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Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC)
Agenda - Everyone Welcome!
July 17th 7pm-9pm / 3534 SE Main Street, Portland
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
Dissecting the Data

Lead: Xander Blair, Hack Oregon Volunteer

Background:   Hack Oregon  is a non-profit organization focused on making  public information public knowledge . Volunteers there are taking a creative approach to data projects that bring insight to complex issues in the public interest. Not surprising that their sights have been set on housing, affordability, and displacement, among other things, over the last year or more. Xander Blair, a Hack Oregon volunteer and new Land Use Representative in the Reed Neighborhood, will share their story, resources, and their housing-related work over the last year along with what we can expect to see from this group in the future.  
Purpose:  Become familiar with the data sources related to housing, displacement, and more that are publicly available. Learn about what groups like Hack Oregon are working on, what questions they still have, where there are gaps, and what is to come next to help inform policy decisions in our city and state related to housing and displacement.  
Exploring Housing Solutions (Part 1): Case Studies

Lead: Leah Fisher & LaShawn McCarthy, SE Uplift

Background:  The City of Portland, along side many other cities across the nation are, and have been, experiencing a housing crisis for many years now. As we know, this challenge cannot be solved by one idea, one policy, one zone change, or one bond measure. We know because we’ve tried it! It requires many efforts from private, public, and non-profit sectors. It requires being bold, embracing change, and using the best available data and case studies to inform our decisions. See SE Uplift’s article HERE on what governments have been doing to address the housing need over the last couple years, and  HERE  on what non-profit organizations are doing to support he most vulnerable residents in our community with their housing needs.  

Purpose:  We will provide an overview of what other cities and states are doing to create housing options in single-family zones.
Exploring Housing Solutions (Part 2): Portland Housing Policy

Lead: Matthew Tschabold, Policy & Planning Manager, Portland Housing Bureau

Background:  The City of Portland's Housing Bureau has been working to understand and solve the housing crisis in Portland and in particular for the most housing insecure in our community. They produce an annual " State of Housing " report which contains much needed understanding and data on housing need. They work in partnership with the other Bureaus to support renters, increase access to ownership, implement policies, build affordable housing, and more.

Purpose:  To have a more complete picture of city-wide efforts to provide affordable housing, housing opportunity, housing security, and prevent displacement in the region, we will hear an overview of what the Housing Bureau has been working on and their perspective on recent proposals in single-dwelling zones at the state and local level.

* Note: Given the timing of this meeting (post session) and the passing of HB 2001, we are not able to cover those 2 policies this meeting but will hear from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in August on the Residential Infill Project and what changes might occur due to the state law passage and more.)  
What's Going on in SE Portland?
Saying Goodbye to Marty Stockton, Southeast District Liaison  

As of July 1 st  we say good-buy, and a giant THANK YOU to our local Bureau of Plan ning and Sustainability (BPS) Southeast Di strict Liaison, Marty Stockton! Read full article and testimonials here .
Residential Infill Project (RIP) Update

On June 30 th , the State Legislature passed two bills that directly relate to the RIP:
  • The first, House Bill 2001, requires cities to allow one or more middle housing type.
  • The second, Senate Bill 534, requires cities to recognize platted lots in all zones that allow single dwellings with some exceptions.
The City is evaluating the impact and requirements of these bills on RIP. The PSC’s Recommended Draft will be published by August and include an updated 8-page summary, staff report, specific code amendment language, and supporting appendices. Also, attend the August LUTC meeting to learn more!
Time for Summer Fun

Take a break from advocacy this month and spend some time at the various Portland in the streets events, farmers markets, Pride events, Rose festival events, park splash pads, and enjoy all that the launch of summer has to offer!
What's Happening in Transportation?

PedPDX recently passed and it's time to review and tweak the Transportation System Plan. Are you a community member interested in safety and street improvements? Then learn more about what's in these plans and advocate for your project. Go here .
Renter and Tenant Support

Reminder to attend an upcoming Open House to learn about the new rules and regulations around tenant law and screening practices. These events are open to both renters and landlords. Go here.
Portland Neighbors for Diesel Action - HB 2007 Update

You have have been tracking or participating in an effort our neighbors have been working on to improve air quality in the Portland metro area. Go here for an update on their legislation efforts.
What's Going on in SE Portland?
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