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Just Announced!

Art Renewal Center

14th International
ARC Salon Competition

1st Place, Plein Air Category
& Plein Air Magazine Award

Morning Impression, Duluth    28" x 40"    $24,000

First, thank you Salon judges for this wonderful acknowledgement.
For the past 34 years I have painted outdoors and endeavored to consciously separate making art from making a living, often finding beauty in less obvious places; subjects most galleries had little interest in. 
Following one's own voice comes with no guarantees of recognition, financial recompense or approval.

Often the development of that voice has it's own timeline despite one's best efforts and hopes. I've tried to push the river and it doesn't work.
I've learned that Patience and a Clear Sense of Purpose plus the unfailing support from a cherished group of family, friends and collectors is what sustains me.
I'm just very gratified to know that from thousands of entries that the jurists saw fit to acknowledge my take on quiet, unconventional beauty.

New Work, New Series

Fractured    40" x 28"    $26,000

Many years ago I had a dream, which profoundly affected me. It was during a period of great frustration with my work.

When a friend asked how I would verbalize my frustration, I shrugged and said, "I feel like I'm wearing the wrong jacket."

In the dream I saw wonderful large, unstretched canvases laid out flat on framing tables in a gallery.

They had color harmonies unlike anything I had ever seen, yet felt totally plausible in their reality.

The artist was there and she was very casual about the work to the point of annoyance when I inquired as to where they were painted.
With an imperious and dismissive wave of her hand she said, "Over there," while gesturing to an empty lot across the street.
I looked at the lot then back to the paintings.
She had indeed painted the lot that had gone fallow with its scrubby trees and weeds.

The painting was truthful in its essence but the color and judicious creative decisions had combined to form a Subjective Truth.
I was riveted.

All those years ago that dream set me on a path.
These new works mark a turning point for me and represent a subjective truth --

They are the product of a deeper level of study, subjective choice making and sensitivity I have been endeavoring to get closer to.

It marks the beginning of a new and exciting journey.
Tagged    28" x 40"    $26,000

Fall Studio Classes
Saint Paul, MN

September 25th - Dec 12th, 2019

Registration is now open for Spring semester Wednesday and Thursday evening classes. This is your opportunity to learn some serious skills and do something extraordinary with your art.  

The studio painting classes focus on crafting studio works from studies or photos. Increase your understanding of what makes a fully-rounded conception of a painting.

Wednesday Class 6:00-9:00 pm (evenings)
Thursday Class 6:00-9:00 pm (evenings)

Classes fill very quickly so don't delay if you are interested.


Click here for the 2019 Fall Studio Class Schedule

Galley Show: China's Crown Jewel  
Finding Authenticity through the Plein Air Experience

Paintings of Guangzhou Province by American Artists.
American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena, CA
June 21st- July 28th, 2019
Eel Seller
Eel Seller    8" x 10"    $3,400

Village Fish Pond    8" x 12"    $3,400
This wonderful group show hosts amazing work from some of the finest painters working today.

Check it out!

Speaking Engagement 
American Institute of Architects 
2019 CRAN Symposium

Scottsdale, AZ
September 11-15, 2019
I am grateful to be an Invited speaker to the American Institute of Architects this September in Scottsdale Arizona.
The topic: Cultivating Authenticity.


East Facing    28" x 40"   SOLD    $24,000


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