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July 2019

As I visit the sanctuary property and watch the stone masons craft the retaining wall, I'm always amazed by their patience. Slowly - stone by stone - they build upon the layers, focusing on the integrity of the structure to ensure it stands the test of time and remains a sight of beauty for all to behold. It's times like this that I am reminded of the sanctuary's same process. Slow and steady. Always reviewing the core values: is mission on point? Are we honoring the bond between animals, humans and the environment? Are we moving forward with compassion in word, action and deed? Through the smiles of children attending our programs, the happy "tails" of pet adoptions and the personal testimonials from so many, I know we're on track and enriching lives every day.

On June 8th - what would have been Catherine's 13th birthday - we welcomed nearly 7,000 people to the sanctuary's annual Catherine's Butterfly Party. This free family festival with super adoption event brought together 28 rescue groups and 113 adoptable animals. Thanks to Catherine's Butterfly Party, half of the animals found their forever homes including 41 dogs, 23 cats and a very special pony named Pippa Mouse. We couldn't have done it without the support of you, our sponsors and rescue groups.

This year we have experienced tremendous growth and change, yet just like the stonewall, the pure vision remains and forms the foundation from which every action follows. Thank you for your steadfast support in helping us create a better world and inspiring place of hope for all.

Jenny Hubbard

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Retaining wall construction
Retaining wall construction is ahead of schedule and will be complete in early September. Just in time to start prepping the 12,000sq. ft. pollinator garden that will provide food, shelter and migration space for countless creatures.
Build Update
Through monthly "Lunch & Learns" at senior centers and pet food drives that stock local food pantries, our Senior Paw Project is providing much needed veterinary support and pet food to seniors struggling to keep and care for their pets.
Senior Paw Project
Senior Paw Project
Sanctuary in-school programming is now available through grades k-6 in Newtown! By bringing compassionate curriculum straight to the students, we're creating a culture of caring that will help animals, humans and the environment now and into the future.
In the News
News & Events

FREE sanctuary events for the whole family. Sponsored in part by The KidStarter Project

August 4, 9:30am-12:00pm
Location: CVH Animal Sanctuary

Learn the difference between edible vs. non-edible mushrooms, discover a variety of fungi and their uses, and explore other wild edibles at the sanctuary!
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September 22, 12-3pm
Location: CVH Animal Sanctuary

It's a pollinator party at the sanctuary! Join us as we explore these incredible creatures and the native plants that sustain them!
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CVHAS Stanwich Club Golf Invitational
September 12, 11:30am - 8pm
Location: Stanwich Club, Greenwich

Join us for the sanctuary's inaugural Stanwich Club Golf Invitational! Annually ranked as the #1 golf course in Connecticut by Golf Digest, the Stanwich Club of Greenwich offers an exclusive golf experience and an opportunity to raise funds for the CVH Animal Sanctuary build. Presented by Tito's Handmade Vodka. Contact for more info.
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Webster and Boulder

Featured Animal

So many animals have found forever homes over the years thanks to Catherine's Butterfly Party. This month we wanted to highlight Webster and Boulder, two retired racers who have been given a new lease on life. Their days at the track are over as their future with a loving family begins. Thank you to CT Greyhound Adoption for rescuing these special pups.
Bald Eagle

Wildlife Tip

Make a difference to waterfowl and birds of all types simply by cleaning up litter along beaches and waterways. Discarded fishing lines, hooks, balloons and other garbage can entangle and kill our feathered friends. Let's give wildlife a hand and pick up after those who might forget. More Tips

At Home

Bumblebees are critically important pollinators but sadly, 28% of the population is facing extinction. You can directly help bumblebees and other insects at home by doing three simple things:
  • Planting native flowers
  • Providing a safe place for nests or build a nest box
  • Don't use pesticides
Learn many more ways to help through Xerces Society and Bumble Bee Watch
Thank you to our Senior Paw Project sponsors:

Valley Vet Animal Hospital

PetSmart Charities

Savings Bank of Danbury

Healthy Paws Foundation

Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Foundation

"Thanks to your wonderful Senior Paw Project, I was able to get my sweet kitty, Penny, to the vets and the asthma medication she will be on for life. I lost my husband to cancer 7 years ago and having Penny as a companion makes life so much better. So, on behalf of Penny and myself, we are so thankful for the CVH Animal Sanctuary for creating this program." - Bernice
Mark your calendars for the sanctuary's 3rd ANNUAL GALA - KINDNESS COMES HOME on November 16th. To learn more about this incredible evening, please contact
PO Box 3571, Newtown, CT 06470