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July 2019
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        We just came in this morning from our annual adventure across the border to New Brunswick in Canada. Christa the mate took this sunset picture from Lubec the second day out. We saw whales five days running while we were down east and fog parts of two days coming west on the way home. 

It's pretty exciting anchoring in new harbours and meeting friendly and enthusiastic people ashore.

Here are some samples of what we saw.

"Charley had a herring weir down to Bailey's Bight"

Look closely and you'll see an active herring weir off Nancy Head, east side of Campobello.

We just missed the sardine carrier that had been alongside the weir but we caught up with her at Grand Manan.

The Capelco, like most of the surviving carriers, has been fiberglassed.

At anchor in Lubec with Mulholland Point Light in the distance

Name the moth and I'll send you a hat

Swallowtail Light, Grand Manan. 
There was a waterfall running off the cliffs at Whale Cove, just north of Swallowtail.

This is what happens when the government limits the length of a fishing boat

Rowing back to the schooner at North Head

Getting underway for 
Letite Passage, Passamaquoddy Bay, and Hardwood Island

Canada 2019
video courtesy of Sarah Collins

Three finback whales came over to see what was in the water moving with no engine noise.
 One whale seems to have a sinus infection

Asher and others out for a sail in Cappy at Hardwood Island.
 Warmest water for swimming of the whole cruise.

Sea Caves

Sand Dollars

Sarah's deer in Eastport

We toured Eastport in a 1949 woody power wagon, visited a cool tree house, 
sampled the local mustard, went out to dinner, caught 16 tinker mackerel
 and loaded 400 pounds of ice.

We took a long tack out to Machias Seal Island and saw a couple hundred puffins up close.
During the trip we also saw gannets, shearwaters, bald eagles, and razor billed auks.

Next anchorage was Roque Island and a walk on part of the beach for some

Moose Peak Light on Mistake Island off Jonesport on the way home.

Back home after ten days and 400 miles.

 Four of this group had not been on a windjammer before; six had been to Canada on the American Eagle before, one going back twenty years.

More Cruise News

Guest Book comments from some of our 3- and 4-night July cruises,  illustrated 
with photos generously shared by Guy Bratton, Bob Vieira and Sarah Collins.

Good wind. Strong sailing...

excellent weather...
                           --Shaun & Patty

The honeymooners couldn't be more thrilled, 
a fabulous way to begin our married life.
Very memorable! --John & Jennifer

Sarah, delicious and beautiful food
                             -- Mary Beth

a highlight [of the trip] -- lobster bake
on our own low tide deserted island.  
-- Mary Beth

A great crew - helpful, professional, knowledgeable, cheerful and friendly
                                           -- Honor & John


             ..the crew are hard-working ladies & gents, a joy to be around                              --Barbara

The boat was a great place to hang out
and get to know the other passengers.
                ---- Honor & John

The moonlight sail was perfect!
full moon above Owl's Head Light
                                             --Pat & Bob

I wish I didn't have to leave...

and to sum it all up in three words

An amazing trip! 
                   -- Shaun & Patty

  Boat pictures of the month

               The Columbia in the Great Schooner Race. She is 141 feet long on deck and sports the same sail plan as the 1923 original racing fisherman.  She came in second in the windward (fastest) class;  we came in third. 

         Xarifa, built in England in 1927 for the Singer family. Sporting a modern incongruous rig.

Strathburn, something Eileen, and Silver King

Heroes of the Bay of Fundy. Carriers at Grand Manan, part of the Connors Brothers fleet

The Andrew and Deane, one of the last double enders

courtesy of Tim Shackleford

More pictures of the Canada trip next month!
We're just halfway through our 2019 season.
  John and the crew

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