August 2019
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Overstreet and Associates
VTR Supervisor,
Jesse Banuelos
This month Jesse Banuelos was chosen as VTR's Unsung Hero offered by our friends at AlphaGraphics . Those chosen were invited to AlphaGraphics Be Awesome Night" at Chukchansi Park, and will be treated to a wonderful evening. Jesse will be honored for going above and beyond in service to his community.

Jesse Banuelos came to the ranch 13 years ago as a stepping stone to his career. But he fell in love with the environment, the structure of the ranch, and mostly, helping the boys. He said, “ I enjoy listening to them. If I can, I like to help them solve problems, find solutions, and challenge the boys thinking. I give them lots of encouragement."

Thinking about activities that would be good for the boys, Jesse chose gardening. He said, “It is therapeutic, it motivates them, they love to see what the garden produces, and it gives me a down-time with them.”

Jesse also started a soccer team. He played soccer as a youth, and he thought the boys would enjoy it as he did. He said, "It helps them increase their activity and gives them something to look forward to.”  

Jesse talked about working with our boys and how some of them are similar to him as a youth. He knows the importance people made in his life at that time. It helped him to succeed.

His manager, John Addington said, “Mr. Banuelos has gone above and beyond helping the youth at VTR create a garden and start a soccer team. He continually helps out all the time when the youth are in crisis, and helps out in all the houses to calm our boys when they are upset. They can always talk to Mr. Banuelos.”

Through his kindness and humble nature, he has helped many teens over the years.

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Jesse Banuelos and David Carrera, Ranch Administrator, in the garden.
VTR Olympics at the Ranch!
The Olympics provide a time of sports competition with KYJO who works with teens like ours. The Olympics takes place every summer for the last nine years.

The games help teach leadership skills, sportsmanship, being a team player, and resilience.
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