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Sunday Snacks: 
7/7- Susan Rozmus & Jan Scott; 7/14-Donna Banks & Lynn Walker; 7/21-Sharon Helsher; 7/28-Sharon Honeycutt

Sunday Greeters: 7/7-Jamie & Renee Ray; 7/14-Bob Drummond; 7/21-Cliff & Marsha Schoen; 7/28-Claudette Carroll

Scripture Readers:  7/7-Mary Tom Aldridge; 7/14-Russ Darnall; 7/21-Erika Tyner; 7/28-Nancy Williams

Youth Dinners: 7/7-Ken & Lynn Walker; 7/14-Alisha Martin; 7/21-Julena McQueen; 7/28-Jeanne Tyner

Nursery Volunteers:
7/7-Nancy Smith & Kim Young; 7/14-Sonya Vess & Judy Riddle; 7/21-Sharon Honeycutt & Lynn Walker; 7/28-Barbara Bradley & Gwen Reynolds

Altar Guild -Betty Ann Young and Lucy Kates
Online Giving is
Now Available!
Higgins is offering online giving through EasyTithe!

Try it now, online or through the mobile app!
Please contact the office or send us an email if you have any questions.

MONDAY - THURSDAY-8:30-4:00 
FRIDAY - 8:00 - 12 noon

Ingles Gift Cards!
Purchase Ingles Cards and 5% of the face value goes directly to Missions. It doesn't cost you anything extra! (If you purchase a $100 card, $5 will go directly to Missions and you still have $100 purchasing power). It can be used for anything at Ingles including GAS. See Stewart and Rebecca Leadbitter after Celebration service at the Welcome Desk. Sanctuary service participants please drop by the Welcome Desk before Sunday School. Thank you!  
The Susanna Wesley Circle
The Susanna Wesley Circle will meet on Tuesday, July 9th at 10:30 a.m.(note the time change) at the home of Mary Ann Wampler, 124 Swiss Avenue.  
Elaine Dellinger will present the program.  Our service project will be paper products (such as toilet tissue, paper towels, etc) to give to the Safe House.  All Ladies are welcome!  
Some of the Higgins family may have moved, but they are still in our hearts. Send them well wishes!

Gabriel Garland
101 Chestnut Street
CPO 697
Berea, KY 40404-0001

Raelin Reynolds
255 Eagle Rock Lane
Burnsville, NC 28714

Lizzie Bingham
458 Cow Branch Road
Green Mountain, NC 28740

Britney Stines
37 Summit Street
Burnsville, NC 28714

Matthew Bare
NCSSM Box #B357
1219 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705
Att:  1st Hill, Room 120

Christopher Bare
1 Flycatcher Way - Apt 303
Arden, NC 28704

Mike & Mollie Lawrence
8713 SE Riverfront Terrace
Tequesta, FL 33469

Allen &  Bevo Peterson
491 Blackberry Drive
Mineral Bluff, GA 30559

New Address
Bev Hunsucker 
870 Oak Meadow Drive
Apt. 3332
Franklin, TN 37064
Cell: 828 230-1787

Sam & Ethel Nash
3066 Point Clear Drive
Tega Cay, SC 29708

J.P. Tabor
Unit #61807
APO, AE 09321-1807

Low-impact Aerobics class on Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. for older adults.  It is free!!!  Contact Teri Darnall at 208-1904 for more info
Men's Group 
The Thursday Morning Men's Group meets each Thursday morning at the coffee shop on Main Street from 6:30 am to 7:30 am - All men are invited to come and be part of the group. We always have a great time of  fellowship and Bible study. 

Boy Scout Troop 502
The Troop is sponsored by Higgins.  They meet each Monday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the white Annex Building behind the Family Life Center.  Open to all boys 11 and older. Scoutmaster, Brian Schwock.    

