July 2019


ASSP, You Never Disappoint!

Thanks to all who made this year's ASSP 2019 a success. We always leave feeling invigorated to get back to work and continue doing what we love to do - help people stay safe on the job. Plus, it didn't hurt that it was in New Orleans! We hope you all had as much fun as we did, and thanks to everyone who had a chance to stop by our booth!
For those of you who entered into our raffle to win a pair of free headphones, we'd like to announce the winner. Que the drum roll, please... Congratulations to Lonnie Pena from Stewart and Stevenson!
Next on the docket for us is NSC, coming up in September down in San Diego, CA. We'll be at booth #3960 be sure to stop by if you're heading that way. We might have another awesome giveaway, too... stay tuned!


Get this Webinar on Your Summer Schedule ASAP!

"How Technology Can Translate Safety Data into Actionable Insights"

From regular conversations with EHS professionals, we are seeing significant differences in how organizations capture and analyze data. From suffering the effects from under-reporting of unsafe acts, hazards and incidents, to having an abundance of safety information which is not being utilized.    
In this on-demand webinar our presenters will discuss:
  • how technology can improve the quality of safety data collected
  • translating and understanding data-insights
  • supporting the move from reactive to proactive safety management

How's Your Emergency Preparedness and Response Knowledge?

Pop quiz: Do you know what to do in the event of a tornado? What about a fire? Or even an injured worker? Natural and manmade disasters can happen at any time, so how prepared are you and your workplace if one should occur? Regardless of your answers, we aren't here to judge. Our goal is to remind you of one of the best ways to stay safe and at-the-ready for unforeseen disasters on the job, and that's what emergency preparedness training is for.
Here's why this is important - even when prepared, sometimes injuries and even death can occur. The most emergency-related deaths in 2017 were caused by flash floods, tropical storms, and heat waves from a total of 59,985 weather-related events, which resulted in 592 deaths and 4,270 injuries, according to Injury Facts. And as we've seen so far this year, natural and manmade disasters aren't slowing down.
Make an Emergency Action Plan
So, what should you do before an emergency strikes at your workplace? The best way to prepare is to create your own Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Though not required depending on your organization, they are definitely recommended - and Evolved Safety can help.
We work with all kinds of vendors who offer content to help keep you and your workers prepared for the worst. No matter your format need - online, video, onsite - we've got you covered when it comes to emergency action planning.

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