Education Newsletter
July 2019

The MISS DIG 811 LIVE! Teleconferences are undergoing a change. A new format will be announced in the fall. Stay tuned!!
MISS DIG 811 is joining Adam Helfman on the Hire It Done radio show to promote safe digging. MISS DIG CEO, Bruce Campbell will be in the studio with Adam this Saturday, June 29th.

The radio show airs from 7 am to 9 am on 97.1 The Ticket in Southeast Michigan. You can live stream the show through the website: and on Facebook: . Subject Matter Experts are available throughout the show on their Facebook blog to answer questions and provide information.

I'm an RTE user with a large project that is difficult to explain on a ticket. Could I provide the general location on the ticket since the polygon on the map shows the locators where I'm digging?
The map on the ticket entry screen is used for internal purposes only to determine which facility owners will receive your locate request (ticket). The polygon that is created on the map is not seen by the locators. The work location should be explained on the ticket so locators can understand your precise work location.

There are two ways a "difficult to describe" work location that can be managed.

  1. Schedule a Joint-Meet. Join-Meet requests are on-site appointments with locators when a project is quite involved or difficult to describe. Joint-Meets can be schedule by calling 811 or using an RTE Full Access account.
  2. Attach a map to the locate request. This can be accomplished with any RTE account using the Ticket Search Lite program. The work location should be described as thoroughly as possible on the ticket. The map is provided as an aid.

If you need assistance placing a locate request with an RTE account, please contact Web Ticket Support at 877-647-7344 or Stephanie Boe at 248-370-6427.
MISS DIG 811 Online Training
The busy digging season is upon us! Live workshops are taking place by request only at this time, but MISS DIG 811 offers an online option as well. The MISS DIG 811 Certification and Field Basics Course have been Gold Shovel Standard approved. Please note the Field Basics Course is for field workers only. Complete your training now by clicking below.
A primary focus of this course lays out the requirements of Public Act 174, also known as the “MISS DIG LAW”. Safe excavation is essential to the safety of facilities, property, and human lives. The course explains how to best interact with MISS DIG 811 to decrease the likelihood of facilities being damaged during excavation projects. It also provides practical, up-to-date knowledge of the tools which help navigate the process and bring about the most efficient, safe outcome possible. Topics include:
  • MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Public Act 174 of 2013
  • Overhead Electric Safety
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Locator Services
  • Tools and Resources Overview
  • No Marks
  • Damage Reporting
This MISS DIG 811 GSS Field Basics course presents instruction to the professional excavator in a 20-minute video on:

  • MISS DIG 811 Orientation
  • Public Act 174
  • Law affects to Excavators
  • Law compliance support
  • Soft excavation/hand dig methods
  • Rules for utility owner/operators & excavators.
Informative for field workers and on-boarding new employees.

Remote Ticket Entry Forum
Additional support is now available to Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) users during the new RTE Monthly Forums. Each month, we'll provide information on a different topic, then address ticket issues, questions and concerns. Please bring ticket examples you would like to discuss.

July Topic: Utility Pole Guidelines
Dates: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 2pm & Wednesday July 24th, 2019 at 8:30am
RSVP: Stephanie Boe at with the class date you'll be attending. Log-in information will be emailed to you prior to the meeting.