July 2019
Pastor John  

In Peter Marshall and David Manuel's book "From Sea to Shining Sea" they continue the story of our country's spiritual heritage that they wrote about in "The Light and the Glory". They devote a whole chapter in the book to tell the story of a group of inspiring evangelists for Christ that we know simply as "The Methodist Circuit Riding Preachers".

They write "A new breed of lightning rods emerged from the Great Revival in the West, men who would spend much of their lives "on the stretch for God" as George Whitfield, the original circuit rider, had put it. The lightning had fallen suddenly and astoundingly on camp meetings through the frontier, and these saddlebag evangelists had committed their lives to carrying the light of Christ to all who had been unable to attend the meetings. They would ride deep into uncharted territory, and later, on repeating circuits, they would water the wilderness seeds they had planted. These were the black- cloaked Methodist missionaries, assigned to a circuit of frontier settlements that would usually take six to eight weeks to complete. They practically lived in the saddle, taking lodging wherever a family invited them into house or barn, and taking every possible opportunity to pray with them and cheerfully share the good news that Jesus Christ came for all sinners, even one's host. One of the best known Methodist Circuit riders was Bishop Francis Asbury.

               In 1771 when John Wesley called for volunteers to go to America, Francis Asbury was one of the first to respond. This young itinerant preacher offered Christ wherever he found people would listen - in inns, jails, or by the wayside. Asbury seemed to thrive on adversity, especially in terms of impossible distances to travel and impassable road conditions or foul weather to overcome in route. Asbury in his journal wrote " I seldom mount my horse for a ride of less distance of twenty miles on ordinary occasions, and frequently have gone forty or fifty miles , in moving from one circuit to another."

               Asbury was a gifted field general having been selected as one of the first Methodist Bishops in America in 1784. Asbury, inspired by his example of being on fire for the Lord and riding 200 miles a week, preaching every other day,( usually for an hour ) and rising at 4 am in the morning in order to have two uninterrupted hours of prayer and meditation with the Lord, before the day began. He simply preached wherever his horse stopped!

               Organized in all things, Asbury meticulously kept a detailed journal, most of which was given to comments on that day's travels. I am especially challenged by his call to prayer from his journal:

"Lord we are in Thy hands and in Thy work. Thou knowest what is best for us and for thy work, whether poverty or plenty. The hearts of all men are in thy hands. If it is best for us, and for thy Church that we should be cramped and straitened, let the people's hearts and hands be closed. If it is better for us- for the Church- and more to Thy glory that we should abound in the comforts of life, do thou dispose the hearts of those we serve to give accordingly, and may we learn to be content, whether we abound, or suffer need."

               He died on March 31, 1816 and such was the grief of the Methodists that funeral services were conducted in several cities , chief among them Baltimore, that saw some 30,000 mourners escort his remains to his resting place. He personally ordained 4,000 preachers, traveled more than a quarter million miles on horseback, and preached more than 16,500 sermons. During his ministry the membership of the Methodist Church went from 300 to     214,235.

May the Methodist Circuit Riders inspire us to be totally committed to serving Jesus Christ much as was seen in the life of Bishop Francis Asbury!
                                                                                                    Grace and Peace
                                                                                                                                                         Pastor John   
Blue Ridge District
     Rev. Beth Crissman, District Superintendent of the Blue Ridge District of the Western North Carolina District announced that Russ Darnall will become our District Director of  Lay Servant Ministries .
     The Director of Lay Servant Ministries works with the lay district lay leader and the District Board of Laity to equip the laity of the district, through training opportunities, to respond to the call of laity to mission and ministry.  The District Director also chairs the District Committee on Lay Servant Ministries.   Russ chairs our Administrative Council and is married to Teri Darnall, our Community Faith Nurse. 

Annual Conference
Rev. John Fowler, David Cort, Conference Lay Delegate, and Russ Darnall, Administrative Council Chair, represented Higgins Memorial United Methodist Church at the Western North Carolina Annual Conference, June 20 - 23 at Lake Junaluska.

