July 2019 Newsletter

Insworld Institute offers Scholarships and Bursaries for outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence and a passion for learning.

•   The Fabian Scholarship; 50% – 100% off tuition fees. This Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and potential in a written test..

•    Bursary Awards of $8,000 & $6,000 are available for students who achieve a GPA >70%. 4 scholarships allocated to each level (course / programme). Bursaries will be awarded to students on the basis of their academic record and an essay on a given theme.

Scholarships and Bursaries are limited to our September 2019 & Jan 2020 intakes only.

It was an exciting start to Term 3 on 8 July for our new students from the July intake.

Mr Muhammad, our Student Service Officer conducted our student orientation session, including introducing our Principal Mr Arthur, and our team of dedicated teachers.

The new students also participated in a team bonding exercise with members of our Student Council. We wish all our new recruits a very warm welcome and look forward to working with them to create a brighter future.
Parents’ Day is an important opportunity for the school to give feedback to parents about their child’s academic progress.

Our dedicated teachers met up with parents eager to know more about their child’s progress. It was possible to have serious and productive discussions about the best way to help the students move forward with their studies. We were happy that most of the feedback was positive, and well-received. 

We understand the importance of working in partnership with parents and guardians to help our students achieve strong academic progress. 
The atmosphere was electric at The Cage as we celebrated our Family and Sports Day 2019.

Students and Parents took part in a series of innovative games which were organised by our teachers and Student Services, such as the Three Legged Balloon Stomp and Body Basketball Relay.

Everyone soaked up the excitement and shared in the spirit of fun and competition. A day to remember for our school.
Our students were kept busy this term with sports and fun activities to keep them active.
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