we gather. The power of this gathering for me has been our capacity for resiliency to stay at the table and live in covenant even when our conversations remind us of our differences and diversity of faith across this denomination. In a world where there is significant polarization, we need a Church like the United Church of Christ to be having these hard conversations with each other with dignity, grace, justice, love, and compassion. Did we accomplish this as a Church at synod? My answer is that there were glimpses…but not yet. 

MID Net Meeting

Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Toni Hawkins, Minister for Leadership Formation and Discernment, invites the IKC Members in Discernment (MIDs) to join her and their peers for a video gathering. Our newly formed MID Net group also has a private Facebook page for sharing our experiences and support. Email Toni at to request access to the group.

The first IKC MID Net Zoom gathering on Wednesday,  July 17th at 6:30pm.  We will have introductions, a discussion about the planning of a MID Retreat and discuss one of the index cards with areas of interest provided by you during the MID luncheon at the IKC Annual Gathering. If you're currently an MID in the IKC, you are welcome to join us! The meeting will take place this week, July 17th, at 6:30 pm EST. You can join the Zoom call here: .
INKY Women Want You!

The Indiana-Kentucky Women's Board have long been a force for mission, service, and spiritual enrichment. This Conference-wide organization of women is working all the time to engage in their own missions (such as the Days for Girls projects they support year-round, and which was highlighted at this year's annual gathering) and to support the wider church missions.

"It's a great group that can be really powerful. And there are a lot of issues we can help our pastors promote. For example, 3 Great Loves, issues of privilege and racism and so much more. We have a lot of wonderful women in the conference and we encourage continued and renewed leadership," says Gayle Morley Jahn, the INKY Women's Board President.

This is a wonderful time to get involved with this dynamic group. They are specifically looking for new board members, and are eager to expand involvement in the northern part of the conference. The group has three business meetings per year in August, November, and February, all in Indianapolis. They also host a retreat, which is coming up this September. See our "Upcoming Events," below for more information and to register.

If you're interested in learning more, or becoming a board member, contact Gayle Morley Jahn at this number: 812-529-8232.
Continuing Work with our Sri Lanka Partners

The IKC has a long history of partnership with our Sri Lankan siblings. At this year's annual gathering, we heard a stirring update on the current relationship and the ways we can continue to be in covenantal partnership. You can see a short video on our partnership on YouTube by clicking on the video thumbnail above or clicking this link .

But you can do more than interact with a video. The dedicated team working to support this mission would like to speak with you and your community. To have someone from the team come and speak to your church, adult Sunday school, Bible study, or community group, please do contact Tom Blossom at . 
Upcoming Events
Transitional Ministry Training


August 14-1
Beech Grove, Indiana
IKC Women's Board
Women's Retreat


September 27-29
Beech Grove, IN
KCC Annual Assembly


October 24-25
Morehead, Kentucky
January 2020 Trip
to the Border


January 14-19, 2020
Sahuarita, Arizona
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