At the conference sixty-five Pastors Celebrated in Ordering of Ministry Service. A group greatly diverse in age, gender and ethnicity were honored by family and friends and celebrated in their ministry in the Western North Carolina Conference Saturday night at Stuart Auditorium.   Fifteen Elders and one Deacon were ordained, nine were commissioned as Provisional Members, and 40 were licensed as Local Pastors in the tradition-laden Ordering of Ministry service.

The Western North Carolina Conference recognized 39 retirees with a combined 941 years of ministry as the dates appear in the records of the conference secretary.
Throughout the service, the Conference Choir, composed of 70 clergy and laypersons from all across the Western North Carolina Conference, sang special music.
Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr., Great Plain Conference, offered a sermon entitled "The Long View" based on Genesis. Bishop J. Michael Lowry, Central Texas Conference, preached at the Saturday evening service and Bishop Janice Riggie Hule provided training for both clergy and laity on Friday evening on changes in culture as a new generation comes of age and the response of the Church.

In addition to worship and singing, the Annual Conference elected 10 Clergy and 10 Lay Persons to the 2020 General Conference and an additional 10 Clergy and 10 Lay Persons to the 2020 Jurisdictional Conference. The conference also passing 20 petition that appointed trustees to various Methodist Organizations, financial policies and the 2020 Budget, Pensions Programs and Policies, Child Advocacy, Opposition to the Traditional Plan and Apportionment. See the Western North Carolina website for more information.  
Children's Ministry

Wet, Wild, Wonderful Wednesdays
Field Trips for Kids ages 7-12
None on July 3rd
J uly 10 - Linville Caverns/Mountain Paradise - Caverns, pools & waterslide at Mountain Paradise.  
Meet at church at 10:00 a.m. Cost $20 (covers lunch and admission or $17 if you bring your own lunch.
July 17 - Asheville - Nature Center, Playground, pool.
Meet at church at 9:00 a.m.  Cost $15 (covers lunch and admission or $12 if you bring your own lunch.
July 24 - Banner  Elk-Banner Elk Park, Wildcat Lake
Meet at church at 10:00 a.m. - Cost is $3.00 for lunch (can bring a bike, roller blades, scotter with helmet. 
July 31 - Brevard - Cradle of Forestry - Guided tour - Learning about forest birds.
Meet at church at 9:00 a.m.  Cost is $7 (covers admission and lunch or $4 if you bring your own lunch.
August 7 - Greenville, SC - Zoo, Playground, River Park with splash pad.
Meet at church at 9:00 a.m.  Cost $10 (covers lunch and admission or $7 if you bring your own lunch.
Ages 7-12, unless parents supervise.  Each pool has a lifeguard.  Students must pass swim test to enter deep end of pools.  

Van can carry 12 kids and three adults (including Mrs. Kim).  Parents are welcome to accompany us and can drive their own vehicle and kids.
Bring water bottle, towel, sunscreen, change of clothes.  Text Mrs. Kim at 1-828-301-7801 by Monday if you want to go on that Wednesday .  Parents have to sign a release form.  

We have added some new Kid's and Youth Ministry to our busy schedule here at Higgins.  On Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30, we are doing Celebration Place for kids and The Landing for youth.  It is a ministry for the kids of people attending Celebrate Recovery.  We are using the curriculum that correlates with what the parents are learning, so that the kids and youth are learning how to keep from developing the habits, hang-ups and hurts that their parents are dealing with.  It is wonderful, biblically sound material applicable to all kids and youth.  The number of kids and youth attending these programs is growing each week.  Please pray for these new ministries.
Small Group Ministry (relational ministry in homes) is beginning to get off the ground and we are committed to offering any childcare that is needed for that.  It would be great if the small groups that will need childcare would all meet on the same evening (Wednesday would be awesome), so that we can do just one additional evening of ministry.
Thank you all for everything you do to make the important ministry to kids and youth possible.  
Mission Opportunities
Reconciliation House Construction 
Much needed expansion of Rec House facilitates will begin soon.   As we have always done, Higgins will have the opportunity to play a major role by volunteering "hands on" during the construction process.    Our goal is to have members pledge 2,000 hours to assist during the course of the project.  There will be many ways to help over a period of several months. We have begun a good old fashion pledge drive to line up volunteers and skills for this "local mission" project.  
Stay tuned as this project literally comes out of the ground in our backyard, continuing to serve the needs of those around us - just as Jesus commanded us to do.
Summer Fellowships
The Family Life Committee invites everyone to upcoming summer fellowships on Wednesday evenings.
Wednesday, July 10 at 5:15
the Family Life Committee invites everyone to enjoy fellowship along with hamburgers and hotdogs prepared by our own Charlie Willis.  
There will also be a scrumptious ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR provided. 
Please bring your favorite side (ex. beans, salads, chips, dips, fruits) or if no time, donations are always appreciated. 
Hope to see everyone July 10!

AUGUST 14 - POTLUCK (main entree provided)

More information to come.  
Celebrate Recovery





Prayer Ministry
Your prayers are greatly appreciated
You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many. 
- 2 Corinthians 1:11
  • SHUT-IN'S: Faye Skiff, Pete Hensley, Estelle Sheldon, hospice and Jerry Helsher
  • Camden Honeycutt
  • Janet Grindstaff, hospice
  • Sharon Wiley, fractured foot and back pain
  • Mary Nelson, broken pelvis-home
  • Dorene Branton, surgery on arm
  • Emmy Wells, cancer (cousin of Pat Terrell - 6 years old)
  • Tonya Mease, breast cancer
  • Brooke Payne, health issues (niece of Marcia Schoen)
  • Jackie Laferia, health issues (friend of Barbara Blankenship)
  • Jerry Ezzelle, health issues
  • Bob Proffitt, home- health issues
  • Ada Lee Hipps, health issues
  • Bill Riddle, health issues
  • Miranda Renfro, health issues
  • Doyce McClure, home
  • Deena Bingham, health issues
  • Leslie Wisch, cancer (friends of the Trimble's)
  • Marcia Schoen, facial spasms and trigeminal neuralgia
  • Jack and Betsy Myers - health issues
  • Shelly Headen (daughter of Ron & Lucy Kates) health issues
  • William Barnwell, colon cancer (Donna Bank's step-dad) 
  • Bobby Jack & Shirley McAllister, health issues
  • Rhonda McCall, missionary to Ukraine
  • The Kohman Family, CRU missionaries
  • Your church staff
  • Dr. John Fowler and his wife, Liz
  • Jonathan Taylor, U.S. Army (grandson of Charles & Nancy Williams)
  • J. P. Tabor, U.S. Air Force 
  • Captain John T. Bennett, U.S. Army  
  • Michael Bingham, U.S. Marine 
  • Ellis Jackson, U.S. Navy
  • Logan Eckert, U.S. Navy
  • Our students in college and grad school
  • For children in foster care and foster parents
  • Pray for those who don't know Jesus.
  • Pray for those looking for a job/employment.
  • Pray for caregivers: Those caring for the elderly, parents, children, etc.
Prayer on the Square
July 14, 2019- Sunday from 4-5 pm across from the Nu Wray Inn. --If the weather is bad, the prayer time will be held in the Family Life Center at Higgins in the classroom next to the kitchen.
July Birthdays
7/02   Barb Moncrief                                              7/14   Michael Stines 
7/02   Sarah Rote                                                  7/14   John Thornbury
7/02   Carol Wilson                                                7/14   Brian Turner
7/03   Roger Honeycutt                                         7/15   Ben Pelton
7/03   Danny Wahlers                                            7/15   Matthew Pinho
7/04   Sue Holland                                                 7/15   Jon Ray
7/04   Benson Tyner                                              7/15   Debbie Rickman
7/05   Andrea Bailey                                              7/15   Amy Shehan
7/05   Jimmy McCourry                                          7/16   Martha Tyner
7/06   Sherry Robinson                                          7/17   Joan Alexander
7/06   John Charlton                                               7/18   Jennifer McCourry
7/08   Jordan Honeycutt                                         7/22   Deliah Rote
7/07   Sydney Edwards                                          7/23   Dillon Vess
7/07   Anniston Morgan                                          7/26   Warren Bare
7/07   Richard Parker                                             7/26   Caleb Garland
7/07   Pat Schosser                                                7/26   Rick Harkins
7/11   Lynda Kinnane                                              7/26   Raegan Sparks
7/11   Faye Skiff                                                      7/27   Brian Buchanan
7/12   Ashley Wahlers                                             7/27   A. J. Chestnut
7/13   Lucy Kates                                                    7/27   Jerry Chestnut
7/13   Stephen Moncrief                                          7/28   Karen Abernathy
7/13   Dane Rote                                                     7/31   Kitty Carter
7/13   Donna Woodie                                              7/31   Charles Dellinger
7/14   David Brock                                                   7/31   Bill Johnson

July Anniversaries

7/01   Charlie & Stephanie Willis
7/03   Arthur & Dorothy Ley
7/03   R. L. & Bunnie McIntosh
7/03   Scott & Barb Moncrief
7/04   David & Amber Higgins
7/09   Jake & Jordan Honeycutt
7/11   Bob & Wanda Proffitt
7/15   Randy & Donna Banks
7/15   Walt & Sharon Wiley
7/18   Bryan & Ann Creech
7/22   Jon & Laurie Perry
7/22   Randy & Donna Woodie
7/24   Ray & Ginny Fox
7/28   Rodney & Ronda Deyton
7/30   John & Suzette Renfro
7/31   Peirce & Deena Bingham

Library Chatter
            Some time ago I mentioned Mark Salzman as being a favorite author. His life seemed so intriguing, as I learned in his book, "Lost in place: Growing Up Absurd in Suburbia".His parents were the kind of parents we all would have liked to be  - if we had the nerve. They let him do all kind of astounding things that allowed him to follow the tracks of his curious mind.
            The book I want to mention this month is one of his I read several years ago that re-informed the understanding of how I see young juveniles today. Salzman spent a year teaching writing to the young students living in a lockup for violent teenage offenders, many of them charged with murder.
            "We see them coming to terms with their crime ridden pasts and searching for a reason to believe in their future selves. Insightful, comic, honest, and tragic, "True Notebooks" is an object lesson in the redemptive power of writing." (taken from back cover).
            To this day I f think of the boys in this book when reading of juveniles who have been raised in at best uncaring homes,  left to their own devices and shown little or love. And this has been heard repeatedly by men in adult prison trying to find their way to a caring, meaningful life.
...we would assume that what it was we meant...
would have been listed in some book set down...
...our own true notebook of the way we came...
                                             Loren Eiseley
"Nine O'Clock in the Morning" by Dennis Bennet, a story of the renewal of the Charismatic Movement in  churches across America. The story of a resurgence in the power and meaning of Pentecost and the importance of Pentecost in our own church and life.
Nine O'Clock in the Morning is when it all began
The Son of God laid down his life
To take it up again
Nine O'Clock in the Morning
was the Church's finest hour
New languages were given
with Holy Spirit power
Each Nine O'Clock Remember
these greatest gifts of all
And praise God in the Spirit
while you answer to His call.
                        Rita Bennett
"We may go to church every Sunday but just sit there expecting the choir, liturgists, and pastor to put in all the effort for us. This is a form of apathy. Our walk with God should involve our time, attention and preparation. If we would be fully invested the rewards would be immense - and eternal. God wants our active participation.
Because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold
I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Rev. 3:16
                                                             The Upper Room, May-June edition  
"Lord, when things don't go my way, remind me to look for yours".
You can make many plans, but the Lord's purpose will prevail
Golf Tournament

Volunteer Programs